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Sept. 10, 2021

Giving Your Boss a Plate of D!cks - Ep. 56

Giving Your Boss a Plate of D!cks - Ep. 56

In this episode we...

...have Adam back in the studio. Filthy Trivia about work offices.

...hear an odd story from Adams job.

...decide that Kanye should change his name.

...learn (once again) about Adam's bad shopping habits. The Shame of Life about kids first day at school.

...are exposed to Adam's "Dick Pic" and discuss Only Fans.

...learn the story of McDonalds' Grimace.

...become uncomfortable discussing Cartoon Sex Scenes from The Shame of Life!

Patreon Extended Time:

- Filthy Trivia about washing clothes and Peter Pan?

- Actors that are a pain in the ass to work with!

- Secrets from the original Pretty Woman script!

- Marvel and DC Movie discussion.

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