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Feb. 11, 2022

Pop Rock BJ's and Hard Liquor of Choice - Ep. 74

Our First Video Episode available on our YouTube Channel.

Season 4

00:00 - In this episode we...  

03:25 ...discuss M&M candy being sexualized.  

05:25 ...make our vacation hotel preference.  

12:29 ...debate pop rocks and blowjobs?  

16:19 Filthy Trivia about tying up alligators.  

17:38 Film Festival Documentaries. 

22:38 ...find out why Adams dog is evil. 

29:50 ...give Adam random True or False Questions!  

33:14 ...have Super Secret question about invisibility!  

36:31 ...learn about hard liquor.   

45:42 ...discuss the best Holiday.  

49:42 ...learn Bob's thoughts on pranks.  

55:10 ...Showering preferences.  

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Participant #1:
Okay. Hey, everybody. Welcome to the Rayhart Rundown. Been gone for a while. Been gone for four weeks. Yeah. So we did the four weeks out and say the last time we did it was New Year's. Now happy Lunar New Year. Happy Lunar New Year. It is the year of the Tiger. The year Tiger. Water Tiger. We were told something like that. I have no idea. Nothing of what that means. No idea. So the year of the water Tiger. So let's talk about this, though, because our patrons saw some of the behind the scenes and our Patreon saw setting some of this up. So this is the new video studio. Honestly, it's still work in progress. Yeah. We still got a lot of work to do, but we wanted to get it out. So here we are. Yeah. So we wanted to make sure that we got the new episode out. New season four, episode 74. I think we're at episode 74. I couldn't tell you right now. So there it is. So much has been going on in the last month, though. Like a lot of stuff. Like, sadly enough, Betty White, Bob Sagat passed away. Meatloaf passed away. Yeah. Rest in peace. Yes. All of them icons. Of course, we know exactly who we're talking about. Louie Anderson. Yes. And Louis Anderson. And didn't Rodney Dangerfield. No. He's been gone. Rodney Dangerfield been gone. Oh, really? Wow. Happy Lunar New Year. Send me back back to 2005 star. Yeah. So again, it started off 2022. Super sad. But what are you going to do? I'm going to tell everybody out there, though. There is going to be a slight Echo because we haven't got all the time. Yeah. Because we haven't got all the sound paneling up. But just one there's one back over there. Way over there. We got to put some more up there. So it's going to be a little bit of an Echo right now while we still finish up the sound muting. It's fine. Like I said, we had to get something out this time. It's way past time. Yeah. We always take four weeks off in between seasons. And now we got to get back to work. We got to get back started. We got all this new equipment. We got all this new all these new toys, the new microphones, the microphones brought to you by Shure and ColorWare. Thank you. Colorware for painting our mics. Let's just say, honestly, for the exception of building up the studio, I haven't even seen you in the past four weeks. What have you been up to? I'll tell you what I've not been up to. I've not been worried about what kind of shoes and M and M wears. I'm sorry. Did you hear about this? Do you know about this? Did we hear about this? No. Okay. So there was a big controversy about and it was all over Fox News because there's nothing else to report, apparently, I guess. But Fox News was reporting that the M and M because they decided to change the shoes on the green M and M. You know how she wore, like, boots or heels or something because she was a female M and M. Okay. The character. Yeah. I think she wouldn't pour heels, right. Eminem is like, oh, well, we're going to take the heels off of her and just put regular tennis shoes on to try to like, I daresay desexualize candy, all right. And Fox News has been reported on it for a week. A whole week? Dude, they're upset that they can't fuck candy anymore. I don't know. I didn't care about it, but apparently it broke the Internet for, like a few days. You didn't see this? No. No idea. No. Yeah. No fucking clue. Yeah. A lot of the comics were tweeting about it and stuff, so there you go. So they're desexualizing candy. So that's what you've been doing for four weeks. My question is, what are they going to do next? Are they going to take the vein out of the Snickers bar anyways? You take that big vein up the middle of the sticker bars out just because of the sexualized again. Okay. Oh, my gosh, that's funny. No shit. Yeah. You just recently went to Disney again and I did nothing. Yeah. Because it was freezing cold. Freezing cold and cold. Freezing cold and raining. Yeah. So went to Disney, hung out, essentially stayed at the resort for the majority. Dude, we went to the park cold and rainy. Everybody's there kind of miserable. We didn't even ride rides because I usually just go to Epcot to walk around and eat all the food. Right. Because it's amazing. It's what you do at Epcot. So that's the adult version of Disney. So I walked around to eat all the food, but everything was cold. It was like the coldest that ever been. It was rainy. So I was like, you just become miserable. Do you know what I'm saying? Like, it just becomes uncomfortable. And so with that being said, it's like, oh, I think my dog's killing your dog. They're out there wrestling. You can hear them leaving outside the studio. They are. What is it saying now? Wet and rainy. Wet, rainy. So it was like a matter of like, oh, well, let's just halfway through the day, I ended up going back to the hotel and, like, crashing for hours, and it just was like, okay, so, you know those hotel beds, they have, like the big super, like what you see in movies, like those white over down comforters. They're kind of like a super cozy. Okay. I just did that. It was just cozy. All right. Are you talking about a nice hotels? Well, yeah. What do you think I'm staying in? I don't know. Do you want to know about the hotels I stay in? Your boys up a class. Yeah. No, let's hear about the hotels you stay in. Is the door on the outside of the hotel or on an inside hallway outside of the hotel? And there you go. No. When I went to Atlanta, there was a truck stop right across the street. So pretty sure they gave hourly rates at this hotel. Hey. Uncomfortable to hear it. $54 a