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Oct. 15, 2021

What Women think about during sex! - Ep. 61

What Women think about during sex! - Ep. 61

This is a long show....get comfy. 

In this episode we... the Shame of Life about a Terrifying baby. 

...pick who would make a good sidekick. 

...NEW SEGEMENT: Knowledge Drop! 

...fact check some "flat earthers". Yikes! 

...discuss things they should have taught in school. Filthy Trivia about: Women's thoughts during sex?! 

...NEW SEGMENT: Super Secret Time. - The moment you felt like an adult- 

... play This or That!  #1972 Thunder or Lightning 

...NEW SEGMENT: Worst Case Scenario - Turn Offs

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Worst Case Scenario - House Party Mishap
Discussion of throwing up during oral sex
Worst Case Scenario - CPR Victim
Bob's real life CPR story!
How swim lessons sucked out loud.
This or That! #1708 Dragon or Fairy
Adam does a promo for Lagavulin 16 Year 

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