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Dec. 23, 2022

Bad Holiday Jokes and Childhood Memories - Ep. 112

The Christmas 2022 Episode!

We are tying up some loose ends to talk about and try to keep this episode relaxed and chill.

In this episode we...

...discuss shopping and a retail company's misstep.

...find out what happened with Adam's missing packages.

...comb through some holiday movies we still need to watch. Filthy Trivia about eating and driving?

...have Adam tell Corny Christmas Jokes.

...reminisce about some of our Dads jokes growing up.

...discovery the sad moment Bob lost his belief in Santa.

...go back to discuss Christmas morning as kids.

...learn about Adam's run in with the tooth fairy. (Patreon Exclusive)

...learn of specific changes in our childhood Christmas memories that were different.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thank you all for listening/watching!

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