night. I believe it. Yeah, you're right. I mean, I get that I'm there only to sleep and I have a King size bed right underneath all the bullet holes, so it's fine. Yeah. So when we go up when you and I go to Disney, we're not staying in the roadside motel. But you haven't experienced that. I've stayed in nice hotels and shitty I have. When I was way back when I was 20 and broke, I did that. Hello. $34 a night at a day's end that was under construction. Oh, nice. That was way back when I was $34 a night. It was literally under construction to me. If you go to a hotel and there's a sign that says now have cable right there. It's like free WiFi. It's like no shit. And there's a fucking marquee that says we have a pool and there's like no pee on it. Yeah. It's just like there's vending machines that are like half broken or half sold out that still sell new Coke from the 80s. Yes. And like watch McCall. It's candy bars that you don't see. Candy bars you can see. Oh, Henry's. Yeah. Crackle the full bar, not the mini. Right. Yeah. Those types of hotels, man, because you get an experience from that. And usually a doctor or an STD. Yeah. I was going to say usually a doctor's visit afterwards, too. Like I said, when I go on vacation, bro, I'm not going to the hotel for my vacation. I'm going to the park on the town. I get that. Come back and sleep here. No, I get it. But here's the thing. Specifically when I go to Disney. Specifically when I go to Disney. When we go to Disney, I should say I don't like to drive to the parks. I want to be able to walk, so I always stay. That's why I live on Disney property, somewhere close enough to walk to whatever. That's why I live in downtown now. I just walk everywhere. I drive once a week or take a bus or I'll even do the Disney bus thing where I'll take their bus, their free bus or whatever. Okay. Do you know how long it's been since I went to Disney World? No. Last time I went to Disney World, they just put in stitch. Stitch is gone. Exactly. Stitches long gone. Yeah. That was the last time I went is when they just put stitching. Yeah. Short lived romance there with stitch. Yeah. That's how long it's been since I've gone to any Disney Park. Disney will blow your fucking mind right now with star wars and toys story land and all that stuff, even though toy story land was a thing. So apparently we're going to do the Rayhart run around. I went back to Universal. I did the Halloween horror nights, and I like Universal Studios better. I think that they immerse you in more of the film. I agree. When it comes to we've talked about this before, but when it comes to their rides, I think right now Universal is doing it better than Disney. Yeah, I think Disney is phoning a lot of it in with trackless rides and a lot of screens. Like they do a lot of the screen. Like there's a screen and the ride moves, but then screen moves and it's all so fucking park filled with Mr. Toad's wild rides. It's not, though, because Mr. Toad's wild ride cut outs unless you went through it. Okay, fine. The 2022 versions of Mr. Toads wild, right? Is that gone, by the way? Mr. Toads? Yeah. Why don't they bring that up? Dude, that Mr. Toad's been gone. It's dark since you go to 90. Whatever the hell. Yeah, it's gone. It's still in Disneyland, California, but it's long gone from Disney world. It was replaced by Winnie the Pooh. And does your pass work at Disneyland? Only Orlando. Yeah, only Orlando. I think if we're going to do this, we do it right and we go to Disneyland. Disneyland is not as big as the magic Kingdom in Disney world. Yeah. And then it's not as many. Mr. Toad's wild ride is the only thing that's the only thing. Everything else is in Magic King. Oh, really? Yeah. Mr. Toad is the only one that's still in Roger Rabbit in tomb town. That's the only other ride there's. The California Park. Yeah, Disney's California. But I heard that's also, like, really? Yeah. I mean, again, you've got Hollywood Studios, you've got animal Kingdom. You've got Epcot. So you got four parks here or two there. Okay, so either way, we're going to go. Well, I still think we should go to Vegas. I'm going to Vegas whether or not you in April. So. Yeah, that's fine. What else? Oh, my God. Speaking of so I was at a buddy of mine's house and we started talking about the Vegas trip. Okay. And we jokingly talked about the Bunny Ranch, the legal brothel. Okay? So now we're banging it the Bunny Ranch. And I'm looking through and immediately I'm all like, yeah, the only way I'm sleeping with a girl this hot is if I'm paying her. And I'm scrolling through their catalog. Right. The way that they separate their services, just appetizers below jobs. It's like a restaurant menu. Yeah, they call blow jobs appetizers. And there's two appetizers. I was like, pretty sure there's only one way to. Okay, one is adding champagne to it. So I guess she like, puts champagne in her mouth while she blows you or something. I have no idea. So it's all the bubbles. I was like, I got the same effect as, like, Pop Rocks, I would assume. Except it doesn't leave your Dick multicolored. Would you get a blowjob with Pop Rocks? Yeah. No way. No, dude, it's like gravel. Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen Pop Rocks? Have you ever eaten Pop Rocks? I have pop, like putting sand on your mouth. I mean. Okay, the popping is one thing. I'll probably try it. I'll probably try it. Sounds like a mouthful of sand. No, I'm not going to be giving the blow job. Okay. So you want rocks on your Dick? Got it? Yeah. You see what I'm saying? No, it pops. It's like caviar. After you get done eating some sushi with the fish eggs, I don't want anything popping near my Dick. Thanks. I'm good. That puts a whole new term to what's? Poppin? I guess so. Anyhow, but yeah. I just thought it was fucking hilarious to blow jobs or appetizers on their freaking menu at the Bunny Ranch. Yeah, we're talking about going to the gun ranges because Vegas has some of the best gun ranges out battlefield. They pick you up in a Humvee and shit and take you to it. And then they have actual military, like M 60s and stuff, right? Automatic. And the guy tells you, I don't care if aliens come down here and they stop to greet you, don't let go of this trigger. So you just have to sit there and hold onto it. You run through like fucking 200 rounds of ammo in 20 seconds. 