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April 22, 2022

Putting Peeps on a Pizza and Test Screening a New Horror Film!- Ep. 84

We get a lot of laughs from recalling Adam's childhood snack. As well as get ready to be scared in an Exclusive Event coming up!

In this episode we...

...try Candy Peeps on Pizza? What? Seriously? Yep!

...breeze by news about Warner Bros. The Flash Movie. the Halo TV series. Uh-Oh!

...give a True or False Test with 10 questions! The Shame of Life about God's guilty pleasure?

...clue you in on a Filthy Trivia Horror movie debacle.

...announce an Exclusive Event we are happy to be part of! 

...get deep questions about: Snacks at the movies

...plead to our mother for a specific dish. 

...find out which of us is more commanding when ordering at a restaurant.


Thank you so much for listening!  

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