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Sept. 27, 2022

Interviewing the stars of the iPossessed movie! - Ep. 101

We interview Carl Rimi and Tami Lee Boothby from the movie iPossessed, and get the scoop on behind the scenes production and how they are putting together a psychological thriller!  So join us on a Rayhart Rundown Road Trip to visit and badger, an actress and a stand-up comedian! 

Watch the trailer for iPossessed Movie:

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Carl RimiProfile Photo

Carl Rimi

Stand-up Comedian / Film maker

Carl Rimi has been a professional stand up comedian for 26 years. He has performed in comedy clubs all over the country and cruise ships all over the world. He has appeared on Comedy Central, ABC, NBC, ABC Family, and Netflix. In 2013 Rimi decided to make a career change into filmmaking. Rimi began in front of the camera as an actor appearing in several short films and feature films. Unsatisfied with some of the material he was given, Rimi decided to write his own. “I wrote things I wanted to see, stuff I’ve never seen before.” In 2019 Rimi started Drimi Pictures, which prides itself in high quality, original content that has mass appeal. In 2021 Rimi wrote, starred in, and successfully produced his first feature film, iPossessed. A psychological horror movie written by a stand up comic, “Oh the irony.” Rimi plans to get iPossessed out to the world in 2023. Rimi is also working on his next project, Mid-Life College, a comedy TV pilot that he will write, direct, produce, and star in.

Tami Lee BoothbyProfile Photo

Tami Lee Boothby

Actress / Producer

Tami Lee Boothby worked as a labor and delivery nurse for 16 years. She loved being a
nurse, yet always felt like there was something more she needed to do. After Tami went
through breast cancer and lost her mother & sister to breast cancer, she began public
speaking as a health advocate through her Arbonne business. She felt comfortable in
front of a camera, and when Carl Rimi asked if she had ever thought about acting, her
first thought was how rewarding it would be to portray a character that causes people
to have empathy for someone different than themselves.
Although late to the game, she landed supporting roles in WDED Dead in the Morning
and the film Making of Mary, before starting her lead role in iPossessed. Along with
acting, she was also an Executive Producer on iPossessed. She loved the entire process
of filmmaking and can see many more films in her future!