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Dec. 24, 2021

Family Christmas Memories and Holiday Trivia! - Ep. 72

Family Christmas Memories and Holiday Trivia! - Ep. 72

In this episode we...

...discuss childhood presents we never got, like BB Guns and Big Wheels!

...remember the one present we couldn't have.

...go back to old Family Christmas stories.

...hear how Adam overcame his fear of heights.

...learn how Santa broke Bob's heart on Christmas Eve.

...unlock a warm memory from Bob to Adam from years ago.

...are told Odd Christmas Facts from Adam?

...may get Fart Pills for Christmas.

...tell you Holiday Film Facts!

...find out that Adam has a difficult trivia question.
       - joined by Jen Rayhart for help
       - and all our dogs for the opposite of help.

... give our preferences on Real or Fake Trees.

Special Holiday Music from Revel Day and The Stonekeepers

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No, I can't stop. I can't stop fucking recording. Hi. What's up, guys? Merry Christmas. Welcome to The Rayhart Rundown, like, okay, so we did a mic chicken. We're, like, still giggling from it. Sorry. Yeah, I apologize if you are on our Patreon. You heard the mic check because we allow our patrons to hear the mic checks. So if you want to hear what it was about, go to Join us there. Okay. All right. So what are we moving into here? We got Christmas. Christmas, Christmas. Yeah, I got some cool Christmas facts and stuff like that that, of course, we didn't cover last year, but it has a lot to do with movies as well. Okay. But I have a question for you. I'm going to start it off on a personal note. Sweet. Go. Was there ever a Christmas gift that you wanted so bad but never got as a kid?

Well, I'll be honest with you. There was a couple. Oh, okay. There was a couple. And it wasn't so much that I couldn't get them because I was always tall as a kid. Even as a little kid, I was, like, tall. Like, I'm six foot three, so I've always been tall. I've been the tallest. Anytime we take a class photo or anything like that, I was the kid that had to stand on the bottom row to, like, the far left or far right to balance the teacher. Like, that was mine, you know what I'm saying? Right. So with that being said, big wheels, like, when big Wheels came out, there was a very small window where I was going to be able to ride them, and I didn't get one, essentially, in time. Yeah, they have a fucking hippity hop. But if you knew what big wheels were. I know people listen to what I'm talking about. They were like, basically a three wheel tricycle. Yeah. That was like a low rider type. I had, like, a wagon, one type of thing that had, like, a little trailer hitch behind. Right. It was like a John Deere three wheel. Yeah. But this one, it was a big wheel. So, like, the front wheel was huge, right? And the back wheels were small and they're like, you could ride and then hit the brake and slide. And I was just too big. I always wanted the Night Rider one because they had the Night Rider front, and it was different. But no. And then, which I think I talked about last year, I think I talked about this last year on the one present I didn't get my hands on. Okay. Because I was a big, huge fan of he man and the Masters of the Universe. Such a big fan that I literally had every single toy. Like, every single toy. Right. I remember that mom sold it all year, too. Thanks.

