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Aug. 13, 2021

How to Have a Near Death Experience! - Ep. 52

How to Have a Near Death Experience! - Ep. 52

In this episode we...

...learn about Adam on meds.

...get a green light for the comic book!

...hear a recent comic submission.

...announce Patreon Merch shipping.

...Adam stumbles onto fake Marvel News.

...learn for the South Park Deal!?! Filthy Trivia about serial killers? a card from The Shame of Life Boo Spooky Deck.

Extended Patreon: a New Game : Bad Choices! - Would you suck Hitler's dick to save everyone? the Shame of Life Schools Out Deck.
      - Bob's "Show and tell" story
      - Adams "Work Excuse" more Filthy Trivia about sneezing?

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