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Dec. 3, 2022

Weird Christmas Traditions and fat butt problems. - Ep. 109

First episode coming off Thanksgiving. This is one of those tangent episodes where we side track ourselves!

In this episode we...

...discuss the chaos of the holidays starting.

...try to convince Adam to do Standup comedy at his bar.

...reminisce about holiday treats and family traditions. (Patreon Exclusive)

...give the results for who lost "Rayhart Wreck the Halls"

...discuss the first set of Weird International Christmas Traditions. Filthy Trivia about have a fat ass.

...learn about a family vacation that includes porn??

...have Adam give Bob the first 20 of 60 Christmas Trivia questions.

...find out how Bob went locally viral on Google Maps?

Thank you all for watching/listening.

Peacocks up!

Music provided by - Epidemic Sound  Opening Song: Cranberry Artist: Ballpoint

Ending Song: Saint Nick Artist: Nbhd Nick

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