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Dec. 10, 2021

Outlandish Celebrity Purchases and the Average Penis Size! - Ep. 70

Outlandish Celebrity Purchases and the Average Penis Size! - Ep. 70

In this episode... 

...we talk Christmas shopping! 

...Adam takes us on a Real Estate hunt? 

...we get our hands on a list of outlandish celebrity purchases! of a beloved childhood store returns! 

...Bob gives you 10 Holiday conversation starters. 

...conclusions that some documentaries are fake! 

...a discussion of Holiday movies! 

...we play Worst Case Scenario about a scared situation. 

...Adam rants about Facebook commercials. 

...we find SpaceHey? 

...we play The Shame of Life about fighting. 

...the Filthy Trivia is about penis size! 

Special Musical Holiday Track from Nbhd Nick!! 

Patreon Extended Time: 

  • WCS- about impressing someone 
  • This or That #1225 Lake or River 
  • Questions about You #1225 - Own your feelings? 
  • A serious discussion on depression in America 

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Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the Rayhart rundown. What's good? Happy holidays, I guess because it's Christmas time. If you couldn't tell that by the intro. Music. Yeah. So we're doing Christmas stuff. I wish I had more Christmas time topics in this episode, but Unfortunately I had stuff I wanted to bring up, so I wish again I've got a little bit of Christmas stuff. I don't know if you want to dive into the Christmas shit now or wait, we can spread it out. But I've got. Of course we got Shamel like to do today. We've got filthy trivia that has unfortunately, nothing to do with Christmas. Have you done any Christmas shopping? No. Have I received any lists? No. Has anyone told me what they wanted? No. So guess what? No. I did it all in the day online. Yeah. Cyber Monday. Yes. There you go. Just said, fuck it all in one day. It all showed up on the same exact day. My Amazon driver hated me. He's all like, Dude, the fuck you're like, you don't have any more trips today, so shut up. That whole truck, that was me. You had one stop. Dude. Are you really angry? No. Usually when I do it, if I order gifts for the family, whatever. The little kids mainly. Yeah. I would just order it on Amazon, have Amazon wrap the gifts and send it. So it's literally just click by. Merry Christmas. Yeah, click. Buy. Merry Christmas. But again, if I don't get a list. No. Oh, my God. I just had a genius idea. What? I should have just had Amazon fucking wrap it and send it to me. So all I had to do was take it out of the box and throw it under the fucking tree. Yeah. Damn it. It costs money, though. I mean, it costs money for them to wrap it. Yeah, but it costs money for wrapping paper and tape and buzz and all the time. Yeah, that's why I was like, no, do it. Don't care. Do it. Cool. It's a genius idea. Next time. Next year. I'm teaching you things. I was dropping you on shit. Speaking of next year, I was telling you that I was looking into moving to Northern Georgia and all of that. Not on the show, but. Yeah. So I was looking at moving somewhere where the film industry is a little bit more lucrative. And I started looking at prices. I was like, oh, man. I was like, the prices up there. The exact same prices here. Yeah. And then I started looking at California. Well, that's your first mistake. No, it's the same fucking prices here. Okay, then you weren't looking in the right area. No, I was just north of La was like one $600 a month for this house, and it had a fenced in yard, big ass back patio. Like it was bitching. Okay, but what was the square footage? Like, 1300, which is more than my apartment now. Yeah. So all the prices are the same. I started looking all over the US. Okay, guess what? All the prices are the same. The rent is too damn high. Of course, I saw one guy in politics back in the day. The rent is too damn high. Unless you want to live in the middle of bum fuck Montana. You're paying 1600 a month. Okay? Fucking crazy. Okay? And the housing market is not supposed to crash until 2025. But hold on, let me stop you there because let me say that. Did you have a filter on your search for, like, hey, look up the most up to $1,600. No. Do you see what I'm saying? Like how you could have a filter? No, don't get me wrong. You're going to find one. The twins live in Austin. They don't pay that much. Well, you're going to find ones that are like 800, 900. But those are the ones that have, like, bars and windows. Yeah. The places you don't want to live. Yeah. I don't know where in north of La you were looking, but usually it was literally like 30 minutes north of La. Where was it? I'm just going to pull up a map of do it because I know we have fans in La for sure. In fact, California is one of our bigger listener bases. Bing map. And I'm just kidding. There's no Bing map. There used to be. I think there was. I'm not 100% on that. I don't know. Here, I'll just go back and find it again. So 30 minutes north of La is La Crescent. Maybe it's on the other side of the mountain. Yeah, that it was. And it looks like it's already. Oh, wait, no, hold on. Bam, 1400 a month. Cool. Where? It's a 900 square foot, two bedroom, one bath right outside Vincent. It's like in the foothills of the mountain just north of La. Bam, downtown Atlanta. Apartment for rent, one bedroom, one bath, 1650. Why are you in Atlanta all of a sudden? Not Atlanta? Sorry, Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Yeah. Dude, that's more than 30 minutes out. Lancaster. I'm just looking at the map. That's more than 30 minutes out. I mean, it's fine, but with La traffic, like an hour and a half, you're right either way. But also the amount of money, like the minimum wage is higher and stuff like that, too, is also something you got to look into. But, dude, I just went over the map and I just like, click a state. I get it. Someone can talk to me today and said to check out Erwin, California. And I was like, okay, they're like, it's the best place for whatever reason. It has, like, the smartest people. And he was going on, on and like, for ten minutes about it. I'm like, dude, I'm just trying to pump my gas. The cheapest place in America right now is Wyoming. Shocker. It's like six people there, but three of them have their houses for rent. Yeah. Apparently your wine. Whatever, dude. Anyway, where do you want to live? Not in Florida. That's what I've decided. You're over it. Yeah. I like to be able to have the opportunity to go snowboarding. Okay. So the advantage of living in California is that you could literally go from the beach. The beach. Yeah. You could have breakfast on the beach and dinner in the snow. Yeah. I don't know about a way to describe it, but you could it's one for the other. And so you get that option. And depending on what you would like better, warmer weather, colder air. You move east or west in California. So you're like, oh, you like hot. You like more beach weather. Move farther west in California. Oh, you want thinner air, colder weather. You move farther east because it goes up in elevation. So I don't know, forever. It's going to be forever. What's the word I'm looking for? I don't know. It's going to be forever. Amazing in my head, even though it's probably not really the time that we did live in California, you know what I'm saying? Right. And that was central California. You know, that wasn't even Southern California. That was just middle California. So we got all four seasons. We got snow, but not enough snow to build a snowman. We got like, kind of frosty snow type of thing. And we got hot summers and fireflies in the