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Sept. 24, 2021

Learn what day Women look their Worst! - Ep. 58

Learn what day Women look their Worst! - Ep. 58

In this episode we...

...discuss vibrating condoms.

...learn about Florida Man sex habits!

...are disturbed knowing what brings luck and prosperity. Adam Sandler movies and friends.

...Shame of Life - Our biggest fears!

...learn what it would take to swim like Michael Phelps. Filthy Trivia about how women look with our sisters and mother.

Patreon Extended Time Exclusive:

Adam finds a cult.

We call an expert to get a knowledge drop about the Koreshan "Cult".

We play Filthy Trivia about how to get a Woman aroused.

Find out why you should name a Salmon or Cockroach?!

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