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Nov. 12, 2021

Office Supplies and Erotic Asphyxiation! - Ep. 65

Office Supplies and Erotic Asphyxiation! - Ep. 65

In this episode we...

...discuss stand up comedy.

...turn into a cooking show? Shame of Life about office supplies and horses?

...decide what office supplies are sexy.

...complain like brats about work.

...find out that Adam needs new friends. Filthy Trivia about Alien hand syndrome.

...learn of Adams conspiracy theory?! Worst Case Scenario about death and drinking. This or That #777 - Baseball or Basketball?

Patreon Extended time:

  • Super Secret time about being born in an era of time.
  • Worst Case Scenario about Sex Turn-ons.
  • Adam needs info on what counts as an orgy.

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