springtime, like all that whole type of thing. And so, again, I think it'll be I can't think of the word spaghetti, but I think it's going to be better in my head than it is probably what it really was because I was also much younger. But it's a matter of where do you want to live? Like, for me, I'm just when it comes to Florida, I'm just got the humidity. Yeah. Do you know what I'm saying? Yeah. That's all I'm really kind of over. But again, prices everywhere. Crazy. Crazy. Yeah. Too crazy. It's fucking nuts. So crazy. So crazy that one of the articles actually have pulled up for the show. Here is outlandish celebrity purchases. Okay, so a bunch of shit. People bought celebrities that they spent their money because things are super expensive that they bought. One of the things was Mark Cuban bought an entire town because why wouldn't you? Why wouldn't you? Rumor has it he paid about 2 million for 77 acres of this town where 21 people live. The town of Mustang, Texas. Just because 21 people live there. Yeah. He's like, people worked at my bar. Yeah. I don't even know if anything I'll do with it. Kim Basinger, back in 1989 when she was doing Batman, paid 20 million to buy 1600 acres of Brazelton, which was an entire town in Georgia. She basically wanted to turn the town into a tourist attraction and film studio, but she ended up selling at 95 or something. I don't know. Nicholas Cage Creek is notorious for buying stuff. Nicolas Cage is notorious for buying weird off the wall things. For a little while, they had their eye. He shelled out $270,000 at an auction for a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull. An actual Trex skull. Sounds like something I would do. So he bought it as an auction, but then it turned around. Well, it didn't turn around. Then what happened was they had determined later on that the skull was stolen. So, yeah, he bought it. And then in 2015, he had to return it because it was like that's stolen. He also purchased and he lost it in 2009, but he had purchased it ahead of time. La Lori house in New Orleans, which was supposed to be haunted. Well, a lot of New Orleans is haunted. So a haunted is inspired season of American Horse Story. Yeah. Cage says I had ghost front property, not beachfront property. He lost it in a foreclosure, though, but apparently was worth like three and a half million. He also bought the shot of Iran's Lamborghini in 97 at an auction, and that took place in Switzerland. There you go. 450,000. What? Four real quick here. Paris Hilton bought a dog mansion for $325,000. Celine Dion paid 2 billion for a humidifier. I'm sorry. Celine Dion paid $2 million for a humidifier on stage while she performed. All right. Yeah. Is it a humidifier for stadiums? I don't know, dude. I think it's just for the stage. Mike Tyson bought $2.2 million gold bathtub. Okay, Victoria Beckham champ. He can do whatever he wants. Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham, formerly Posh Spice, paid $33,000 for a gold iPhone. The new update. The new iPhone is going to come out in six months. Yes, stupid. And then she's going to be. I want that one and pay another. Whatever. So Lady Gaga. Okay, great performer. Not going to say anything bad about Lady Gaga herself, but she paid $50,000 for a ghost detector detect paranormal activity at her concerts before she goes on. Awesome. Hey, Lady Gaga, I've got the new model of one. If you want to buy it for 50 Grand, I have one right here. It's touchscreen it's, touchscreen it's built into my phone so you can pull up the camera on it and ghost will appear. If there's nothing there, there's no ghosts. And I'll sell it to you for $25,000 right now. Right now. Bill Gates. Bill Gates bought DA Vinci's Journal. No shit. Yes. 31 million for the document. That's actually pretty cool. Here's the thing. He bought it not so that he could be like, I've got DA Vinci's Journal. He bought it. So then he could digitally scan it and made it available on CDROM for $30 so people could go buy a digital version of it for $30. I mean, can't knock the business aspect to that. Yeah, if you want. Everyone probably made that money back. I guarantee it. But he wanted to make it available. Yeah. Let's see. Beyoncé and Jay Z spent $11,000 on Blue Ivy's gold dress for the 2016 MTV Music Awards. Alright. They gave Blue Ivy for her first birthday. Her parents gave her a custom made diamond encrusted Barbie doll worth $80,000. Must be fucking nice. They spent another 95,000 on pink and white roses and 2400 on the cake alone. That's insane. That's insane to me. $2,400 on a cake. Yeah. This is why I was looking at this thing going, what in the. I could have bought your daughter a boat. I'm only going to do like, the really super people. The people everybody knows. I'm not going to talk about everybody. Tom Cruise. Stupid. Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes, right? Yeah. He bought her a Sonogram machine for $200,000 so that they could do her own at home. I guess they ended up donated to a hospital after it was over. But that's fucking weird. I don't know. There's. Brad Pitt bought a Nazi motorbike. That was probably during the Inglorious Passage, though. Floyd Mayweather bought a diamond encrusted iPod. Once again, $50,000. He can do whatever he wants. $50,000. So, yeah, I don't know. Arnold Schwarzenegger buys a tank. Shaky O'Neill bought three Bentleys and I'm out here struggling to buy a pickup truck. And these people are out here. These people out here spending money, spending $95,000 on pink and white roses for their one year old birthday party. How many trucks I could buy four trucks with that. Hey, how about Skip the Roses, feed some homeless people. Yeah. Jesus. Whatever. Text. Write on. Whatever. All right, moving on, moving on. Did you hear that Omicron fucking variant? I've heard so many. It hit like 15 States in the US. Is that what it is? 15? I think that's what it just said. Like 15. It keeps getting worse. It always makes me. When you say Omicron, I immediately like, it sounds like Enron. Like it's a corporate company trying to fuck us. It does. But in my head it always sounds like Transformers. Yeah. Omicron. I'm Omicron. And then, yeah, Autobots roll out. That's what I'm saying, man. Like, they're not getting creative with their. No, I think they're just like, what do you want to call this one? Here's the thing they keep saying, oh, it's getting worse. Worse and. And worse and worse and worse and worse. And I understand it, I get it. But at one point where it's just. I think everyone's at a point where they're just exhausted with it. Yeah, that's exactly right. I think everyone's just at a point where it's just like, okay, of course there's something worse. Of course there's something way better. Yeah. At this point, we can't do anything. Buy. Yeah. At this point, forget it. By. I mean, don't get it twisted. I've gotten used to wearing a mask at work. It's no big deal for me. It's literally wearing the mask is no big deal. Doctors have been doing it for freaking years, centuries or whatever. So wearing a mask at work or whatever or around people. Yeah, nobody good. I just thought the name was funny. Omni Crown. I was all like, yeah, as soon as I saw it, I feel like that's a Corporation that's, like, trying to steal my money. I feel like it's one of those scam callers. Yeah. Hi, my name is Susan. I'm with Omicron. Yeah. So your identity has been stolen and we're here to protect it. So it's going to be $1,000 for you to get your Social Security number back. Well, you can keep it. I'm off the grid, mother bugger. The other thing is that going back to, like said, we're in the masking