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Oct. 31, 2022

Serial Killer Preferences Trivia? - Ep. 105

We dive into so many different Halloween topics in this episode! 

Everything from Retro Halloween remakes...through our childhood trick or treating...and landing on hard to watch scenes from scary films!

Much like kids trick or treating from house to house, we just jump topics.

Topics include:

  • Makeup explanation
  • Retro Movie Rehash    
  • Annabelle real or hoax?
  • Adam gets haunted at work?
  • Pumpkin brag
  • Hard to watch scenes
  • Differences in childhood Halloween
  • Favorite Halloween Kids costume 
  • Patreon Donation to family
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Debate?
  • Filthy Trivia for Adam
  • Filthy Trivia for Bob
  • More scenes we struggle to watch

Happy Halloween and Peacocks Up!

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