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Aug. 27, 2021

We Expose Payouts for Reality TV! - Ep. 54

We Expose Payouts for Reality TV! - Ep. 54

In this episode we...

...hear about Adam welcoming his new puppy Freya!

...need to group watch FBOY ISLAND on HBO!

...expose Reality TV and how much they PAY contestants!

...find out Bob was supposed to be on Big Brother?

...learn that YouTubers can run for office!

...answer the question "If you had a time machine..." Filthy Trivia about Rats and "Bones"

...question Adams choice in décor.

...discuss a Shame of Life card regarding Animal Semen?

Patron Extended Time:

The Shame of Life - Sneeze blood when you cum?

Pod Decks - $100 Million Dollar question

Field Trip Idea - Should we try Kava or Kratom?

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