or whatever. It's like, I have one of the bits I have for my stand up is, you know, some of these people look better with a mask. That's true. We had that one little time at work where it's like, okay, everybody wear a mask. And then they hired a bunch of new people and then to help with the onslaught of people, and then they were like, okay, we don't have to wear masks anymore. And I was like, oh, my God, you all motherfuckers need to put your masks back on because you're ugly. I don't want to see your faces. This is gross. It's much better when I could just see your eyes. Some hard jar lines coming out of those masks. I'm telling you, some hard jawlines coming out of those masks anyway. Okay, again, I said I had Christmas stuff. I still have Christmas stuff. So I've got one Christmas thing. Well, kind of two Christmas articles. One is a real small tidbit I can do right now. Just so it's not long. It's not like the last one where it was kind of long. It says real quick. I just want to let everybody know that according to USA Today, this was announced when was announced 11 hours ago, and today's the fifth. That according to USA Today, the first time since 2018 Toys R US will open a brick and mortar store again. What? Yeah, they were doing pop ups for a little while in 2019 in Houston and Jersey and all sort of stuff. But the company that ended up purchasing Toys R US, I don't know who the company is, but the company that ended up purchasing Toys R US, I thought it was Macy's. I don't know, because remember the Toys R Us Giraffe was in the Macy's Day Parade, and I was like, fucking Toys R US went under years ago. No, okay, but that's Jeffrey the draft dude. He's been in the Macy's Day Parade every single year. Right? But that's why it's a staple at this point. It's like Curb of the Frog and it's like Snoopy and all that bullshit. Well, I mean, Peanuts are still creating. There's a new holiday special for Peanuts coming out this year to Apple TV to Apple TV. There's no more. I guess Toys R US is back. You can't watch any peanuts unless it's on Apple TV. Only that's the only way to do it. I think we talked about that last Christmas. It still sucks. It's $5 a month. I'm not saying that's the problem. I gave you my password. I'm not saying we can't watch. I'm just saying it used to come on TV. Yes. It would just come on TV all the time. And as a kid you just be able to watch it. But now it's coming on to the point where it's like, oh, you can just stream it, but your parents are going to have to pay for it. Yes, but yeah. So the Toys R US is new store will be located at the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey. So, hey, run down fans. East Rutherford American Dream Mall. It actually opens in a week and a half. Oh, no shit. Yes. It's going to open up before Christmas. So if you're in Jersey for the holidays, you can shop at Toys R US. Of course. I think everybody from Jersey is here in Florida. So there's that. Okay, moving on. So we have one more like I said, I have Christmas thing. Here we go. Ready? Yeah. Ten weird conversation starters for holiday parties. Need a little conversational ammunition this year. Here you go. Here are some number 1, December 25 was originally a pagan celebration. Yeah. Oh, I knew that. Jesus's birthday or whatever, the religious aspect, it wasn't actually based on. I mean, it's to celebrate. They just picked a day, right? But when actually it was a pagan holiday. That's fucking nice. Number two, the Nativity story resulted in several wars. Did you know this? In the first few centuries of the Christian era, controversy of whether or not Jesus was divine at birth created political and social unrest and burst out into full scale warfare. But they don't talk about that mislead. Tolkien originated with fertility rights. It was a symbol of fertility, and therefore anybody standing beneath the signal that he or she is sexually available, you just stood under it like, hey, come get. I'm buying fucking missile toes and put that shit everywhere. It's going to be lined up on my patio. Santa Claus originated as a newspaper. It's going to be like, follow the mistletoe to the bedroom. A trail of mistletoe. Santa Claus originated from a newspaper ad. Far from being acquainted, medieval legend, Santa Claus first appeared in a recognizable entity as a newspaper ad for toys and gift books in the 19th century. Christmas is actually only recently considered a quote unquote family holiday. It was originally celebrated as an adult form of trick or treat, but with the treat consisting of booze and the threatening trick consisting of barley harm or destruction. Ok, what? I'm going to need to look more into that one. And then we wish you a Merry Christmas song was originally a threat. If you listen to the lyrics of the ever popular song. The song, originally sung loudly and repeatedly by crowds of rowdy, lower class servants, demanded booze from their master. Or else like, we wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you the whole thing. And then it goes, we won't go until we get some. We won't go until we get some. Wow. If you start reading into the lyrics of it, it's like, oh, these guys are assholes. Cool. The Christmas tree is manufactured tradition. They invented the tradition as part of a social movement to consciously reform Christmas away from its tradition of ruckus drinking. So they tried to do this tree thing so that people would stop looking at Christmas, like, let's just get drunk. And the original story of The Christmas Carol, Scrooge never celebrates with the ratchet. He just goes home and says, Fuck all you three ghosts. Well, he doesn't go with the crotch because the crotchet was his employee. Yeah. So in all the Christmas movies that you see, he goes and he's like, oh, I'm going to celebrate Christmas with the crotchets. But in the actual book, he actually goes to his nephew. Remember how there was always his nephew, like, member in Scrooge where he's like a guy on the DVD player? So he goes and celebrates with them instead, which I don't know, why would they change it? But I don't know. Christmas being a day off is recent. In 1850, December 25 was not a legal holiday. And the stores were open, businesses were open, children went to school. Nobody gave a shit. Wow. Yeah. So it wasn't until, like, mid 1800 that it was like, let's make it a holiday. And the last one here, the Twelve Days of Christmas, would cost about $1.3 million to duplicate. Say that again, the twelve Days of Christmas would cost about, they say, estimate $1.3 million to duplicate because of how much you would have to pay the Lords to leap in unison. Joke, clearly. But there you go. So there's some topics to talk about. I'm not sure where to go from any of that. You know, it's funny. Somebody messed up the schedule at my work, right? And they had done, like, three weeks out. So I've got my schedule for the whole month now. Pretty, right? We're closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and both days Thanksgiving. Yeah, it's all year. It's three days off that we all have. They're all closed. Cool. Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve. And Christmas Day falls on a Friday and Saturday this year. Right? So they scheduled us for Christmas Eve, like, all of us like a normal Friday night. And I walked in and I told my boss, I was like, hey, man, all the signs say that we're closed on Christmas Eve, right? And I don't work these holidays. I don't work Christmas. I don't work Thanksgiving. No matter what job I have get fuck nerd. I was like, so I'm just letting you know now if we're actually going to be open for it, I'm not coming I'm not going to be here. Not going to be here at all. Right. No. And he started laughing. He's all like we're closed. Yeah. It's funny because, like a lot of places where are trying to push the envelope with staying open like we talked about just now wasn't recognized as a holiday to, like, 1850 or whatever, but now it's been 100 plus years and now it's starting to turn back the tables. We're trying to go away from it trying to be like, oh, you need to work more and this whole world is almost all about money. I mean, it's about how much shit can I grab? Yep. Cool. Did you see that trailer for that documentary about it's like some news maybe it was National Geographic. What it was saw commercial for it and some reporters, some investigative reporter that is like going over overseas and investigating the black market. She's doing all these interviews with guys and ski masks and all that. She goes, oh, is that a gun? He goes, that's not a gun. There's a pistol on his life. She goes, Well, I'm not going to ask you what it is again. It's like asking the tough questions to the people in the black market. Yeah. I'm all like, lady, those are clearly actors because you'd be fucking killed, right? With the way that you're talking to that guy. If this was a real black market situation. Well, here's the other question. Plus, how do people, like, in the news media get super close and nobody get arrested? Yeah, right. And also somebody who's in the black market isn't going to like, because clearly you've got to go up to the guy and meet the guy and be like, oh, we want to do an interview with you so they know what your face looks like. Nobody in their right fucking mind is going to be all like, oh, yeah, let's do an interview. I'm going to hide my face and then tell you how I sell people's organs online. You know what I mean? Like, no, this is not going to happen because snitches get stitches. And in that industry, you don't know who you can trust or not. So it's like, I'm watching this whole documentary, it's all gone. And I'm like, looking at my roommate and I'm all like, dude, all of those are actors. Every single that whole fucking 2020 date line or whatever. Those fucking shows all fake, dude. I'm telling the world right now, it's all fake. Don't believe it. They're actors. They're all actors. What about one of those things? And just so they know, if the company is hearing me, I am available for your shows, okay? To act in your shows. I will act like market Organ Steeler. Let's do this. Let's go. You're going to be that guy. I'll be that guy. Cool. I saw one that had it where it was like, hey, this is one of those things where the Nigerian Prince needs your help emails. Yeah. And they tried to reverse it. They tried to like, okay, how can we help you? Like, you got it. You know, they did like, let's do that. And they put a tracker in the pack in, like, one of the packages. They're like, oh, we need you to send whatever Xboxes and Best Buy this or that. And they put a tracking in the package and they get and it literally goes to its shipped to, like, a house where nobody lives. Do you know what I'm saying? Yeah. Or it shipped to a house where the person claims they're completely clueless on. I don't know. Who you are. I didn't ask for any of this stuff. I don't know. You know, and it was interesting to see because it was like somehow these news media outlets and this is what I was getting at. Somehow these news media outlets have access to figure this stuff out. But somehow investigative journalism or whatever apparently can figure stuff out faster than actual investigation. Right. That's what I was getting. How do they can do it for a story, but the police or the FBI or whoever don't bother to try to follow up on any of that stuff to take it, is it because it's just not worth their time? And if that's the case, then how come they don't have a division that does petty crime bullshit, right? Like, why don't they have a section of the enforcement of law enforcement? Just like we're going to track down any of this to keep our citizens safe. We're going to track down this bullshit. Well, I think that another thing to it is I actually want to have an answer for you on that. Go ahead, Lazar. So I think that whenever it comes to that, it's like how you said, oh, ship it to this house or whatever and yada, yada. And then people like, oh, we didn't know that it's being put in the mail. It's now turned into a federal crime, which means it has to be taken care of by the feds. So local law enforcement, they're like, not my jurisdiction, not my pig, not my farm. So everybody's all like, not my problem. Yeah, right. I think that's what it is. Because let's be real. Nobody wants to do their fucking job. Again, going back to what we're saying, nobody wants to do their job. Everybody's lazy. Nobody wants to do shit. But dude, speaking of dude, I did see a new movie recently that I absolutely fucking loved. And I don't know if I talked about it on here already. It's called Motherless Brooklyn. You did? Oh, I did, yeah. Where it's like based on Jesus and stuff. No, that's called Mother. No, Motherless Brooklyn is with Edward Norton. He actually wrote, directed and started it. And he's a private investigator with Tourette's. Oh, I think I saw the trailer for this dude. Really good movie. Yeah. Because he was just like a pissant piant. Yeah, you know what I mean? He just worked for the private investigator thing and he was like buddy buddy with Bruce Willis, who was the actual private investigator. And then Bruce Willis dies. Okay, I'm just going to give that little part away. Sorry. Because this is what the plot is. Bruce Willis dies. Bruce Willis is not the main character. No, clearly, but he dies. So now he's stepping up to investigate what Bruce Willis was investigating and find out why his mentor died. And that's what the whole movie is about. It's a really good movie. I highly recommend it. Not a Christmas movie. But a really good movie. Not like Die Hard. Yeah. No, it's not Die Hard. Not at all. There was a movie I was trying to think about, there's so many movies, speaking of Diehard or whatever. But there are so many movies that people debate on. Is it a Christmas movie or is it a movie that was just filmed at Christmas time? Right. Like Gremlins. Right. Like Gremlins Batman Returns. Yeah. That was filmed at Christmas time. There's all these movies that watch that one that they say like, oh, it's a Christmas movie. But is it really? And I think Die Hard falls into that same debate that's the biggest debate out of all those movies. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Die Hard fans are going to say, yes, of course. People who don't like Die Hard are going to go, no, that's usually what it is. But no, dude, I've been catching up on all the shows, too. I finished you. Okay. Love the way it ended so far. I finished F. As for family. Okay, hilarious. I love Bill Burr, as you know. And I finished Dave and I've started Tiger King season two. Yeah. Crazy so far. Crazy Town. It gets worse so far. That gets worse a lot faster. Let's see, the only update thing I've watched, clearly we watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and clearly we watched Christmas Story Home Alone. No, I didn't watch Christmas Store yet, but we watched Home Alone One. Home Alone two, and that eight bit Christmas on Netflix. Oh, how was that, dude? It was freaking awesome. I love NPH, bro. He's hilarious. He's funny. And it brought back for the fan base that grew up again, back to the 80s, I should say, because there's no other references. But for the fan base that we have that grew up in the 80s, when the Nintendo first came out and when the Power Glove came out and all of these, there's so many Hades references. It's just nostalgia. It kind of looks like Jingle All the Way, but with Nintendo and better. No, what it's about is I'll give you the general without giving anything away here. The general idea is that Neil Patrick Harris and his daughter go back to his family's house for the holiday. Right. And she's like, I'm bored. He's like, you're not using the cell phone. Like you're not getting a cell phone. You're not using my cell phone type of thing. Right. Because his daughter wants a cell phone. She's like nine or something. He's like, you know what you can do? You can play Nintendo. And it's like the original eight bit Nintendo system. And she's all like, what is that? And he's like, Let me tell you the story about how this Nintendo changed my life. And then it goes into it. All right. Okay. So remember A Christmas Story with Ralphie and he wanted it's the same thing. Well, it's the same thing. I dare say it's the same. It's not the same thing, but it's like that type of story where the little kid just wants the Nintendo and him and his friends try every different way from, like, selling wreaths for the Boy Scouts to all these different things to try to get their hands on a Nintendo. And of course, there's a kid in the neighborhood who has one, and he's a brat, and they can't play it. He doesn't let him play it, that type of thing. So it was totally, again, 80s nostalgia. Totally recommended. It's called Eight Big Christmas on Netflix. But yeah, definitely. You have to see it. It's good. Neo Patrick Harris is hilarious. It's so funny. The only part of the Herald and Kumar Christmas one or whatever, because first one hilarious. Second one, it was okay. Third one not so much. The only part of the third one that I actually enjoyed was neo Patrick Harris's scene. Oh, that he did. Yeah. So they went to go see him or whatever, and he's like, on Broadway or on some stage or whatever, and he's doing, like, a Christmas play, right type of thing. And then they catch him or they go to the locker room or the dressing room, I should say, to go and see him. Well, before they go backstage, it cuts to him in the dressing room, and he's with one of the dancers, and he's acting like the real life NPH. He's gay or whatever, right? So then he's like, oh, why don't I give you a massage? You got to loosen up those muscles after the dancing or whatever. And he starts massaging. He goes, Why don't you just take the shirt off and stuff? She goes, Are you sure? He goes, yeah, we're girlfriends, right? He starts massaging her and she's not paying attention. And then he starts fucking jerking off, and he like, I guess shoots on her back like, you don't see it or anything, but that's the impression that you get, right? And she goes, what the fuck? I thought you were gay. He goes, yeah, I'm gay gay for that pussy, dude. I fucking lost it. Like that one line alone, man made me dying laughing. And now it's just like. It's like when my friends are like, Call me gay or whatever, like messing around. I'm so like, yeah, I'm gay gay for that pussy. I love that one scene. Made that whole movie. That's so funny. Wow. Okay. I don't have anything to retaliate with that. Well, we could play a game. Yeah, let's see here. I got a game for you. Go ahead. Actually, never mind. Okay. Sweet. That was fun. Cool game. I was going to do my own little Shame of Life debate card thing in my head, but I think I'm going to submit it to the guys of the Shame of Life for their next deck. It's a new deck coming. Yeah. I can't see anything else other than new deck coming. Hooray. Another deck for the shame of life. I'm going to send them an email. I'm just going to do. Let's do worst case scenario. Okay. It's not related to Christmas or anything. I wish it was. I need to look up more Christmas stuff for the show. Alright, I got it. We're gonna have to do. We're going to do. We only got a couple more shows before Christmas, so we need to do hardcore holiday stuff. So I'm just going to do this R1 quick because we're already 30 minutes into the show. Ready? Yeah. Worst case scenario. The scenario that would scare the shit out of you the most would be and of course, these are stupid answers, right? So pick a stupid answer. A, if the internet went down, like the whole world's internet went down. B, if I died or see a positive pregnancy test. Positive pregnancy test. Hands down, you already know me. Positive pregnancy to scare the shit out of me like, no. Yeah, I'll take my brother's death over a pregnancy test. The internet going down. I actually think I would enjoy that. You think it would change things? Absolutely, 100%. We'd be going back to paper stocks. No, but I think it would. I think it would be better. I think it would ruin things. No, it would. We would crash and burn for a while. But when the Amazon would be done. Yes, but when the dust settles, I think that humanity would be better for it. Maybe because I think that our show wouldn't be I mean, our show would be over. Yeah, our show would be over. I mean, look at that. I mean, look at that. But imagine how many people would finally go outside. True. You know what I mean? Like, imagine how many people would be like, you know, what? Time to shut the computer down. Let's go outside. What if the Internet just shut down for 30 days? Well, here's my thing. The reason I'm saying this is because when you destroy the internet, you destroy social media. Right. And I think that is actually more what needs to happen. I feel like social media, this Facebook thing. Well, have you seen that? Oh, yes. That's what I wanted to talk about. I couldn't remember last night. I was having a discussion with my roommate. Bro, have you seen that Facebook commercial? Sorry, meta commercial? No, the one with the people at an art Gallery and then you see a painting of a Tiger on his neck and it's like this is the area of your imagination. And then they're just that fucking commercial gives me anxiety. So God damn bad. I don't know. I don't know why my heart starts racing and shit and I'm watching it and I'm like, I hate it. If that commercial was a person, I would want to punch him in the fucking face right in the back. I would. I fucking hate that commercial. I hate that commercial so much, it's taking away all of my Christmas joy. I hate that commercial. I want to punch my TV every time I see that commercial. I don't know why I also fucking hate Facebook. Okay, here's the other thing is that Facebook is over. Facebook's time is over. Sorry, Facebook. Sorry, Facebook, it's over. But, like, My Space came and went. Facebook is now came and went. Like the whole Metaverse or whatever. I think it's a cool idea. I think it's launching us into a future and everything like that. But I think that that commercial. I think that's what that was supposed to mean. It's like you're going into the world of your imagination, going into the Metaverse. You're going into this whole other ready player, one universe, and yada, yada. But that fucking commercial, I can't do it. I want to stab this fucking screwdriver in my eyes thinking about it so I never have to look at it again. Here's the thing. There's always new social media markets that are going to start, though. Whatever, TikTok. It's fine. Clubhouse, Twitter spaces, house right in the eye. Dude, I can't stand that commercial. Like, dude, seriously, I was human last night. My heart was racing, dude. I was checking my pulse and shit because it makes me want to shove fucking Mark Zuckerberg's head in a car door. There's a