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June 3, 2022

Mouse Brain usage and stories from an Adult Video Store? - Ep 90

We want to give you fair warning that there is alot of swearing in this episode. Apparently Adam doesn't even know how much he swears. So, get ready to here the F-word used in everyway possible.  

In this episode we...  

...learn how Adam can get (twitterpated or) swindled into almost buying a car!  

...touch base on the reviews for the iPossessed film. If you have seen it, please leave a comment on our Facebook!  

...realize each others pet peeves but recognize they may be stupid. Filthy Trivia about what to do with mouse brains.  

...hear about how old Video store customers "exposed" their picks.  

...discuss the best strategy to selling anything! 

...learn that Adam may have gone a bit to far in his "sales tactics"  

...get spoiled by some product from 

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