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Sept. 3, 2021

What Foods Will Let You Live Forever! - Ep. 55

What Foods Will Let You Live Forever! - Ep. 55

In this episode we...

...have Jennifer Rayhart Co-Host.

...Adam joins us via remote.

...Filthy Trivia has Barbie and 1000 men.

...learn about food that takes life time away?

...Play Shame of Life about preschool classes.

...discuss what school classes have long since disappeared.

...Play Shame of Life with animals!

...found a real LIGER.

...learn what movies Adam recently found.

Patreon Extended Time:

- Odd Snack Foods

- Deep Dive into what Movie Remakes are in the works.

-Filthy Trivia about your DNA!

-Shame of Life about embarrassing styles we wore in school!

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