So I had, like, Castle Grayscale. I had Steak Mountain. I had Hordes Cave. I had all of the pieces. Any piece that came out, I was like, that's what I want. That's what I want. That's all I wanted. So this made it easy for mom and dad because they just knew whatever the new one was, they would just get that and I'd be happy. That was cool. Like, you know what I'm saying? I didn't Transformers and all that. I had a few of each of that GI Joe's, a few and this and that. But He-man for sure was a dead giveaway. Yeah, great. So towards the end of He-man coming out, they came out with this huge He-man's Palace of Eternia, which is like this huge thing. Okay. But I was literally at the tail end of moving out of He-man and we were going to be moving to Spain way back because that was military. So we're about to move to Torrejon, Spain for a few years. So that was the one thing where I was like, I totally want to get the whole thing before we move to Toronto, Spain. And then no, now keep in mind, I just thought that I didn't get other great gifts that year. Just that was the one last piece I remember not getting my hands on. Right. And it's kind of a brat thing to say as far as, like, I didn't get the human truth. Every single one bought that. I'm not trying to be right. But in the same tokens, like, oh, it's memorable because it's the one piece I didn't get. You never going to remember what you had. You're always going to remember what you never got. But that's the beauty of it. That's the beauty of the thing. The toys coming out now is what I want to say is because I look at it and go, and I don't buy any of them now, but I look at them and go, oh, yeah, I remember that. Oh, yeah, I remember that figure. Oh, yeah, I remember that guy from when I was a kid because there's so many as a kid in the 80s, there were so many different action figures and this and that. So when the thing hits the shelves and you see it again, it brings back that childhood nostalgia. But again, that eternity, that large Castle was the only thing probably I did not get my hands on. Again, I'm not trying to say it's sound like a Jackass. I'm not saying like that. But of course, if you have, like, let's say you have an entire collection of baseball cards and the very last card of the collection you don't get, you remember that last card because it was the one you didn't get. You know what I'm saying? Right. It's the one that made the collection incomplete. So, yeah, that was probably I mean, mine was like, I wanted a go cart, but Mom's like a real go cart. Like a go car go cart with the roll cage. Oh, like a hole like an off road go cart. That was a big no because I mean that was a big you wanted like a Dune buggy type Role. Yeah. That's what you wanted. So essentially you wanted a Dune buggy. Yeah. That was a no go. Because that shit is expensive. Right. Which I understand that. You understand it now. You did not understand it as a kid. Right. Cause I thought money grew on trees. Yeah. You thought money was everywhere. Yeah. And then I got older and I realized money is everywhere, just not in my hands. But no, there was that and then there was some years where it was like I really wanted this one specific video game, but I got other video games and not the one that I wanted, you know what I mean? Right. Was there a reason behind it? Because when you were younger there was a big push with video games because it was a big thing that came out in like 90, I dare say 97, 98 TV ratings were coming. Were becoming a thing. Like they didn't used to rate TVs when you see that TV Ma. Right. And TVG and all that stuff. Now back before 97, 96, 97, they didn't have the rating system on TV. Like it just was like TV. Yes, TV. Sorry. It was just expected that none of that stuff was going to show. Right. The only reason I remember it so vividly of that year is because I had the show, the TV show I was doing for Comcast at the time. Back then, even when I was a teenager. Back then, you remember this? I had my own show for Comcast and that became a factor of me having to submit shows for ratings, which was another issue. I had to stop the show because I just didn't have enough people running the show to do that going forward. It was all ran by teenagers. It was crazy that they started the rated system and then shortly after that the ESRB started the video game rating system. Now that's about the time that you would probably get into video games, I'm assuming. Because you probably. Yeah. Your preteen years. 98, 99. Yeah. So that's about when video games started getting ratings. So the question is I'm asking is did mom and dad whatever, Santa, whatever you want to say not get you the video game you wanted because of the rating. I mean, maybe that might have been do you see what I'm saying? Yeah. Like for my kids when they were younger, when they were below, basically when they were younger than the age twelve, I was like, yeah, you're not playing Conker's bad for a day. Yeah. You're not playing the M rated games. I get it. Your friends are. And this was pre Call of Duty and pre all of that chaos. But you're not going to play these M rated games. You can play these other games that are kind of basically PG or PG 13 rated games. What's the rating on that? T for everyone. T for teens. You could play those. And see, there was even one called K A that was before E, that was called kids to adults. Oh, yeah. So there was a weird rating system, but my kids knew they weren't allowed to play M rated games, but Dad's playing them and I'm just sitting watching. That was their thing, right. So they watched me play Grand Theft Auto. That kind of defeats the point because at that point it's just cruel punishment to have to watch somebody else play game. But I guess, again, what I'm saying is Mortal Kombat was the first game to start. I'm not trying to get into a tangent about video games, but Mortal Kombat was the very first game to cause controversy with a lot of gruesome fatalities and deaths and things like that kids were seeing on the screen. Was that the game? Do you remember what the game was? No, but the one gift specifically that I remember never getting was a BB gun. The Red Ryder BB gun, because you're going to shoot your eye out. And the reason behind it, the reason that has never got any of us BB guns was because of his own bullshit. Because of his own bullshit growing up. I don't think dad listens to this podcast, but if you do it, dad, what the fuck? We're not going to do what you did. Yeah. So it was the year dad was a kid. Him and his brother both got BB guns. And then grandpa walked in to him and his brother shooting the Christmas ornaments off the tree. And then they lost the BB guns and he's all like, I'm not getting you BB guns. I won't shoot the ornaments off the tree, dad, I'm going to go outside and fucking shoot soda cans and beer cans. Well, you don't drink beer, but soda cans. Squirrels, squirrels. Steve