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April 29, 2022

The World Record for Longest Penis and Binged Theater Movie? - Ep. 85

In this episode we...  

...announce a new Rayhart Runaround Episode coming soon! (Thank you Disney!)  

...discuss some new films on the horizon that gamers will love to hate.  

...see why Florida Man wouldn't leave a movie theater!?  

...find that Adam loves IKEA.  

...try Mountain Dew Flaming Hot. Filthy Trivia about the Worlds Longest Penis!  

...discuss Geocaching??  

...learn the real reason Adam wants a RAV4. 

...pick a preference Netflix or Hulu.  

...debate slowing down or speeding up time.  

...find important lessons we learned as a child. another round of Filthy Trivia about a dish from Norway.   

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