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Sept. 4, 2020

How to Know if You're a Snooki! Ep.7

How to Know if You're a Snooki! Ep.7

In this episode we...

...rundown about movies and TV shows that are coming back from our childhood, including Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, and a small non-plot spoiler from the new Bill and Ted!  

...figure out what kind of hot water did video game company Ubisoft fall into?   

...see how Florida Man gets over excited and ruins a woman's trip to Walmart.   

...dive back into the Urban Dictionary to teach you words like : Himbo, TSIF, and what a Snooki really is! 

...listen to Adam give us a story time.  

...prepare to launch our Patreon site on Sept. 9th!  

This is The Rayhart Rundown...try to keep up. 

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