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Dec. 31, 2020

Thank You for Listening! Season 1 Finale - Ep. 24

Thank You for Listening! Season 1 Finale - Ep. 24

In this episode we... about the past year and how our show has changed.

...discuss plans are to make our show a little different.

...touch base on the meaning of a dream we both had!

...Adam gives us inside scoops on his Bar Life.

...find out why Bartenders ignore you.

...are glad 2020 is over!

Thank you to all our listeners and patrons for streaming our first season and laughing along with us and we hope to have an even bigger better Season 2!

Please rate, and review on any (or all) podcast apps we would greatly appreciate it.

This has been The Rayhart Rundown...thanks for keeping up.

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