30 seconds, right? But yeah, just like different stuff. And then the exotic car races or whatever, the race track you could drive Lamborghinis and stuff. We were talking about doing. How much is all this, though? I have no idea. How much is this whole trip? He keeps talking about it, but how much is this whole trip going to end up costing you? I don't know. But that's why I'm just like, I've got to look up prices and stuff, see, because it sounds like it's going to be expensive. Probably sounds like it's going to be. I mean, sounds like it's going to be fun. It sounds like it's going to be fun, but it sounds like it's going to be expensive, probably. Yes. It's all you. I'm out with the Pop Rocks. I'm fixing them out. I still find it hilarious. I'm using that, by the way. Like, appetizers is blow jobs. From now on. That's your deal. I'm taking that. That's mine. You're just going to say, hey, Babe, how about an appetizer? Does it work both ways? Like, does it? She's like, okay, yeah, I think so. I think so. Do you want to do filthy trivia? Yes, let's do that. So we got a filthy trivia here. Here we go. You ready? Yeah. Residence of a Tampa, Florida, apartment complex, of course. So it's kind of a mixture of Florida, man residents of a Tampa, Florida apartment complex caught a twelve foot alligator and tied it to a tree to keep as a pet. Smart neighbors called the cops after witnessing the owners doing which one of these following things? Fucking it. No, it's a Florida story. True? You would think so. Figuring his behold, no fucking a Flamingo today, taking the Gator for a walk, B charging admission to pet the Gator, C feeding the Gator live neighborhood cats, or D letting it swim in the pool. So the neighbors got pissed. They called the cops when they witnessed the, quote, unquote owners of this alligator doing one feeding of those cats, correct? Yeah. That's why they would get upset. They wouldn't get upset for charging admission. They wouldn't get upset. It's a twelve foot Gator. Yeah. Feeding at the neighborhood cats, dude. Oh, my God, that reminds me. Have you seen that documentary Don't Fuck With Cats? No. It was on Netflix for a while. It was about these online videos that went out of people, like, killing cats and drowning cats and shit. But they were like hackers that were doing it. So they were like, untraceable, I guess. And so all the hackers on the fucking internet were like, we're going to find you, right? And it was like the search for these guys and everything. It was super. I haven't seen it in so long and I only watched it the one time. I do remember liking it, though. It was really good. They have another one coming out now, too. Don't fuck with something, but it's from the same documentarian. That's another thing with a lot of independent filmmakers are like, oh, I need to show something graphic or I need to show something over the top. Or I try to show something that nobody's ever seen. Or the independent film market, as far as, like, film festivals, go is so drama serious. It's so very heavily everything's. Oh, it's drama. Or it's a thriller or it's like, who done it? I noticed in a lot of the film festivals that we used to go to that there was very little to know comedy on any of them. I don't know if it's just a matter of, like, filmmakers find it more difficult to create comedy or if it's just like these indie filmmakers are just trying to make a name for themselves by coming up with Shock factor. By coming up with something shock. Right. I think that that's what it is. I think they're just trying to do the Shock factor. Like, I don't even go to the film festivals anymore because nine out of ten of them are just dramas and putting me to sleep. No. Right. Dude. I remember we went to a sum festival. I forgot which one it was. And it was a serious short film. Was it in Erie, Pennsylvania? No. Good. It wasn't that one. I wasn't there for that. I did not go, Fuck Erie, Pennsylvania. Let that be a clip. Fuck. Eerie. Anyway, I just remember there's a few short films that independent filmmakers did that I still remember to this day, and I thought that they were phenomenal. There was one. It was Fort Myers Beach. I think maybe it was with the girl sitting at the bar. And then there's the guy that's supposed to go and get her to basically collect her soul for heaven. Oh, yeah. And then that other guy or whatever, that's like bald and got the tattoos on his head or whatever. He ends up coming through and ends up stealing the solar, right? The guy like, first day. So it was kind of like a battle of Wits between the good and evil, right? Whatever. So I thought it was really well done. But there was one, dude. All I remember of the short film, I just remember it was really fucking boring. And I fell asleep through majority of it. But I remember one character even, and it was like one line. It was just a B-roll shot or whatever. It was just passing through an office building. And as it passed by, you caught a conversation of like, three people at the water fountain type of thing. And it was one guy, and he goes, and then she pulled out a knife and she cut me. And I'm all like, what the fuck is happening? But now I'm like, rock hard. And then it fucking cut away, dude. I fucking died laughing sitting there in the fucking theater. What was it was that? I don't remember, but that was it. And it cut away. And that was all the comedy that there was. But he was all like, Pull out a knife, cut me. I'm like, what the fuck? But now rock hard. And I was just, dude, it was so funny to me. I was like, Bring that guy back. After a few minutes, I was like, this shit is boring. Bring him back. And that's the thing is that that's the closest to comedy that I've seen in the independent film world in short films and stuff like that. That's why I feel like it's a market waiting to be dominated. True. And I think even the comedies that we were part of for short films or whatever, I don't think we weren't against anybody. Yeah, we weren't up against. There was no competition. So it was just kind of a Gimme, which is good. But in the same token, because what are you up against? What are you trying to. I don't know. I don't know. That's all I want to talk about. As far as indie film festivals and that type of. I could literally hear your dog, dude. My dog is a fucking