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Jan. 23, 2022

The Rayhart Rundown Comic #2 - Into the Cave

The Rayhart Rundown Comic #2 - Into the Cave

Into the Cave

By Chip

...they go into the cave.

Bob discovers Altamiraesque cave paintings and being an artist himself, begins critiquing the work. Bob runs his hand over the paintings in wonderment.

Bob - Wow. These are really old. They must have been here forever. Hey Adam look at this wall.

Adam - What? (Adam walks over) Cool, you found vandalism. 

Adam pulls a piece of Beef Jerky out of his pocket and begins to open it. 

Bob - What? No. They are ancient cave markings.

Bob notices Adam struggling to open the jerky.

Bob - Where did you get that? 

Adam - At the gas station. 

Bob - Got any more? I'm starving.

Adam - Sure.

Adam reaches into his pocket but while Adam is flat-footed,  Steve the racoon steals Adam's Beef Jerky and the keys to the RV. Realizing that this runt has pilfered their means to return home, Adam gives chase charging fearlessly deeper into the cave. 

Adam- What the? Hey come back here you little... 

Bobs hand brushes over the symbols on the cave. The symbols begin to glow. Just then a fog envelopes Bob's senses.  Putting him into a Trance-like state, Bob envisions the wall creatures lifelike transition possibly giving clues into the duos future. Bob's eyes close...