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Oct. 22, 2021

Sweaty Balls, Public Toilets, and a Taxi? - Ep. 62

Sweaty Balls, Public Toilets, and a Taxi? - Ep. 62

In this episode we...

...have some updates on Hollywood news. Muppets Haunted Mansion and Dave Chapelle Stand up.

...have serious discussion on cyber bullying. about new films coming out. Shame of Life about Zombie Snacks!

...learn Filthy Trivia about accidental pregnancy.

...learn of a woman who got pregnant with NO VAGINA?!

...have Super Secret Time of what we wanted to be when were a kid. Worst Case Scenario: If for the rest of your life you had to smell like _______!

...listen to Adam tell us the time he went to jail! (Mug shot available on our Patreon)

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Adam has another troubled story.

Plus these Segments:

  • This or That #154 Monarch / #54 Song or Laps
  • Shame of Life: The Song that captures your first sexual encounter
  • Worst Case Scenario: I think we should get rid of _______!
  • All about ME #184 Boss Type
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