the raccoon. Yes, Steve the raccoon. But no, we weren't allowed to get PP guns. I think that was more of a mom thing, to tell you the truth. True. And I knew the story. But here's the thing for me, and I know this is a you thing and a dad thing or whatever, but it was never a me thing. I just wasn't I don't even want to get into the story of why, because it's not very Christmassy, but like the whole gun thing. Yeah. I think because of the situation. And again, I'm not going to get into it today. The situation that went down in Spain. All right. You just don't like guns. I'm not going to do the gun thing. If you want to hear what that was, stay tuned, keep listening. Run down. I will tell the story, but it won't be until later on. Yeah. Another future episode. Future episode. I'll dive into that one, but yeah, so again, I never asked for a BB gun, all right? My friends did. My friends had them. So technically, if I wanted to use a BB gun, I would just go to my friends, right? We shoot you all the time. He had BB guns. He had Tasers. He had machetes. We would just go out in his backyard and fuck shit up bad, dude. We were bad. It was crazy. All right. Yeah. Fucking Bob's out there. Taser and squirrels. Spiders. We were running around Taser and spiders. Oh, that's fucked up. I know. They're spiders. Whatever. Fuck spiders. Right on. Okay, but let's talk about the Christmas that we spent together, okay? Let's talk about family Christmases. We got to talk about the one where I wouldn't get on the fucking roof. Now that you've said that I wasn't going to bring it up because I used to have a fear of heights. I wasn't going to let you be that guy. But now you said it. I got that guy. We were setting up the Christmas decorations and talking to the microphone. Don't turn your head away and veer off. These new mics will not pick it up, and you know that. So talk to the microphone. Everyone wants to hear it. What happened? Let me start. Hold on. Let me start the story. So every year dad sets up Christmas lights or Christmas all the fuck out. He used to go all the fuck out, okay? He would do inflatables. He would have inflatables all over the yard. On the roof. There's an inflatable on the roof on a couple of years. Yeah, he would do an inflatable on the roof like a helicopter. Santa Claus and a helicopter, which made propeller spins zero sense. So he would do that. He had, like, snowman. Like we could afford a helipad. One year he had a snowman that blew fake snow out of a hat all over the yard. Like he would go nuts when we were kids. And the big polar bear with a small package. The big polar bear holding a small package, which cracked us all up all the time because we were all twelve years old and inappropriate. So here's the thing. I was old enough to where I had to get on the roof with that to secure lights inflatables and all this chaos, right? You were right. At that age where you could get on the roof and help, but you didn't need to, right? But you wanted to. Yes. And I was terrified. And I was like, Just come up the ladder. It's not very far. It looks far. But the roof ledge was only 7ft from the ground. Well, from the base of the roof. That's what I'm saying. For the part you got up on was only like 7ft from the ground because it came down to a slant. So that's why I was like, Just get up the ladder. You can hop right up here. Hop on up. Come on. Yeah. So I got halfway up the ladder, right? And I stood there for three, 4 hours forever till New Year's. New Year's. It was like midday when I climbed the ladder. It was night by the time we were done. We were done with the light. You guys are done. Dad came over, and he leaned against because it was the atrium. It was the atrium to his bathroom. Yeah. So it was like. Because you hopped up on the atrium and you just hopped up on the roof. Let's take a second here. Mom and Dad's bathroom was bigger than our bedrooms, dude. Yeah, I know. What the bathroom. That bathroom is so fucking baller. Anyways, go ahead. So the atrium, which was the outside garden garden for the bathroom. The bathroom tub. Okay. So that you don't know. Yes. Were our parents bougie? I don't know why, but apparently when it came to bathrooms. Yeah, but anyways, go ahead. Yeah. So dad was up on the wall, and he's literally sitting on the roof with his feet on the edge of the atrium. Right. And he's like, locked in and goes, Give me your hand. I got you. And I was all like, oh, I don't want to fall. I was like, I don't want to make you fall because I knew I was a fat kid. Okay. All right. Truth be told. And so I was like, I don't want you to. He goes, I'm not going anywhere. My knees are locked. He goes, I'm not going anywhere. Give me your hand. We're going to go. And then finally I was like, no, I just won't go up. And then you are at the bottom, and you're like, I'm not moving from here, Adam. He's like, I'm getting on the roof and you're between me and the roof. Yeah, go. And you were like, I'll tell you what. If you get on the roof, I'll buy a Nintendo 64. Truth be told, I already had a Nintendo 64 in the box. I don't know how I ended. I ended up with an extra one. I literally ended up with an extra Nintendo. How much were they back in those days? I want to say they were $200. I want to say they were 199 back in the day, because this was the year they were coming out. They came out in 97. Yeah. So this was a couple of years after they came out, and they were still one. They were originally 249, I think when they dropped and then 199, maybe it was at least almost $200. And I daresay somehow. But somehow I ended up with a second one, and I don't know if it was given to me or was it from when you worked at the movie rental place and they went under? Maybe, but it was in the box. I think it was, like, found in the back. And they're like, you want it? I'm like, Fuck, yeah, but I already had one so that's when I was like, oh, well, as I was already debating to give it to you for Christmas. So then I was like, okay, I'm just going to be like, Yo, get up this fucking ladder, and I'm going to give you the 64. I remember. And you were like, no, you're not. Yeah. I didn't believe you. You're like, I don't believe you. Yeah. And then. So dad grabbed me. Pulled me up to the wall, and then I started crawling up the roof. And you grabbed the back of my pants and were like, pulling me up the roof as I was crawling. Yes. And then you let go. And I'm all like, Why'd you let go? Yeah. I'm like, Get up the roof. Get up this fucking roof. And then but once I got up there, I was fine. I was cool. I was chilling. And then it took me. I kind of, like, got on and just, like, slid down a little bit to, like, get back off. But then as I got what happened was then years later, I still kind of had a fear of heights, right? Years later, mom and dad bought me a Nintendo Wii. They bought us both one. Do you remember why? To paint the outside of the house?

