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Sept. 25, 2020

Setting a Hospital Bed on Fire! - Ep. 10

Setting a Hospital Bed on Fire! - Ep. 10

In this episode we...

...get too excited for a new puppet show on Fox.

...find out 7 Movie Directors that were snubbed by the Academy of Motion Pictures.

...discuss what Warner Bros. should do with all DC movies.

...learn what a Chromecast Dongle is and why we need one.

...get an inside scoop on AR (not VR) glasses for everyday wear.

...learn what Irish Handcuffs, Shexting, and Screwvenir mean.

...learn how Florida Man: gets a nurses attention, enters Walmart, and acts in public.

...hopelessly push our social media accounts in order to show you what we are discussing!

This is The Rayhart Rundown...try to keep up.

Music by : Future James

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