psycho, man. I can literally hear her outside, bro. Every two or three days. Yes, every like two or three days. She's a perfect angel, bro. She walks by my side, we go for a walk, right? She doesn't tear up anything. Whenever I take her, we'll walk through downtown or whatever. And then I'll be like, oh, you taste. Let's get you some water. And I'll go into a bar with her or whatever. And I'll be like, hey, just a cup of water, no ice. And then I'll grab that. I'm like, thank you. And then I take her back out, right? And even whenever we're going through the bar, she stays over by my feet or whatever while we're in there for the minute. And even when girls then at that point, drunk girls come up, sorry, petting, for you, dude. There's one girl that really pissed me off the other night. I was just stopping in to get her Freya some water, okay? And this drunk girl comes up, starts petting her so fucking hard that she cut Freya on the snout with her ring and Freya yip or anything. Oh no. Freya jumped on her and was like, trying to fucking rip her head off. But the girl thought that Freya was playing. And I was like, yeah, my dog was about to kill you and you didn't even know. Yeah, Freya was trying to attack her because of that. And normally she's really sweet. She's never done that, but I don't believe you cut me, bitch. You better run. But no. Yeah, but normally she's really good. But then it was like two or three days. She's perfect angel, dude. She'll sit by my feet while I play video games and like, jump on my lap or pet. She won't bite because she likes to play every two or three days. Two or three days she's great. And then the next two or three days after that, the fucking devil. She chews on cables. She fucking pisses and shit all over the house. She fucking just pulls around every single time. What she PMSing every fucking three days? No, she's just like, she's chaos for like two or three days. And then she's like, I'm tired. Yes, for like two or three days. What can I get into today? Yeah, she plots for three days. She was like, I want to make a list on fucking Thursday, dude. Plug in Thursday. I don't know. Maybe wild. That's exactly right, dude. Two or three days, she's fucking angel. In the next two or three days, she's insane. And right now she's on day three. So I'm praying that tomorrow's a good day. Fuck, dude. She chewed through one of the cables, the charging cables for my remote controls for my Nintendo Switch. Okay, dude, I took her for a fucking walk. The longest fucking walk. We were gone for like 2 hours. She pissing shit fucking everywhere outside. Then we come in and I go and sit down and play video games. About an hour later, I get up and there's just a fucking pool in my living room. She pissed everywhere, dude. And I'm pretty sure my apartment is slanted because it all runs down the fucking tiles and hits the Ottoman. So now I got to flip the fucking Ottoman, clean the fucking edge of that. And then. Dude, gross. Yeah, she's psycho. And then she ripped the head off of her toy duck immediately didn't even get to play with it. She was probably getting. Trying to get the squeaker out. There wasn't a sweater. Probably trying to rip the eyes off. I don't know. But she ate the head and she was trying to get the stuffing out because it was one of those Nerf ones where you put your thumb in the bottom of the beak of the duck, and then it had a rope tail, and you pull it and it fucking launches like 30ft. Yeah. No, we never even got to play with it because she ripped the fucking head off. So now she just has a headless duck rope. I took all the stuffing out. Does she play with it still? Yes. One of her favorite toys. There you go. She made it her own. She made it her own, dude. Which, I mean, her toy is one thing, but, like, chewing on that. Chewing on the cat. Five cabling that runs throughout the house to the different bedrooms. That's a bitch to repair if she fucked that up. Yes, it's a pain in the ass to repair, because you got to make another short cable, and then you got to put fucking extensions on and then hope to God that she doesn't go into those boxes. No, she's been insane. She tackled the neighborhood kid. The neighborhood kid is really small, though, so it's fine. Yes, but he also put her in a headlock when she was little. Well, then she's probably fine with it. Nobody got hurt. So that's success. But no, dude, she's fucking psycho. Tomorrow is going to be a good day. Well, tomorrow most of the day I'm at work, so I won't know if she's psycho or not. Not my problem. She's going to be home plotting. She's going to be like, let's see, when he gets home, I'm going to shit on his pillow, already pissed on his shoes. And yes, I need to eat the corner cable. I'm almost all the way through that. That's your dog? Yeah. Meanwhile, Chief, who's laying on the floor in front of us, nobody can see, can't even hear us talk about him and hates to get up because he's so old. I don't know. Next week, she's getting spayed. I don't think she's going to calm down. She's probably going to be more angry. Well, no, I was talking with some friends, and they said that after they spayed their dog, they stopped having accidents in the house. They started walking better on the leash. They started listening more. Yeah, think about that for a minute. If you were like, wild every three days and your owner was all like, cut his Dick off. Just cut his Dick off. And you were like, and the owner took you away. Cut your Dick off and then you came back. You probably be like I wasn't doing anything I wasn't doing anything ever. Yes, you'd probably be like I'll walk right next to you. It's fine. I don't need to cut anything else off. Exactly what's going to happen next week. I'm alright, so we got more games to play. Cannot. Wait, I got games. I got games. I got games. Alright. We also got more time for the show here. So we got super secret time. We got two or false questions. Ten true or false questions. See? Lightning Round. True or false questions. Then we got a new game. Okay. I haven't figured out the name of it yet, but it's like, just like deep questions. We'll start with some light questions from the beginning of it. Okay. We probably won't get too far on that game. Let's do Lightning Round. Here we go. True or false? The number of hooves lifted into the air on statue. On