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May 20, 2022

Rude customers and pet telepathy is possible? - Ep. 88

Lots of stories involving customers and old friends and we know and wish we didn't. Plus a few exclusives from The Shame of Life Game!

In this episode we...

...get excited for the iPossessed screening!

...discuss hanging out with other comedians at a comedy club. make-up and tattoos?

...hear how Adam almost bought a train wreck.

...learn that Bob knew some pretty odd people in the 90's.

...bring you up to speed on the Fan-Written Comic book! some exclusive Shame of Life cards not available for sale!

...hear how Adam got revenge on a rude customer! (Patreon Exclusive) another exclusive Shame of Life card about dogs!

... have Adam weigh in a little on the Johnny Depp Trial. (Patreon Exclusive)

...discuss the new McDonalds marketing plan and if its a good idea? (Patreon Exclusive)

Thank you for listening! Peacocks Up!

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