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Oct. 29, 2021

Offensive Costumes and Planning Our Funerals! - Ep. 63

Offensive Costumes and Planning Our Funerals! - Ep. 63


In this episode we...

...find the most offensive costumes!

...have another Comic Book submission!

...discuss sad situations and mishaps on movie sets.

...flashback to dressing up for Halloween. the Shame of Life: Terrify a Trick or Treater

...learn how some pranks could get you killed. Worst Case Scenario: Zombie Apocalypse.

...find a TOP Ten List of Halloween "TYPE" Movies?

...have Super Secret Time : Funeral

...have Lightning Round Halloween Trivia / Knowledge Drop!

Patreon Extended Time:

  • Most Funny and Fucked Up Reviews
  • Filthy Trivia Segment
  • Shame of Life: Weirdest Horror Remake
  • Unwanted Knowledge Drop about Ernest P. Worrell

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