Yeah. You had to go and paint the outside of the house? Yeah. So they bought everything that we needed, and we went and painted the outside of the house. They were like, oh, if you paint. Yes. And this is again, right? When that system came out, they were like, $350 a piece. I don't know what they were, but my point is, if you paint the house, we'll give you this week. Yeah. So we painted the fucking house. Well, so, like, you know the peak because they had the Cathedral ceiling. So the very peak. I went up there and painted that with the ladder. Well, I wanted a fucking wee so goddamn bad, right? I flew up that ladder and started painting. And then I just slowly started to lose my fear of heights from that. Then I always started helping out with the Christmas lights. And then next thing I knew, I was like a computer tech, and I was running cabling and buildings, and I was up in rafters, like, one leg on a ladder. One leg on a Rafter, holding onto one, answering the phone and running cabling. I just lost all fear of fights. Like, whatever. If that's how I go, that's how I go. Not me. I'll do heights for the next video game system, just in case anybody scared me. No, I'm kidding. Hey, you got an Xbox Series X? I'll paint your house.

That was a fun Christmas. And then right after that, dad almost fell off the roof because we were just joking around, and mom was in the street with her video camera or something. Right? And dad was mocking Mad TV with Stewart or whatever he's like, look what I can do. And he fucking jumps. Almost falls off the fucking roof. But going back to Christmas, do you remember you don't remember clearly when we lived in Dover, Delaware, because you weren't born yet. I was saying coming down the stairs for Christmas, but I think that in your case, it was coming down the hallway. Oh, dude. Okay. So mom and dad would always block off the hall with a sheet so that if we woke up before them, we couldn't see what was by the tree because they wanted us all to come out from oldest to youngest, which always threw my ass in the back of the line. So I was always trying to jump over and look over you guys, right? But one of you always had a telephone in your room because it was landlines. There was no cell phones back then, right? For all of you people that were born in 2000 on, there was no cell phones back in the 90s. If there was, you probably didn't own it. They didn't have them. Yeah. No kids didn't have them. They were car phones. There were pagers. But if you had a landline line, you could dial your own phone number and then hang up real quick and just hold it. And your phone would still ring. Yeah. And then as soon as it stopped ringing, you knew somebody had picked up. And then you just pick up the phone and you'd be like, mom, it would work like an intercom. It would work like an intercom. Yeah. We used to do that every fucking Christmas. Mom, wake up, start for Christmas. That's the only way we wake our parents because they live. Their room was on the other side of the house. Yeah. And you know, they always wrap presents the last second. Of course. Why wouldn't it? Fucking Christmas Eve. We all went to bed, and then they go inside, wrapped all the gifts and put it out. Okay, here's a question for you then. When did you do you remember the moment you realized there was no. Hey, parents, don't let your kids listen to our podcast. Do you remember the moment you realize I'm prewarning them? Do you remember the moment you realized there was no Santa Claus? Not really. I do. I just instinctively broke my fucking heart. No, I just got to the age to where it was like, I made my Christmas list. I just handed it to mom and dad got it. And I was just like, hey, you guys go, this is what we're on for Christmas. They're like, oh, you're not going to write to Santa? I was like, Come on, there's no Santa Claus. I'm old enough now, right? I just thought about it one year and I was like, that's bullshit. And then finally they were like, oh, yeah, there's no Santa Claus. I remember distinctively with the tooth fairy when I was a kid because mom forgot to put the dollar under my pillow. So she came in, and then she woke me up by kissing me on the cheek, which the fuck. Mom never did that. And I heard the crinkling because I always kept my tooth in a plastic Ziploc bag. And then I heard the crinkling under the pillow of the bag as mom tried to slip the dollar and pull the bag like some sleight of hand shit and pull it or whatever. I was already, like, halfway awake. So I heard the bag under the pillow, and she kissed me with the cheek. And she's like, born. And we got to get ready for school and everything. And then I lift up my pillow and there's a dollar. So I go up to mom with the dollar. I was like, hey, got my tooth back. Damn it, you caught me. I was all like, yeah, I did. What's your Christmas? Yeah. Broken heart. Okay. So I wanted to as a kid, I tried for the longest time because kids at school, of course, are like, there's no Santa Claus parents. Everyone's a Jackass. Yeah, of course, there's always that one kid. There's always a kid, right? So then I did my damnedest because our sisters were young. This was before you were born. This was before you were born. And the sisters were young. Super young. And so I was like, doing my damnedest. How old was I? Six or seven, maybe even eight. And so I wanted to keep the belief I was trying to find reasons they would do these shows on TV called Santa Claus, Rio. And I have, like, a bunch of celebrities. They'd be like, I saw them and you'd be, oh, yeah. So that guy said it. And of course, it was back in the fucking 80s. So it was like Tom Cruise said it. So it must be true now, stupid. The Karate Kid was just with him. He was there. Daniel Laruso. Of course, NPH would never lie. I wanted to believe so badly, and I wanted to keep up with things I just did as a kid. So I was just like, of course Santa Claus is real. Why? Because my theory was this. Why would the entire world be in on a lie, right? That's dumb. No way that someone wouldn't get up on a. This was my thought process as a kid. There's no way that someone wouldn't get on TV and be like, they're lying. And here's the proof, you know what I'm saying? Like, here's a picture from the North Poland. And why would the whole world be on this lie? Why would they make movies about them? Why would there be distinctive features of the big white beard and the red suit? So I was like the little nerdy kid that was. I was analytically breaking down the theory and thought of Santa Claus to make even to convince myself that, of course he's real. Of course he's real. Right? And then Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve. Oh, you caught mom and dad. Christmas Eve, Spain. We live in Spain. My room is at the other end of the house. The very end of the hallway from the living room is farthest away from the living room as possible. But I was so excited. I was so utterly excited for Christmas. I don't know what it was. I was eight. I was over the moon. Maybe it was even nine, but I was like, over the top with excitement for Christmas. And I think it was because I wanted the Nintendo the Nintendo Entertainment System, and I was for sure getting it. Santa Claus already knows. I already told him like 60 times, every single time we're in the mall told them or wherever. And I remember Christmas Eve excited. Couldn't go to sleep. Couldn't go to sleep, finally get to sleep. But not the heavy sleep, like the light sleep. Like the dog could have farted and I'd have woke up. Is it Christmas? Yeah. And I wake up in the middle of the night and I hear something in the living room. The whole house is dark except for one light on in the living room. And I'm like,