equestrian statues. You know what I'm talking about. No, the number of the fuck. True or false. The number of hooves. Like, you've seen those statues with the dudes like up on the horse. Okay. Yeah. And they always show like the horse, like me. Yeah. So is it true or false? The number of hooves lifted reveal how the rider died. I want to say true. It's actually false. Bromerosis is the scientific. I'm butchering names. I butcher lots of words on this podcast. Bromhidrosis is the scientific name for sweaty feet. True or false? No, false. It's true. Well, I'm going to use that. Bro. What bro? I got the card here. Bromide. Yeah. No, that's going to be a guy's term soon. The word Toyota means bountiful rice field in Japanese. False. It's true. Toyota. Countable Rice, the town of Tarzana, California was named after the famous ape man. False. Correct. The French call April Fool's Day. April Fish Day. False. It's true. The fuck April Fish Day. Yes. Here we go. I don't know. It doesn't give me details on this stuff. They're just little cards in parts of Northern Chile. It has not rained for 400 years. South America, Chile, where the rainforest is false. It's true. The nursery rhyme Ring Around the Roses or Ring Around the Rosie is about the plague is a coded reference to the black plague. Yeah, it's false. What? Yeah, that's not true. Putting sugar in a vehicle's gas tank will ruin the engine. True. False. Make it not run. Well, make it run. Crappy. The D in D-Day stands for Day Day. Yeah, no, that's actually true. The fuck is wrong with everybody? What do you think the day was? Declaration Day. Dick me down Day. Yeah. A lot of people think it's Death Day. Yeah, that would make sense. Day day. Last one day from next Friday day. A condemned prisoner is legally entitled to go free if their first attempt to execute them fails. Depends on how many life sentences you get. Either way, that's false. So there you go. So there's some. True or false. I got one. Right. You got one. And which one was it? Number four. So the ape man question. Yeah, Tarzan. But look how much you learned. I don't remember a single question short term memory loss. They do, bitch. I'll just rewind it back and you could keep listening. That's going to be a new thing. I say. Like, let's just rewind. Just play it back. We need more music. How would you spend your time if you turned invisible for one week? I don't think I can talk about that podcast. Week for one week. You're invisible. You're the invisible man. How would I spend my week if I was invisible? If you were invisible, you would have the perfect opportunity to fuck with people number one and act like a ghost, right? That's probably what I would do. Amazing. Like, probably. But you would also be able to. I would probably haunt my work for a week. No, I'll tell you right now, I'm not going to work. Well, because then when you're not there, you can hear what people are saying about you. I don't care what you guys say about me. I don't know. I would definitely haunt people and just fuck with people. I would go. I would just be like people walking right up in like the White House I've been trying to get in on. Walk right into sector eight, area 51. Just like, Yo, see some aliens up in this bitch. Like spend a week invisible and just be like, yes, I'm going to figure it out. Of course, that part. Oh no, that would be the only place on Earth caught. The casinos. That would be the only place on Earth I would get caught because they have the technology to see past the invisibility. Yeah, right. You got fucking heat sensors and shit. Yeah, I probably fuck with people, but I would probably be like, I would want to know. I like to find shit out. I always like to know shit. Which is why we do so much trivia bullshit on this podcast, because I like to figure stuff out. I like to know weird and random things. That's why we started the show. That was interesting. I don't know why I'm yawning so fucking it's because we're tired. Because we had to move all of this furniture. Dude, I've been waking up at like 02:00 every day. You want to know something and you're not going to like this what I'm about to say. Okay. They say the richest people in the world. I know what time? 730 every day regardless. 730. But on a normal day it's like 05:00 a.m. My days off, seven, not a day off, five or four. So I'm like winding down with my day when you wake up. Yeah. And I think the reason why that's saying is the way it is is because business starts, stock market opens up. Yeah, business starts at nine or eight or whatever. So you're up early, you're starting business and you're making money essentially right at the beginning of the day. Right? You know what I'm saying? If you wake up at two stock market, everything's closed. People are already making money. Yeah. People. Yeah. And you're coming late to the show and you have 3 hours to play. I think that's what it is. So a couple of other questions I have for you, just randomly, just a little random here. Random questions from a new game. Deep conversation type game. But here we go. Not the shame of life, unfortunately, right now, because you're a bartender, what is your preferred hard alcohol? Some people instantly will know, oh, I like, blah. Or I like gin. Or I like five. Right. But you being a bartender, have the ability to know a lot more than what the average Joe does when it comes to alcohol. Right. Because people a lot of times will go to default. A lot of people, I'm assuming a lot of people's default is they get to the bar. They're not the bar. Very often they'll be like, what do you have? And they'll be like a screwdriver. And then you see how they drink it. They're just like, this is gross. Do you know what I'm saying? Because they don't know any other type of drinks or they don't know any other. Right. I usually drink five kilowatt with lemon. Yeah. No, you don't. You drink that, but you don't enjoy that. My one type of hard liquor, right? Like, if I could only drink one type of liquor. Yeah. If you could only have one hard liquor from here on out. Like, they're like, hey, we're going to get rid of Adam. You are now the bar God. And you have to get rid of everybody gets tequila. All of the liquor except for everybody gets Tequila except for tequila. Gross. That's where you go on. Okay. Reason being silver tequila, specifically