new I can't think of what the fucking name was. It Chris D'elia said something about it on his new episode. There's a new replacement for Facebook already? Yeah. LinkedIn finally has its chance. I don't think it's called LinkedIn. Find that I missed my space. I used to be able to put music on. People had to listen to when they visited your page. Shit, it was all like, fuck you. I know you don't listen to this music, but you're going to this time if you want to see my page. But yeah, I love commercials too, right? I love watching commercials because as I'm getting older, right? It's like my attention span for things is a lot shorter because I already know shit now. You know what I mean? What do you mean? No, I don't know. What do you mean you already know shit? Well, it's like, I don't know. All growing up, when you're a kid, you hate commercials. You just want to see the show, right? But now that I'm older and the commercials can benefit me because I'm all like, oh, look at that $150 air fryer. You know what I mean? Right? Because now that the commercials benefit me, I don't know. I enjoy them. And the short, it's like, okay, you know what it's like? TikTok. It's like the TikTok and the YouTube shorts and everything. The 30 seconds. I have time for that. You know what I mean? Right? So commercials are more enjoyable and they're getting better with commercials. They're getting more funny, they're getting more entertaining. And the fact that I don't normally hate commercials, even if it's a commercial, that means nothing to me. Like if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with blah, blah, blah, mesothelioma. You know what I mean? Asbestos. Yeah, those ones. I'm just like, whatever. But no, like this commercial. I fucking hate it. I hate it so much, dude. Like, I wish it was a person. There's all kinds of punch face punching happening, dude. I don't know why. You know what? Everyone who's listening, give me your thoughts on the commercial because I really want to know. Here's the thing. I think a lot of people stream now. So they don't see commercials. No, I see it on Hulu. I don't have commercials on Hulu. Oh, get fucked. My Hulu doesn't have commercials. So I don't know what you want me to tell you. It's super annoying. I hate it, dude. It comes on at every show. It fucking comes on. I even hate the music so much. So much, bro. Fuck Mark Zuckerberg. You listen, bro. Get fucked nerd. He's always listening. He's your favorite. Yeah, he's always listening. He's data mining. He listens to everything. Get fuck nerd. Hope a fucking Oculus Quest explodes on your face. Did you buy the new Oculus Quest? No. Yeah, from time to time. Not as much as I used to. And that's another thing. Get fucked, Mark, because how are you going to put games out that only work for the newer quest and not the one that I bought from the original fuck, bro. Dude, that's how he wants you to upgrade. Yeah, fuck you. He wants you to upgrade, dude. Making me fucking pay another $400 so that I can play a game that I want to play when I already spent $400 on your first one, man. Took my Dick from the back. Okay, hold up. Okay. The thing I was trying to find earlier, I found it. You got to look this up, dude. It's called Space Hay. Space Hay. Is it like social media for farmers, dude? It's called Space Hay. I saw it on another podcast, Space for Friends. Space Hay is a retro social network focused on Privacy and customizability. It's a friendly place to have fun, meet friends and be creative. Join for free. It looks like My Space, but it's called Space. Hey, I wonder if it's the creators of My Space. It's an English language social network operated out of Germany. Nice. Literally started last year. It was a nostalgia project based on the look and functionality of My Space during its peak, but it says no connection with it has over 3000 users already. It's called Space Hay. Literally dead. It's so fucking crazy. We're just going to go backwards now. So we're going to go to Space Hay. Sweet. Does this mean that they're going to bring back what was the other one? That was Google Plus or something. What was it? What? Microsoft tried to do one. Really? Microsoft? Yeah, Microsoft tried to do a social media one up? I don't know. One No, not One is a video game thing. What they tried to do, I thought Microsoft owns LinkedIn for businesses. Social media for business. Maybe that's where everyone jump on LinkedIn and hurry. But no Space. Hey, it's a Space for friends. It's a fan base project, not affiliated with My Space, but yet now it has 300,000 users. So people are going to go travel back to you can go to Space. Go join Space Hay. Oh my God. I'm so going to be like, now when I'm hitting on a girl, I'm going to be like, hey, do you have a Spacey account? Are you on Space? Yeah, space a. Why don't you go on there and give me a poke? I don't even know what it is. Pokes or slaps. I don't know either. Fucking the middle finger. Who the hell knows what it's supposed to be? Do you remember that? No. You never had a Facebook. When Facebook first started, you could poke people. What? Yes, when Facebook first started, you could poke people. It's just like, hey, what was the point in that? Poke? Because it just tells the person. It's like, hey, he poked you. Like Space Hay. Yeah, he poked you. He's being cute and flirty or something. You know what I mean? It was just like, hey, poke. It's basically like poke. Hi. It was so dumb. Dumb. And then I was discussing that with somebody. He's like, you can still poke people on Facebook. Okay? I bet not the same type of poke guy. Calm down. Yeah, for real. I said Facebook, not upon. Chill, chill, dude, chill. So let's do the same life real quick. I got this one card. Dilemma. So The Shame of Life is a card game? We do. It's about weird conversations. You can go to and get your own copy of the Works, which is all of the cards. All the cards they have available and use code. Run down 20. Get yourself 20% off of the works so you get yourself a discount. Help the podcast. Get yourself these cards, play with your family at Christmas time and hear their weird and stupid answers. Cool. Try it. It's fun. Run down 20 Go get it. All right. That's a cool little ad I'm doing. Go get it. All right, get it. Here we go. Dilemma. Let your dreams be dreams. Just do it. Ready? Yeah. Dilemma Would you rather beat up 66 year old's or 660 year old's? I don't really give a damn about your kids. You said that once already. No, it's a letter, Kenny. Reference 66 year old's. 60 kids is like that's two classrooms full of kids. Essentially. If there's 30 kids to a class like, do I have to fight them all at the same time? Yeah, that's what we're saying. Kids are ruthless. They're punching in the balls or bite you. I'll fight six elderly. I'll fight six out early. Fight six people, 60 year old's in slow motion. Yeah, because I probably just do it like open handed. Just slap them. I just slap them around. Bam. Do you just slap it just real quick and then they're dead? Yes, that's it. That's all it takes. You don't have to punch them. You just open. I mean, unless it's Mark Zuckerberg at 60, I'll punch him right in the face, steal my data, fucking just square start data mining my shit, Bam. Now every single time I open up my fucking phone, hey, buddy tells me I need this new accessory for my Air fryer. Fuck you. I never said I had an air fryer except over the phone. Boom. Right in the face space. Hey, stop reading my text messages. Fucker Mark. Fuckerberg. He got nothing else to do. So you're going to go with the six? I think I would do the 60 year old's, too. Yeah, but it'd be messed up if it