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July 23, 2021

How to Make Your Birthdays Suck! - Ep. 49

How to Make Your Birthdays Suck! - Ep. 49


Thank you everyone for listening over the past year!

In this episode we...

...decide we need city scooters.

...time travel back to the days of Kmart.

...find Burger King employees that have it their way. the Shame of Life:                      
         Worst Birthday Gift you ever got.

...get sadden by our Worst birthdays.

...tell stories of our 21st Birthdays.

...reminisce of the Best Birthdays. Filthy Trivia about Butterflies and Ducklings.

...come up with a new Merch item for

Patreon Extended Stories:

- Adam goes to the doctor

- Filthy Trivia Koalas

- Adams car trouble fiasco

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Music by: Honeycutt's
Artwork by: BRay.

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