oh, man, Santa Claus is here and he's taking on. Wait a minute, hold on, wait. Santa Claus is talking to someone? Who is he talking to? Sounds like mom, is mom talking to Santa Claus? What? Oh, they're drinking iced tea. Oh, they're clanking their glasses with the ice.

They were drinking ice tea. And they were literally swirling, like their glasses, like, swirling the alcohol around. I don't know, whatever. The ice and the ice, the sound of the ice was distinctive enough to go, that's what Mum and dad do, not Santa Claus. And at that moment, I was like, and the whole world is lying. Fuck it. Wow. And I became cynical and, yeah, that's why I'm angry. Bob Rayhart was born and from the Phoenix Ashes. But, yeah, I remember distinctly that being the moment going thinking to myself like, I never actually believed in the Easter Bunny, I'll tell you that one. But I was like, fuck out of here. See, the Easter Bunny? That was a stretch. I think that was always a stretch as a little kid, for sure. But as a later stretch, I was kind of like. I thought to myself, like, he's not as big a deal as Santa, right? There's still a lot of money. Doesn't fucking bring me shit. I color eggs. He hides them. That guy's an asshole. Yeah, he's a jerk. Fuck you. My eggs alone, bro. Yeah, dude. But no but like I said, distinctively. Remember the point in moment? I couldn't tell you the year, but it was definitely Christmas Eve, and it was definitely when we lived in Spain, it was either 89, 90 or 91. Well, it was definitely a moment where it was like, Damn.

