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Jan. 23, 2022

The Rayhart Rundown Comic #4 - The Chase

The Rayhart Rundown Comic #4 - The Chase

The Chase

By Chip P. and Bob

...Adam continues his raged charge for the thieving little raccoon.

After progressing hastily for what seemed to be 3-5 minutes he began to realize he was not going to be able to catch the smaller more agile raccoon. 

Adam stops to catch his breath. He grabs a torch from the cave wall and lights it.

Up ahead he could hear chattering and laughter.  Incensed, Adam pressed on to a point where the tunnel widened into a large cavern. The path ahead seemed to end here. He was at the edge of a precipice. 

Though he couldn't see beyond his torch, He could hear rushing water at a point below. He crouched down trying to get a better feel and look of  his surroundings. 

Adam - Where and how is there flowing water?

He leans a little too far and slips on one of the wet stones plunging himself off the edge and into the depths of the water. 


The water was outrageously cold and he exclaimed in a high pitched scream and was rushed away into the darkness. 

He feared these MOMENTS may be his last and in those moments he thought of his life, his family, and the future he would never see.

 - Moments Later - 

Adam awoke on a beach in a bend in the river among all sorts of debris.  He came to realize the cavern, though obviously very deep in the earth was curiously well lit by bright fluorescent lichen.

He looked around. His torch now extinguished by the water lay next to him. He pulls a zippo out of his pocket and tries to relight his torch.

Adam - Please light.

It lights and the torch illuminates the cavern more. A couple skeletons sit upright against the debris with what looked like a makeshift camp. Being sensible, he started to rummage through their backpacks to see if they had anything of use. 

A loud shriek made his hair stand on end. He spun around to see a peacock looking at him with his beak agape.

Adam - "Wow! Five, six, twelve of you!! I guess I'm not peacockless any more! " he chuckled doing his best to find humor in his dire situation. 


Just then the raccoon washes up on the shore, with keys to the RV and the beef jerky in hand. Adam immediately grabs the keys and beef jerky. The raccoon comes to quickly and reaches for the Beef Jerky grabbing a hold of one end. A tug of war between them ensues as more and more peacocks approach them. 

Adam  - I don't think so big guy! This is my favorite flavor!

Steve - RRRRRRRR! 

Adam - Get mad all you want I paid for it! 

Adam wins the tug of war and falls back as the raccoon falls back into the water.

The raccoon jumps up and runs to shore.

Adam - That's what you get for stealing.

The raccoon stands up and shakes the water off of himself. Spraying the pride of peacocks that have gathered to see the commotion. 

The peacocks screech loudly and fan their tails up to shield themselves from the water. The peacocks begin to screech and call others. Adam looks at the raccoon. 

Adam - I think you pissed them off. 

The raccoon hides behind Adams leg. 

Adam - Oh, now you're not so brave? The big birds put a little fear in you? 

The little raccoon looks up at Adam with innocent eyes. 

Adam- Damn it. Why you got to look at me like that?

Adam opens the beef jerky and splits it into two pieces. He hands half to 
the raccoon. 

Adam - Truce?

The raccoon takes the jerky and hopes up onto Adams shoulder. The peacocks have tripled in numbers. They are approaching slowly. 

Adam - Ok everyone, lets just take it easy. 

Adam looks at the little raccoon on his shoulder. The raccoon points to a cave exit with faint light coming from it. 

Adam - Heard.

Adam shoves the jerky into his mouth and begins to run, grabbing the last backpack from the camp on the way toward the exit. The entire pride of peacocks give chase. The raccoon bites down on his half of jerky and it protrudes from his mouth like a war generals cigar. 

As Adam runs through the cave exit it leads into a corridor with light at the end. He slips the backpack on while continuing his pace, as the pride seems to be gaining. 

The raccoon jumps into the backpack and begins shuffling through its contents...

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