silver tequila. Specifically silver tequila. Okay. Is the only alcohol that's actually a stimulant. All the other type of alcohol is a depressant. That's why they say, like, tequila makes the clothes come off and shit. It's because it doesn't bring you down. You know what I mean? Like, it doesn't make you tired. It doesn't depress you. It doesn't. So self pity, right? It wakes you up more. You're a little bit more energized and stuff. So usually back in the day when I would go out drinking, I would just do shots of Tequila and water or I'll drink Tequila on the rocks with some oranges in it or something. Not like, well, tequila. I don't know. I don't drink at all. So I don't know. But I would drink tequila, whatever. And I could go all night long and be perfectly fine as soon as somebody was all like, oh, get this guy a shot of James. And then I'm all like, okay, I'm fucked. So then yeah, tequila. But I mean, I prefer to drink Scott. You know what? No, no. Fucking love Amaretto. Dude, it's so good. It's so funny. I don't drink. And then you're like, Amaretto. I'm like, oh, yeah, dude, it's so good, bro. I started making my own sour mix. Yeah. So here's the thing. I'm a social drinker. I drink Amarillo on the rocks. You know what I'm saying? Yes. You know this about me. I'm a social drinker. I don't drink every day by any stretch of the imagination or even once a month or anything like that. It's very random. But when I do, it's usually like Amarillo sour, right? That's usually my go to by default. So for me it depends on where I am, what I'm doing and who you're with and who I'm with. You know what I mean? For example, if I'm with my buddy Charleston, there is a 90% chance I'm doing tequila. If I just got done eating a large meal, I'm having amaretto on the rocks because it's more of a short. After I just got done saying that, I think for just a minute I'll have to go back. This will take us back to the beginning of the podcast, but the exception I have to the drinking thing is the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. I'll drink up my ass around the world, but I don't drink to get drunk. It's usually like frozen drinks, right? You know what I'm saying? Like the hard cider with fireball and all that type of stuff. Yeah, I know you can't handle that. He's making you sick. Just making you nauseous. Yeah, dude, why? Are you kidding me? Fireball's. Fucking disgusting. Fireball is like hot tamales and alcohol. Fireball is like hot tamales and fucking coolant that you put in your car. Yeah, so gross. And then fucking cider. That's heartburn dog and fireball. It's double heartburn fire. That's what you meant to say. It's fire. How old are you? Fucking sound like a 19 year old fucking fire. Stupid. Anyway, Amaretto, if I have to have like a big meal because it's a dessert drink type thing. But usually if I'm actually going out and I have a cigar, I'll drink a glass of Scotch. But I always only have one drink. Now when I go out, I'm just like one and done. Now I'm good. I usually do two. But it's like the drink glass of water. The drink, right. You know what I'm saying? Like that I'll break it in half if I'm drinking beer. It's Guinness. I like the darker beers. I don't drink the beer. I don't drink beer. It's either Guinness or like Michelob. It's like the lightest beer in the world or the heaviest and darkest. There's no in between. Yeah. No, I can't do the beer thing. I never could really. I tried. I tried to do like Miller Light and Tours and all those guys, dude, all of those guys. I went through the whole thing and there's nothing I can do. Let's say they sponsor us... Guess what tastes delicious? Miller Light will be on this desk right here. But until then, once that happens, actually you put the bus out of Miller Light. No, hold on. No. And now a word from our sponsors. No, this is our sponsor. And now that we have a video podcast, I have to show off their box. Yeah, I have to show this off. So this is The Shame of Life, the card game of weird conversations. You can get yourself a copy of The Shame of Life with all of the expansion card set. I don't have it with me right now, but other expansion card sets, there's the Boo pack, the schools pack. There's more packs coming. You can even have now they download packs. There's a work. They've downloaded packs. Now you can download. There's a Karen pack. Oh, my gosh. 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We unfortunately be running out of time today to play. But go again. One of our sponsors, code. Run down 20. Give yourself 20% off. Get yourself a copy. Okay, so I got two more questions from you. Two more from me or for me? Okay, these are new questions, but they're just what we're going to call the shallow end of the pool question. Okay, so there's different levels of these questions for this episode. We're just doing Shallow. Get to know Adam. Get to know Bob shallow into the pool questions. Okay. Get to know me. You just found out what Adam's Valentine's. Almost Valentine's. Just get to know me. What Adam's preferred alcohol is, okay? Everything he loves. It all gin and tonic. If I'm at a wedding, it just depends on where he has preference depending on his situation. Yes. Now, gin tonic. If I'm not drinking, what's your favorite holiday? Favorite holiday? St. Patty's Day. This goes back to the drinking thing St. Patty's Day used to be because I used to be a really heavy drinker. And then I started working on St. Patty's Day, and now you hate it. Now I hate it. This is passion because everybody wants their fucking green beers, which is just food coloring. So then by the time I'm done, it looks like my finger fucked leprechauns. You guys are going to see it in like a month. So every year I have green fingers for a fucking week. That's going to be awesome. We're definitely going to be looking now. We're going to be watching green finger. Adam, the week of St. Patty's Day. Yes. You'll see, I can't wait. It's going to be exciting. I think for me, my favorite holiday, I would love to say, like, everybody, oh, my favorite holiday is Christmas. But no, it's not. It used to be. It used to be when I was a kid. Yeah, absolutely. I was younger and then it's like when I grew up and I'd spend all the money. Yeah, no, forget it. