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Oct. 26, 2022

Getting Stuck in a Bath Tub? - Ep. 104

Doing Stand up for the first time, getting stuck in a bathtub, and the FDA lied about the food pyramid! 

All of these stories and more in this episode! 

In this episode we...

...go through Adam's wallet?

...push Library membership.

...hear about Bob in the Bathtub?

...learn how cocky Adam is at the doctor.

...discuss the old FDA Food Pyramid!

...have Adam defend cigar smoking.

...get the scoop on Bob's Stand-up debut!

...find out Adams joking writing process. (Patreon Exclusive)

...discuss future plans for a comedy tour? (Patreon Exclusive)

...start planning for the Medieval Fair? Filthy Trivia about "liking someone" Filthy Trivia about Ted Bundy?

...learn what you can't buy on eBay?!

Thanks for listening/watching - Peacocks Up!

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