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Nov. 26, 2021

Taliban Rob and Dead Rabbits? - Ep. 68

Taliban Rob and Dead Rabbits? - Ep. 68

In this episode we... job word vomit.

...will never shop at Goodwill.

...mention Will Smith and Paul Rudd. for Taliban Rob?? Filthy trivia about Sweden Biofuel?

...find out the most popular breakfast the year we (or you) were born!

...listen to Adam feel old. the Shame of Life about Lactating??

...remember back to stores from the 90's!

...learn why Adam has mall trauma. This or That #1621 & 1870

Patreon Extended Time:

  • Worst Case Scenario : STD's
  • Super Secret Time: Traits we don't want to pass down.
  • Worst Case Scenario : Pick one
  • All about me #1621

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