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is good. Thanksgiving is good. Thanksgiving. The reason why Thanksgiving is because Thanksgiving is one of those days for me where it's all about chillaxin, right? So corny to say that, but it's literally about eating food and just chilling, right? Whether it be with the family or with not. It's just like, it's a day where they pretty much expect you to do nothing. I mean, a lot of people take that day now and go shopping. I like Halloween, but yeah, I think for me, Halloween, I was like, here's the thing. I don't dress up, so I enjoy seeing the different costumes and stuff. You know what I mean? Right. But honestly, I think my favorite holiday is the 4 July because of fireworks, barbecue. It's kind of like Thanksgiving. Okay. 4 July like barbecue at any given time, right? And you can chillax at any given time. I agree. But to me, 4 July is Thanksgiving, but after you eat, you blow shit up. So then New Year's would be the same way that yeah, but you work most of the time on New Year, so it's chaos for you. I can sometimes get 4 July off. So we can both agree that Labor Day is the best holiday. Don't do anything right. April Fool's is fun. I did get into it because I'm not the pranker. I'm not a pranker. I'm not the prankster type guy. Like, I'm not the one to pull a prank. See, I was. I never could. People can't joke nowadays. That's the problem. I always feel bad. I don't feel bad. Like, if I prank somebody and they're like, I always feel bad, I'm like, sorry, I pulled a prank where I smacked a friend in the face with watermelon and it got on his shirt and he was just pissed off the entire time because it ruined his shirt. Yeah. So I was all like, dude, we pranked each other all the time. And I was like, dude, it's a fucking prank. Have you pranked him since then? No. I was all like, I'm done. See? No more. You fucking ruined it. You know what I mean? He ruined it. Don't get mad, dude. You fucked with me all the time. So I ended up buying a new shirts, and then he was able to get the stain out of his shirt. So it was like, not a big deal. But that's why I love pranking people, right? But nobody can take a joke nowadays. And that's what sucks. Yeah, I think that's the biggest thing. Everyone is. Well, I think a lot of times when it comes to because this world and of course we're no different, but this whole world now is a big look at me. The fact that we're moving our podcast to video is the same way. So I think when you prank somebody to the point where how they looked changed, like, in that case, his shirt was ruined then. Yeah, he's like, I got to walk around with a wet shirt. Fuck, you know what I'm saying? And I think that's a problem. I think if he wasn't wearing a shirt and you hit him with, like, a water balloon, it would be hilarious. You see what I'm saying? Yeah, I think there's certain levels. Everybody's different. And I agree with you. I think everybody gets too butthurt by stuff. But I was never a prankster guy. I wish I was some parts of a joke anymore. So I stopped. And, like, I haven't done a prank since. As far as when it comes to pranks or anything like that, for me, I've always found it funnier to have whatever it is going to happen happen to myself, happen to me either purposely or made to look accidental or whatever, to get the laugh. And again, this is so stupid. Stupid. But I enjoyed making other people laugh or making other people again, so stupid. I always would find the one person, whether it be in class or work or whatever, who was grumpy pissed off, angry or whatever, and be like, okay, that person hates their life or is angry about something or whatever. If I can get them by either saying something or doing something or even nonchalantly reacting to something to make them catch their eye and make them crack a smile and stop thinking about whatever's pissing them off, then that makes me happy. And I think that at that point, even going back to when I was 20 or whatever, I think at that point is when I realized I was like, oh, comedy is the way I'm going to go. You know what I'm saying? Like, I think comedy maybe not necessarily at the first, right at the gate, stand up, but to me, somebody told me I was wasted talent. I don't know how to take that. I don't know how to react to that. I'm wasted talent. They said, you're wasted talent. Or they're like, dude, you're wasted. Pretty talentedly. No, I was wasted talent. But they meant, like, why are you a bartender? Why aren't you out there doing stand up and doing all that? That's what they meant by it, but they meant it in the best possible way. You know what I mean? Like, that comedian. I forget what comedian said. It's always like, you can say whatever you want as long as you go. Bless. It's hard. Yeah. Okay. But was it your boss? No. Was it the VP? No. Was it your boss's boss? No. And I've had all of those people tell me, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? Exactly. Right on. Again, I'm not going to say the name of the company I work for. Somebody that watches the show? No, the day job company that I work for the top VP. He was there visiting one time and I like, I do ran off of the mouth, cracked the joke, blah, blah, blah, blah. He thought it was hilarious. Said, what are you doing working here? And it feels weird hearing that from the VP. What are you doing working here? Wait a minute. This job. Am I fired? Did I just become the jester for the King? What happened? Nice. Again. Because going back to what I was like saying, I've never been the price store. I've always been the one that's like, oh, if I can be the one that's funny, if I can be the one that's making the joke, or if I can be the one that has something happened to me that can be hilarious, then I'd rather do that because then I could adjust myself to not get upset about it, you know what I'm saying? Or know that's going to happen or whatever. And that's again, physical comedy to whatever. So anyway, 4 July is the best day. Labor Day is the best holiday. No, 4 July. So you like, 4 July. 4 July barbecue never going to. And then you blow shit up and everybody's gone by 10:00 and you're home naked in front of the computer by ten five. Or however did you say naked in front of the computer at ten five? However your night ends, however you like to end your nights. So fair warning to everyone out there. Don't follow Adam on Twitch. Do not follow