So there's that that's why I was curious if you could distinctly remember. No, because, see, mom and dad, they tried their heart because I was the youngest, right? I was the last one. I was the last one to believe in Santa. So they tried to stretch that shit out for as long as they possibly can. I'm talking dad fucking woke up, took a nap, woke up, got ready for work. Like he had to work on Christmas Eve, left the house, and an hour later, Mom's vacuuming. I don't think I told you the story or whatever. I think I've said it on this podcast. Maybe dad Denver went to work. He fucking climbed up to the roof and then jumped up with Jingle Bells to sound like Santa Claus landed. And the mom came running and flying into the room. And I was like, okay, Santa passed right the fuck out, right? They tried everything. Like, dad would even be like, hey, Adam, come here. Santa Claus flying overhead. And there would be an airplane, like, way off in the fucking distance, right? And it's like, it's got a flashing red light on it. He goes, look, it's Rudolph's nose. I'm like, okay, amazing. He's like, you got to go to bed. Whatever. They're going to skip over our house, whatever. One day they're like, we're going to get them in bed by seven. I swear to God. I remember being that there was a thing because I was a teenager and older. I remember there was one Christmas, probably the last Christmas before my kids were born, because I don't hide the fact that I was a teenage statistic. The kids were born when I was still in high school, so it was probably the Christmas prior to that. And I remember staying up with dad and mom and setting up the gifts, the Santa gifts for you. That's probably. You know what? It's funny to bring it up, because, God damn, I forgot about that memory just now. That might have been the last year that I believed. That's so cool, though, because like I said, I totally honestly blocked it out. But it's not something I would bring. Christmas time has always been just like, a pain in my ass. And so I've never gone to the forefront. But it's funny because now, thinking back to I remember setting up. Not the setting up the tree, but setting up the presence and setting up the site going, okay. And I had, like, a whole. I would just ask mom and dad, what's this? And they were like, oh, it's this for Adam. And I'm like, okay, this is going to go in the back. I was like, Because he's going to think this is amazing. And he wanted to think these presents are amazing. Then these need to go in the front. So he opens his first so that it gets more and more amazing as it goes further back. I had a whole system for you, like, set up right on and so I remember that and then they're like, well these presents are for you and I'm like put those in the corner because we don't want him to see those presents because those aren't for Adams so put those back around the way and I remember I was spacing presents out and kind of like not laying them like I would lay them flat so they would protrude more from the tree so that in the whole scenario when you walked out as a little kid that you were it just looked like almost the whole fucking living room was full even though it wasn't because it was the way I was. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. And mom and dad were just like and I told mum and dad I was like, do you care? They're like, no, by all means fucking help. You want to do it yourself? You do that. We're going to go some coffee the way hearts always drank coffee at 10:00 at night. It was weird. Yeah, that's because coffee doesn't do anything, does it? I can drink coffee and go to bed. It doesn't help me fire up. It doesn't do anything for me. It's actually relaxing. Yes, I was going to say because I think it's because we've injected mountain Dew into our veins for so many years. So many years that coffee do the Dew they do not sponsor this podcast. They should. But yeah, so I remember it's funny. Oh man I forgot all about that. I forgot about the Christmas but yeah I remember setting up oh yeah there's a smile on your face the Christmas chair my heart's growing three sizes I need to go to the doctor.

Okay, moving on. Okay. Yes, moving on. I actually have some fun Christmas facts. You have fun Christmas facts. I've got fun Christmas trivia. Let's do it. Alright. In 2010, a goat farmer found that his goat, it's produced more milk. When they listen to All I Want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey does it again with her Christmas magic. Yes, she makes goats. Excited number two, I would probably milk more from Mariah Carey. Yeah, you would. Totally. Cream from Mariah Carey a hell of a lot more than usual. Ralphie from A Christmas. Okay, go ahead. Ralphie from A Christmas Story. Right. Was an executive producer for Iron Man. I knew that. I did not. He is really good friends with John Favreau. No shit. That makes sense. Yeah. Elf because he was an elf, right? Yeah. Did you know artificial Christmas trees were invented by a toilet brush company? This is why they were joked about being pipe cleaner trees. Back in the day when they first came out, they looked I mean, do you know how a toilet brush looks? Spiky? Yeah. You know what toilet brush looks like, right? Yeah, absolutely. Especially right here. Back in the day when they came out, they were that shitty looking. They just look like giant toilet brushes. Giant toilet coming out of the tree like they did because the company was just starting to get into it and it's joked about even in the Christmas story talking about, oh, it looks like pipe cleaners or something like that. I think Christmas story, but they say, oh, it looks like those plastic pipe cleaner trees. But yeah, it's funny. I don't know why I think I feel like I knew that, but I'll keep going. Santa Claus was featured in a comic issue of X men. There was a Cannon and I don't know if this is true, but there was a Cannon where Santa Claus is an X Men. He is a mutant and he has powers. Yes. And one of them is like he can never die for one. And I want to say I think he has the healing factor like Wolverine, but I'm not sure if that's 100% on that. At one point he once wielded the Infinity Gauntlet to make his Christmas Eve deliveries. Yes. The power of the Gauntlet made him corrupt so naturally he had to be stopped. He ended up becoming a villain for a little while. That's kind of cool. Was it X Men issue or. Yeah, Santa Thanos pretty much, yeah. Santa gets lit in Ireland every year because it's tradition. Say again, it's tradition, right. For kids to leave out a pint of Guinness instead of milk and cookies. I want to be the father of those kids. When we lived in Spain and I'm not trying to veer off from what you said. We lived in Spain. There was a tradition and I don't know the details of it. So I'm going to probably Butcher it. And I apologize for anybody in Spain or anybody who celebrates this, but there was a tradition. We tried it. Me, mum and dad at the house because the girls were little again, but we tried it. The idea was that you leave. You left your shoes outside. Okay? You left your shoes outside overnight. And supposedly, like, as the three. And again, I'm sorry about butchering this, but the three wise men that passed through to go see Baby Jesus were supposed to stop and leave candy in your shoes. Not presents, just candy. Yeah, but who the fuck wants to eat candy out of shoe? Candy shoe that you wear every day? This guy did my shoes outside and boom, candy and also ants. I'm all about candy. You got candy and pets. You got candy and an Ant form. I don't even care. I ate all the candy. I even ate all the candy out of mom and dad juice. I don't care. All right. In Japan, KFC is so popular for Christmas dinner that people have to preorder their dinners or face long lines to get their chicken. Yeah, it's crazy. KFC is huge over there.

