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Sept. 17, 2021

Getting a Sedated Penguin in the Mail? - Ep. 57

Getting a Sedated Penguin in the Mail? - Ep. 57

In this episode we...

...burst the hype bubble on the NEW RAYBAN SUNGLASSES.

...find animal HYBRIDS that are real!

...look into owning exotic pets. the Shame of Life on rebranding an animal! (and learn) Filthy Trivia about President Garfield.

...stumble across a Florida Man who has fun with Botox!

...find a 400 billion dollar city!

...shout out to the TOP TEN countries that listen!

...have Adam phone a friend to help him with Filthy Trivia about loneliness.


  • SHAME OF LIFE - The Nun from The Conjuring
  • (NEW GAME) - BAD CHOICES - about your death?
  • A public service announcement about TRAINS.
  • We call our sister Grace to play BAD CHOICES about our Mom and FILTHY TRIVIA about bug orgasms.
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