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Jan. 23, 2022

The Rayhart Rundown Comic #3 - The Trance

The Rayhart Rundown Comic #3 - The Trance

The Trance

by Marty W. and Erica L.

…as Bob goes in to a dream sequence he finds himself in an open field with a large factory in the center.

As he approaches the factory he can feel eyes watching him from inside. He knocks on the large metal door. A voice from inside yells.

Mystery Voice - “Go away! We don’t want any!”

With a confused look Bob replies.

Bob - “But I’m not selling anything.”

Mystery Voice -  “Are you a Beaver with a swollen Anus gland?”

An immediate look of confusion crosses Bob’s face.

Bob - “No, not to my knowledge.” “I’m a comedian, with a podcast.”

After a beat a low voice from the other side of the door says,

Mystery Voice - “Of course you are.”

Bob takes a step back and looks up above the door.

An old rusty sign reads: The Beaver Ass Candy Factory.

Bob (whispers) - “Well I’ll be damned.” 


After leaving the beaver ass candy factory, Bob sees an ostentation of Pengcoons.

A creature that looks like a cross between a penguin and raccoon baby. They’re cute and cuddly and make little chirpy noises.

They begin surrounding a giant pile of what looks like ass shaped gummy candy items. They are eating them furiously when all of the sudden the Pengcoons heads start growing. As they grow their changing into shapes of vanilla, strawberries, and raspberries.

Once the reach an enormous size they start popping! Which releases an aroma of vanilla, strawberry, and raspberry fog filling the air. One by one their heads stop exploding and they become angry little Pengcoons.

They begin running toward Bob throwing tiny ass shaped candies yelling in a high pitched gremlin like voice.

Pengcoons - “Eat me! Eat me!” 

Bob turns around and begins to run away in fear.
He trips on a large piece of gummy ass candy getting his foot stuck inside it, as he hits the ground.

As he turns to pull himself loose the Pengcoons pick up speed while still throwing the candies at him! 

Bob - "Somebody Help!"

While yelling for help a piece fly’s in his mouth!! 

Bob thinks  - “oh shit I swallowed it!” 

Then he gets this weird flavor in his mouth as his head starts growing and right then…

Bob comes out of trance and realizes he’s stepping in a gooey substance stuck to the cave floor. 

The cave drawings all flicker with light and stop glowing. 

Scratching his head in amusement, while chuckling to himself. He realizes he can smell raspberries and that Adams gone. Bob grabs a torch from the cave wall and ventures further in…

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