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Comedian Bob Rayhart and his brother Adam Rayhart give their "rundown" about weird news and off the wall topics that are usually not safe for work. They play games, and ask each other inappropriate "personal" questions, so get ready to laugh at their lives!

History of the podcast - It was started during 2020 as a comedic outlet for the Rayhart brothers. They started with just a single cheap microphone, (super $35 dollars cheap.) They knew that if they could keep producing better and better content more people would listen and laugh. Which is the goal of the show. They even try to slip in weird things most people don't know. It has since grown into a small community of listeners who just want to laugh and who just need adult cotton candy for the brain. 

FAIR WARNING: This podcast/show is made to make you laugh and question your sense of humor. (It should not be taken seriously in any way.)
But if your still reading this then you are clearly looking for a reason to press play, so just give it a try...we won't tell anyone...promise.


About the Hosts

Bob RayhartProfile Photo

Bob Rayhart

Producer / Actor / Comedian

Bob started his entertainment career in 1995 while still attending high school. He was writing and directing a small successful local television show. When it was unexpectedly cancelled in 1997, he started focusing on screenwriting and studied the aspects of it for a year before attempting to write his own. After some years with deals on and off the table, he walked away from his Hollywood dreams in 2006 and began working only in the retail industry.

Ten years later, the desire to create new entertainment projects returned with a new focus. Since 2016, he has amassed credits for writing, directing, acting, and producing in multiple award wining short films as well as independent films.

Currently he hosts and produces multiple podcast shows: (The Rayhart Rundown, The Dad Gamers Podcast, Stand-Up and Film Podcast) while still working on a multitude of entertainment projects from puppetry and animation to voice acting and standup comedy.

Adam RayhartProfile Photo

Adam Rayhart

While still in High School, Adam was introduced into film making and video production. Which in turn ignited a creative passion to make films. While taking odd jobs as a computer tech and night jobs as a flair bartender, he could not stop from needing to find an outlet for his creativity.

In 2016, he was given the chance to work with his brother Bob Rayhart on what would be his first independent film project. He currently co-hosts a comedy podcast The Rayhart Rundown with his brother and continues to work on different entertainment projects.