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Oct. 23, 2020

Your Painted Pants are Wakkie Nu Nu?! - Ep. 14

Your Painted Pants are Wakkie Nu Nu?! - Ep. 14

In this episode we...

...hear about how Adam lost a fight with a dryer and wore painted pants.

...learn what Disney+ has done to start a conversation.

...reminisce about old childhood toys with a little help from Fisher Price.

...find out how a Home Improvement star wrecked his home life.

...give little rumor scoops on Keanu Reeves next project, the new Disney Peter Pan film, and where to watch Coming to America 2.

...break your heart on 6 shows that recently were canceled without anyone knowing.

...give you 7 tech toys to Try or Deny.

...explain what Askhole, Brosama Bin Laden, Ghost Cheeks, and Peegret mean.

...find out why retail is Wakkie Nu Nu and what lengths Florida Man will go to defend trash!

This is The Rayhart Rundown...try to keep up.


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