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May 6, 2022

We give you the Amber Alert on the Johnny Depp Trial - Ep. 86

Today's Rayhart Rundown episode is mostly Johnny Depp trial. We discuss our thoughts on what is going on, what we know and some proof that Johnny Depp is not guilty of domestic violence. Before that Adam tells a funny story about having crab aquarium pets and Bob learns about trente size Starbucks?  

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In this episode we...

...learn about how we are way different in the coffee selection realm.

...find out that Adam had PET crabs. 

...listen to Bob be completely confused about shrimp. 

...dive into key points of the Johnny Depp Trial. #justiceforjohnny

...Adam signs a petition. (Can you guess which one?)

...realize and discuss how men can be victims of domestic violence too. 

...give you ways to help support Johnny Depp. 

...have a Patreon Update and Exclusives coming! 

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