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July 1, 2022

Fearing the Google A.I. and a short penis! - Ep.94

This episode has some weird topics and moments that were really off the walls. We try our best to stay on topic...but that never works out! 

In this episode we...

...jump into TV show cliffhangers.

...interpret nightmares we had.

             -Petey Peacock has on screen interjections. 

...discuss the new AI that Google may have. Filthy Trivia about Erection size??

...pull two more cards from The Shame of Life Roast Pack!

...hear Adam give reasons why he feels "career growth stunted."

            -Steve Raccoon has on screen interjections.

...decide Adam needs a lot of medical attention

...find out what Adam said to his oral surgeon! (Patreon Exclusive)

...learn how to get away with sleeping on your lunch break? (Patreon Exclusive)

Thank you for listening, thank you for watching!

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