Huge. Like a huge. It's bonkers. I've seen pictures of the lines of it. That's crazy to me. Yeah, it's wild. I understand, like Christmas Eve because you don't want to Cook. I thought that too. But did you know a side note here? It might be part of your facts. I'm sorry if I'm blowing it up, but did you know that the most. I think the dog wants out of the studio the most watched? Like what I want to say here for movie theaters, like to get the most business on Christmas Day. Really? It's the busiest day of the year for them. Oh, shit. And I think it's because it has to do. And I say this because I know a lot of Jewish families that don't do Christmas. They do Hanukkah, which is totally cool. And they go to the movies on Christmas because everything else is closed, right? So because there's nothing to do that makes sense. You can go to the movies. So I've got a couple of friends that are Jewish, and I asked him too. I'm like, what do you do on Christmas Day? Like, what do you do on Christmas Day? Everything's closed. You don't go to work. He's like, Dude, everybody goes to the movies, especially if you're Jewish. You go to the movies. Shit, we might do that. Okay, that's cool. I thought see the new Spiderman. I thought it was a great idea. Dude, if we don't go see the new Spiderman soon, I'm going to totally get spoiled. I've already been spoiled by accident. Oh, that reminds me. I need to talk about something as soon as you're done. Remind me when we're done. Jesus. Okay, there is a pill and we need to get this. I'm listening. There is a pill called Father Christmas. What does it do when you take it? It makes your farts smell like chocolate. Yeah, we need to bring that right now. Yes, we do. Okay, so what's the name of it? Father? No, we're Bing it. I don't give a fuck. We're bringing it right now. Father Christmas. Father Christmas. There's one that I skip for the time being because it's the most mind blowing one to me. It's a pill. Yeah. Father Christmas pill. Wait, is this shit available on Amazon? Please. Chocolate scented far pills. Order them. Are they FDA approved? I don't know. No, there's not going to be a fart pill that's approved. Deodorant. Okay, hold on. Here we go. So this is Devram tablets. I'm not sure if that's right. Tablets deodorant for internal use. What? Okay, let me back out. That's the Amazon one chocolate scented fart pills. Do we sure we didn't talk about this before? I don't think so. I feel like this is the first time hearing of this. I feel like there's been other shit that's supposed to make your fart smell like flowers or whatever, but turn your flatulence into intoxicating an aphrodisiac for those around you using chocolate scented fart pills, just pop a few capsules, have Roman stinky. Farts will transform into an unforgettable chocolate experience that everyone will simply love. So you can get yourself for $21 chocolate. Eat some Taco Bell. Pop one of those pills. Boom Bam seeker at Willy Wonka's Chocolate right now,

