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Dec. 25, 2020

We "Unwrap" Holiday Films with Elf, Rudolph, and Ralphie! - Ep. 23 - Holiday Episode


In this episode we...

...give you inside fact from the sets of your favorite Holiday films!

...remember back to our childhood and getting that one special gift.

...make a call to one of our sisters to "weigh in" on an Adam story.

...find and uncover obscure Holiday films that may become your new favorite!

...also uncover Holiday films that should have never happened... (looking at you Star Wars Holiday Special.)

...describe a Rayhart Family Traditional Game we play called: "Wreck the Halls"

...find a new website linked to urban dictionary, that can provide even more adult humor.

...learn what Reindeer Games, Baste the Brisket, Holiday Taint, Hot Chocolate, and Scrooging mean.

...and find out that Olaf might need therapy thanks to Florida Man!

This is The Rayhart Rundown...try to keep up.

Music provided by: Timothy Infinite

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