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Nov. 20, 2020

We go Behind the Scenes with Borat 2! - Ep. 18

We go Behind the Scenes with Borat 2! - Ep. 18

In this episode we...

...get a hint about Vince Vaughn on a project.

...get inside scoops of the scenes from the new Borat 2 movie!

...find out about old childhood 90's shows that are in the works!

...go on a tangent about legalized drugs?!?

...Try or Deny Tech Toys: an Alarm clock that Keeps your cannabis fresh!

....hear about a $60,000 TV that we have seen in person?

...figure out if our phones need a tanning bed?

...explain what Titsup, and Brickout mean.

...find out how Florida man used a George Foreman incorrectly and why he loves McDonalds...or at least their hand rails.

This is The Rayhart Rundown...Try to keep up.

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Music by : Future James

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