was like 660 year old retired Marines. Yeah, exactly. Actually, you know what's funny? I was literally just going to say that there was a story about somebody in, like, I forgot. Exactly. It was a big city somewhere. It was like San Francisco or some California state or something. Okay. But a dude tried to hijack a bus and there was like a 72 year old man. Like, this dude was old, right? Well, actually, no, he was much older than 72. He was like 84 or something. The dude was old, but he was a retired marine boxer. Championship boxer. Knock the dude out with one punch at 84 years old. Oh, my God. Actually, I'm going to try to find that story because I need to know exactly how old he was. Did you find it? No. I mean, I'm reading about a lot of buses. I get hijacked. Holy shit. Hijack buses all the time. It's a different story with each link. Everybody's trying to recreate speed. Yeah, right. I got two more games when you're ready, but we could save those for extended Patreon time. I can't even put US Army trainee with rifle hijacked school bus. What the fuck? No, I don't know, dude. But he knocked the hijacker out with, like, one punch, dude. Wow. And then post, like, a boxer for the course and everything. Of course, dude. Yeah, of course. Okay, so we got to change the tone a little bit here. Even though it's Christmas episode and we did some Christmas stories. Actually, can I also speak of something that has been bothering me for a little while? Is it about penises? No. All right. Filthy Trivia today is about penises. Go ahead. No, it's about Toy Story. Toy Story. The movie. Yes. Okay. And how it is literally exactly like, stop me if we've told the story. How it's exactly like a Christmas toy. Yes. I mean, down to the fucking T. Yes. We talked about this on last year's little episode of our holiday episode. Okay. Every year it bothers me again. But this is also why it's never played anywhere. If you see the Jim Henson's a Christmas toy which came out years prior to Toy Story years prior, it's literally the same. Toys come to life when the kids aren't around. Yeah. And then they send the cat toy down or the mouse. Right. For me to go and investigate the newest toy to see if the favorite is going to be replaced. And it's a fucking space Queen. Yeah. I Buzz Lightyear do it the same thing, same exact fucking story. And it just bothers me that Toy Story blew up to be such a great movie. And the concept was concept. The Muppets did the Jim Henson, because if you watched the original Christmas toy, you could find a copy of it. Two things here. When it was originally released, it was presented by Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. And it was a special that came on, that came on television. I'm not sure who did it. CBS, ABC. Somebody did it right when it first aired. Not only did it air, of course, clearly at Christmas time in the late 80s, but it had Kermit the Frog Open did the opening. Okay. And then at the very end, Kermit de Frog did the closing where he sings with all the characters in the rerelease. Years later, after Disney has acquired The Muppets, Kermit doesn't do the opening and is not at the end. They cut it. They narrowly cut it all out. And then there's like a third cut where he is not at the beginning, but he is at the end. And it's so messy. I can't find a copy of it on DVD. Yeah, I have the VHS tape, but I can't find a DVD copy to save my life. It's kind of fucked. Yeah, but whatever. And they created a show out of it, too, remember toys? And then all of a sudden it all disappeared right before Toy Story came out. And then Toy Story came out and everyone thought that was amazing. It was like some kind of, oh, how original. Get Fox in concept, even though the name of this episode, The Muppets, did it so many years prior. Yeah, right. Okay, moving on. Filthy trivia. I have to talk about this one. Here we go. This kind of goes with our Patreon exclusive mic check. But you ready? All right. Yeah. This is going to change some thoughts out there for dudes that we have listening and for women. Ready? Yeah. Gentlemen, how do you measure up? The average length of human male's direct penis is A, 516 inches. B, seven one inches, C, eight inches or D, four, seven inches, 516. That is correct. I feel like you say that. Sadly, yes. This was on last week's quiz. It was so upsetting. I know that feeling. No, actually, I just watched the episode of South Park when everybody was being sent to anger management because everybody had anger issues. And then they found out it's because they had smaller than the average penis size, which is five point 16. So they lowered it and Cartman's was like 1.4. So then the national average, they lowered it to 1.6 or whatever. And everybody was now everybody who thought they had a small penis has a big penis. And Carmen's still mad because he's still shy. Is that the one where Stan's dad Randy is all like, let me tell you how to measure it. Girth by weight. Yes. He does a mathematical yes. And then somebody challenges him on that. Yeah. Okay. There you go. So South Park. Oh, it's dropped. Yeah, that's right. But yeah. So five point 16. There you go. Sorry, dudes. Sorry, big guys. The average length of a hard penis. Five inches. Yeah. There you go. Don't let them tell you otherwise. Yeah, that's right. All right, let's see that's. Worst case scenario. I don't think I got too much more. I need more holiday stories for these episodes. What do you have a couple of episodes left. What's your favorite part of Christmas? Like, everything that has to do. Would it be the decorating? Would it be the Christmas morning? Would it be the Christmas feast, the food? Would it be the presents? You just hate Christmas. I'm the Grinch. I just hate it. It sucks so bad. No, the specials. The holidays specials. I think here. It's the nostalgia. It's the scene. Probably parts of the Christmas Day parade or Thanksgiving Day parade type of thing leading into Christmas. And then it's the nostalgia. It's having moments of nostalgia for me, one of the things I love to do and I don't do it enough every year, but I like to a couple of days before Christmas, like on the 21st or the 23rd, is that get in the car at night and drive around and look at Christmas lights. Put on Christmas music. I haven't done that since I was kid. That's what I'm saying. Like, put on Christmas music to do that. Not Wham. No. Have you been whammed? No. Have you? No. Okay. I've avoided all Christmas, dude. And here's the thing is, I went Christmas shopping. I take Christmas shopping. But like, I went shopping essentially as I wasn't able to buy anything because no one gave me a list. So sorry. But I went out and I was at the Bell tower shops. Okay. And first of all, they redid everything. Yeah, it looks really nicely different. And they were playing Christmas music and I was like, I'm so scratched, so screwed. I'm going to get so screwed, you guys, seriously, I'm so scared. I can't stay here. I didn't. I was actually listed for it too, because I was like, this is it. I got to just Mark the time. Mark the time. Just wait for it. But I did. They didn't play it, so I lucked out. So I'm still a Survivor. Day five, still surviving, but I haven't heard it. I posted it on our Instagram. So you saw the rules for When I Get In is posted on our Instagram. We have other podcasts like the Totally Weird and Twisted Girls Over podcast. And I think there was another couple of podcasts I know ranked the podcast just featured us this week in their spotlight. Did you see that? Yes. So shout out to them. Thank you guys so much. Appreciate that stuff. But another one that is said totally in to