Adam on Twitch. If he pops up on Twitch. Just chatting. Just turn it off. That's what I use discord for. Oh, okay. Last, like, get to know question is to get to know us. Ready. Okay. Do you prefer to shower in the morning or at night? Both. Cool. That's been the very hard rundown for you. I prefer in the morning, but I do usually shower. I shower three or four times a day. It's ridiculous. Yeah, I shower. I thought I had ocean. I always shower in the morning. I'm going to show this podcast. I always shower in the morning. You have to. To wake up. To wake up. I will sometimes take a cup of coffee into the shower with me. So get that mental picture out of your head right there. I used to do that. Have a cup of coffee. Used to be back in the day when I was 20 cup of coffee and a cigarette in the shower. What? Wow. I wish I had a window so I could do that. I did. I don't have a window. Every house with the one I'm in now, every house had a window in the bathroom and I would crack it open and smoke. That was when I was young and stupid. Yes, I shower in the morning, right? But especially just shower in the morning. The idea is that you shower when you wake up, you shower. And then sometimes I'm so fucking tired by the end of the day that I just end up crashing out. But it depends on the type of day, you know what I mean? No. Like if I literally just sat around all day. Yeah, they're big guys. I just want to hear it anyways. So if I literally just sat around playing fucking video games all day long, I'll crash out. But like, if I went to work or if I took the dog for a fucking four mile walk, right? Or something like that, then I'll shower. But you're big man, hygiene is very important. Well, here's the thing. I have to shower to wake up in the morning to like, oh, let me wake up and let me get going and get showered and DA, DA, DA. Like, it helps me wake up, you know? Again, a cup of coffee in the shower. That was not a joke. That seriously has happened. But then I'll get home from work and I'm like, I got a shower. I got to rinse it off of me. I may not be, but I just feel sticky and gross and sweaty, right? So I'm like, oh, I got a shower right now. I got home from work, I got a shower. Now, if I go anywhere, if I leave the house and go anywhere, especially like Walmart or somewhere, yeah, you got to shower after I get home. And I'm like, shower, but not right immediately. But I always want to shower. I feel like I have to shower before I go to bed. Maybe not like immediately, right before I go to bed. The majority of the time it is that way because I don't know, it helps me at the end of the day, shut down. Like in the morning, it'll wake me up, but I can even use it. And at night to take a hot shower will help me completely relax. Do you see what I'm saying? Yeah. No, it just wakes me up even more. No, I can't. Again, I've said this before on the show. I have uncanny ability to be able to sleep at any given time. So it's like if I just let the shower at night, I have to shower like a little while before bed because it will wake me up a little bit more if I'm tired. But Besides that, dude, I fucking hate a wet pillowcase. I get that. You know what I mean? That's the worst, dude. Yeah. Usually if I shower or whatever before bed, I'll wait till my air strike before I go to sleep. And you see how much product I use in this chaos. Me too. I fucking wear hats most of the time because I need a fucking haircut. Like, dude, I have found a new hairdresser. A new hair person. Nice since my guy Avery, who I'm hoping still listens to this podcast. Hope he's doing well since he moved away. And Unfortunately, I dare say his replacement, but I found someone at the same level. All right. I'm not going to give away the name because I don't want all the appointments booked up so crazy out there. But yeah, I'll have you hook it up right on. Yeah. I was going to say let me know. I already told them. I told them I was like, you're going to have to cut my brother's hair. And I'm not going to say boy or girl. But they were like, really? And I'm like, yeah, this person used to do my sons, the twins. Oh, okay. So they know the right hearts. Right on. I don't know if they're a fan of the show, but they know the real word. All right. Well, with that being said, I don't have any more games for us to play for this episode. And this is the first slow start here. Slow start when it comes to the beginning of our season four. Now that we've got video, now that you can see all of our expressions and our craziness that we deal. And then now that we've got the video up and going, we can actually start to bring in guests when we get the guest spot set up. Yeah. We're going to have a whole guest area that would be completely different situation probably over there, probably because kind of like the set up we have going right now. Possibly. All right, well, again, thank you all for watching, I guess. Thank you all for listening. If you're listening to the audio version of this, but if you are listening to the audio version, we're on YouTube now. You can go to our YouTube channel, Rayhart Rundown on YouTube. Check out the new website, please. Everybody go to the new website. Check out the new website. Rayhart link is in the description. Link in the description. And if you like what you see, I felt like this one was kind of a good introduction into our show. Yeah. You know what I mean? It can get a little more wild run down. Yeah. This episode is a good introduction. It can get a little wild sometimes. It can get a lot more wild again. We're taking it slow here with the video thing because we're unsure of how we're trying to make sure how much more we want to do. Yeah, we're trying to make sure we get everything. We're still setting things up. So if you're new to the rundown, thanks for finding us and we have a huge 73 episode catalog archive, if you will, on our of the audio podcast of the episodes prior to this. So check that out there. Visit our sponsors. Check them out. Of course I think that's it yes, I was going to say like and subscribe. Yes, thumbs up like and subscribe and smash that subscribe button. Yes, please. And ring the Bell. I don't know. I guess that's what I'll YouTubers say. I'm too old. All right. Thank you all for watching. Thanks for listening and we'll see you next week. Appreciate you guys.