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Jan. 22, 2022

The Rayhart Rundown Comic - The Beginning

The Rayhart Rundown Comic  - The Beginning

The Rayhart Rundown Road Trip Adventure

Bob and Adam are driving in an RV across the U.S. to go to a Podcast Convention. Bob is driving as Adam is trying to read an old map.

Bob - Are you really trying to read a map, instead of using your phones GPS?

Adam - Supposedly this map is a short cut to the Podcast convention. I got it free from the old man outside the last gas station. 

Bob - (confused and annoyed) Cool. So I guess now we have to rely on your map reading and cartographer skills?

Adam - Yea, I'm trying to get us there faster. Turn left at the dirt road.

Bob - Left at the dirt road? Seriously?

Adam - Trust me. 

As Adam rolls his window down the wind blows the map into Bob's face. Bob swerves the RV. Adam grabs the wheel and turns it as Bob struggles with the large map.

The RV turns sharply right and down a hill through a wooded area. They both scream and grab each other as the RV careens recklessly through the woods. 


Bob slams his foot on the brake and braces for impact as the RV levels out and stops inches away from the side of a cave. 

Bob opens one eye and breaths a sigh of relief. Adam is still screaming. 


Bob - Adam! 

Adam stops screaming instantly. 

Adam - Oh cool. We aren't dead. 

Bob - No, but we are screwed now, and not in the kind you wanna brag about way. 

Bob gets out of the RV and sees smoke pouring out of the hood. 

Adam- Hey look! A cave! I wonder what's inside?

Bob - Should that really be the focus now?

Adam - Lets check it out. It might lead us to somewhere that can get help. 

Bob looks confused and doubtful. But grabs his back pack from the RV and follows. 

Bob - Like where? Narnia? Oz? Imagination Land? I swear to god, if animals start showing up wearing clothes and need our help to save their home...I'm never taking you anywhere again. 

From here on the story is written by Fans of The Rayhart Rundown Podcast.
If you'd like to continue part of the story and help us put the comic book together make sure to use topics and things from our episodes in any way, and submit your ideas to:

We look forward to reading your submissions and adding them to our story! Plus we'll add your name in the comic writer credits!