play is Movies on Weed, which is another podcast that's a genius idea of a podcast. It's called Movies on Weed. Give them that. Basically they basically smoke weed and then watch DVDs. Talk about it. Awesome. Check it out. Fucking genius. I wish I had that. I wish I thought of that idea. But they're playing. Of course they're in and they want to play. Let's see. I can't think of any of the other podcasts they said they were definitely in on wanting to play, but those ones for sure are down. So check it out. We have again, go to our Instagram at the Rayhart Rundown. Check out. We got the post for all the rules to play. Wham again with us this year. If you haven't heard the song last Christmas by Wham, then you are still a survivor and you can come play. I don't know if there's I don't think there's going to be any prizes, just a fun, fun to do type game. But we already had someone get hit. We already had one of our Patron's. Oh, really? Yeah. Like day two. Day two, day two. They sent a message or whatever and was like date time done. Two days in lost because the song played at work. Song played at their job. That sucks. They couldn't avoid it. They couldn't. And as soon as you realize it, you're out. Yeah. So there's that. No for me again, going back to what we were talking about, for me, the nostalgia, driving around, looking at Christmas lights. That's what I love. I love doing that part. And I like doing that part. And I like seeing the stores, especially in cities, all decked out because that brings back memories from when I was a kid of when the malls used to do it. The malls used to go all out. The malls would go all out. Like I went to our mall here in town and you survived. Yeah, that's what I'm telling you. It was part of the whole day the other day. Holy crap. And I went to shock. You don't have any stab wounds. And they weren't as decked out. And the saddest part that I saw this broke my heart a little bit to see this was there was a huge line for bath and body works candles. Okay. They were having their three Wick candle sale. Now, I know you don't know this, but I'm going to tell people. Some of our audience does know this. The Bath and Body Works. Three Wick candles are $25 a pop. Okay. Okay. But one day a year they sell them pretend, and everyone loses their mind. Everyone just loses their mind. And that was this day. Ok. Did I get a couple of three week handles? Of course I did. They're $10. Okay. But when I went to the mall, because clearly I didn't go to that one. But I went to the mall. Bath and Model Works. There was a line like they were holding people back from getting in to the store. And when I got to the mall, I was going into the mall. You know how you go into the mall and there's like a regular mall door that you walk into before you get into the hallway? That is the mall. Yeah. The mall door said Bath and Body Works. We'll open at 06:00 A.m., so they would have been open since six. I got there, it was 04:00. They were still lying. That's fucking crazy. Over candles. $10.03 week candles. Oh, my God. You know what? Speaking of candles, I'm very upset, Gwyneth Paltrow. Are we still not on the list yet? Are we still not going to I have not gotten an email about when your vagina candle is supposed to get to me. Do you order it? No, it's a wait list. You got to wait. And then they're like, okay, now it's your turn. Now it's been I was going to tell the candle story and come right into that question of where are we on the wait list. That was my next part, but that's not the part I want to talk about for as far as the sadness. So while you look it up to see where you're at on the waitlist, I'm going to continue the story of how the mall made me sad. Okay? The mom made me sad because I'm watching people stand in line for a three week candle with their kids. And their kids are bored because the kids don't give a shit. And I walk down the mall and I see Santa sitting there in his little chair with the gifts. There was no one in line, not a single soul. And Santa's just like, that's sad. And I was like, oh, this Santa guy, Santa sitting here just chilling, not doing anything. There's kids up the way that could be talking to them or hanging out with them, and they're not. And I remember there being a huge ass line for Santa when I was a kid. When I was a kid, there was always a huge ass line. But this Santa was just chilling. So I'm thinking, you and I need to go to the mall. Yeah. And go sell in Santa's lab and get pictures posted on our Instagram. They're available. Are they available right now? Yeah. And then she didn't let you know. She didn't let me know. She didn't message you so badly. Why didn't you message me, Gwenneth? Why didn't you? We talked about this on the episode. I told you she was a bit right. Okay, true. I told you that we weren't lying. Now the candles are available and we can't get one. Yeah, we're going to have to get one when my new credit card comes in or new debit card because someone decided to steal my shit and spend $100 at Sonoco. How do you spend a $100 at a Sunoco? Is that a gas station? Yeah. I don't know. I know gas prices are high right now, but damn, they filled up their boat. Probably. But no $100 in Sonoco. I mean, dude, that's a lot of red Bull and beef jerky. Maybe somebody lifted your car back at the boat show and now they're filling up their boat with gas. Maybe. Yeah. Great time. But yeah. So sad, Santa. Unfortunately at the mall. That's sad. We're going to need to go see if we could go to your Santa, get our photos with them. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. Okay, so side note, I was trying to put together Patreon gifts this year and did a little promo for anybody who signed up. New would get the Patreon gift and I was going to try to get them anybody who signed up to get them merged, like get the Patreon merch fast forwarded, so to speak, to them. And I'm just going to come out and say to be transparent with our audience. No new Patreon signed up, you know, so no new Patreon. So no new Patreon merch. It sucks because it was ready. Yeah, so our patrons know they get free shit. Dude, we give them free shit all the time. I'm going broke. So all this free shit that we're giving out so the fact that nobody else knew signed up for the holiday stuff is crazy. Usually we get people like always wanting to get the holiday stuff and there's still time to sign up. There's still time to sign up. You can get in time get in time for the spring lineup. I guess the spring works. That comes out. But you got to sign up now, so I don't know. Oh, well, anyways, I think we need to wrap it up. I don't think I've got no more games for us to play because the only other games I've that left we have to do on our Patreon extended time. So let's wrap it up and Let's do our little surprise segment real quick. And we know that you all have been doing a really great job at Web and getting trying to stay free from getting hit. And so you're probably avoiding Christmas like us, Adam, aren't you? Avoiding Christmas music? Yeah. Yeah. See, so we're both avoiding Christmas music. With that being said, we decided for every episode from now going through the holiday that we're going to feature one artist that we've can get on the show to play Christmas song for you at the end in its entirety. So you can sit back and listen to this Christmas song for us. And each one is going to be different. So, ladies and gentlemen, NBHD. Nick with St. Nick. .....(music).... Merry Christmas, everybody. Thank you all for listening. Yeah. Talk to you all next week. And we'll see you hopefully with more Christmas shit next week. Yeah. Bye.