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Aug. 20, 2021

Would You Rather Have the Largest...? - Ep. 53

Would You Rather Have the Largest...? - Ep. 53

In this episode we... about projects in the works.

...listen to Adam debate getting a new car.

...learn of a fishing pole thief.

...dream of going on vacation...but where?

...discuss being stranded and survival "methods".

...learn odd facts about Disney World?!! Filthy Trivia about large breasts.

...learn about the largest testicles? Would you Rather? Which is NSFW. (not safe for work)

...try to figure out a Shame of Life Card about toy blocks.

...wonder if Adam should do a "Movie Review" segment.

...hear Adams first Movie Review sample! (Patreon Exclusive)

...add to our ongoing Rundown Comic Book! (Send us your ideas!) more debatable Would You Rather?  (Patreon Exclusive)                      
                       - Apologies to Justin Bieber another Filthy Trivia about eating ass? (Patreon Exclusive)

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