they have other pills available that are way more expensive for the bowlers. What smells do we get Bob for the big Ballers? If you instead of paying the $21.32, you can actually pay $425 for these ones. Wow. And you may not be made of money, but now you can drop golden stools with these digestible shit. Gold pills. Your poopoo will shine with a captivating glittering and golden hue afterwards. And you can even sell your gold chocolate extract to those cash for gold Jewelers because you will swallow a pill with flakes of real gold so your shit can be gold. It makes my duty sprinkle, baby. Oh, man, that's awesome. Dude, I wish these things were bullshit. This episode has been brought to you by Father Christmas. Fart pills. Hold on. There's something called. Let me start over. There's something here called a fart filter. Is it like a special kind of underwear? No, it's a filter. It looks like a HEPA filter you put in your underwear. That's hilarious. Sidestep a potentially embarrassing moment with help from the extreme part filter. Simply place the small puck shape filter in the Action Zone. The Action Zone. Oh, my God. And it's the Action Zone. I'm so sorry. From now on, any but is being referred to as the Action. The Action Zone. And you're good to go. It's the perfect gag gift for gassy, relatives or the friend who has it all. It's a dollar 50. Do you want one? I'm kind of curious. Yes, you know what I want more. This is wild, dude. This whole website is. You know what I want more? A shirt that says, hey, nice action zone. Yes. Hey, I just saw your action zone going to the gym to tighten up my action zone. Yeah, any of those will do.

Yeah. They even have Jimmy Dean sausage scented wrapping paper for the holidays. Improve your gifts. Curb appeal by wrapping it up in this mouthwatering. Sauce scented wrapping paper from Jim and Dean. All right, that's enough of this website. Okay, so continuing on, Monopoly actually opened up a hotline during the holidays to settle any game based family disputes. They said Hasbro also said that the main cause of Monopoly based arguments are when people make up their own rules.

Always. Did you know that Santa Claus ran for President in the US in 2008 and 2012 elections? I did know that. I should have voted for them. It's better than everybody that voted for fucking Kanye West and Harambe reindeer can walk and pee at the same time. Did not need to know that. That seems like information. That's useless. These are all holiday things or. Yeah. And Santa Claus is an official Canadian citizen who has his own zip code. Okay. H zero. Ho Ho. Nice. Yeah, nice. That's cool. If you write him at his address, he'll respond. Really? Apparently. I think we need to test that one out. And last but not least, how the Grinch Stole Christmas. Right? Has a prequel. A prequel? Yes. This just feels like another bingo thing. Talk to me. It's called Halloween Is Grinch Night. Is it actually done by Dr. Seuss? Dr. Seuss Enterprises? It won the Emmy for Outstanding Children's program in 1978, and I want to watch that now. And you can watch the entire thing on YouTube right now. Oh, there you go. So there you go. Know what I'm doing when I get home? Halloween is Grinch night, but yeah, that one blew me the fuck away. I was shocked. I had never dude, my whole life, I've loved the Grinch every Christmas. Never knew there was a prequel for Halloween like that. Might become a new Halloween staple for me. And now a little bit more. This is more for the TV and movies, though. Did you know that Charlie Brown's Christmas was supposed to have a laugh track? No. None of the other episodes. Did any of the Charlie Brown episodes ever have a laugh track? No. Okay. No. In the 60s, it was a standard for any type of half hour comedy special to have a laugh track. And when the executive producer said that he didn't think that the special should be any different, every single artist in the room got up and left, and then a few minutes later came back and sat down and just continued as if nothing was said or happened. And the executive producer got the hint. Yeah. They were like, he's like, okay, I was just kidding you guys. Yeah, I was just kidding you guys. Yeah, we'll do it your way. All right. So I got Christmas trivia, though. If you're ready I've got one Christmas trivia for you. Hit me. Okay? Hit me. What is Ralphie's dad's name and a Christmas story? This is going to be wrong. It's not my final answer. But I want to say Walter, this is the movie Bob says it. This is the movie that you have seen for every year over and over for the past 40 some odd years. What was Ralphie's dad's name? You know, Jen would know. Would you like to phone a friend and find that out? I would. Hi, Jen. Could you come in here for a moment.

Alright, here we go. Alright, so Jen, Bob needs help with. Bob needs a little bit of help with the trivia question that I have for him. That's got a trivia question for me. So Adam. Yeah. And it's about Christmas story and I thought I knew the answer and I didn't give a final answer, so I was like, I'm probably wrong, but Jen will definitely know, so Jen will definitely know. I'm pretty sure Jen will definitely know, but. So here we go. Are you talking to the mic for one more time? Yes. Okay. There. Okay, perfect. Going crazy. What is Ralphie's dad's name in A Christmas Story? Oh Jesus. I said Walter and I don't think that's right. No, that's buddy. The Elf's. Dad's name and Elf. There you go. His real first name is Gavin. The mom says it. Says it? Yeah. Does she? Yeah. Are you sure about that? I'm pretty sure, Jack. Why? Because she screams at him to not eat the Turkey. Doesn't she say his name when she screams at him? I don't think it's Jack, though. This is going to bug me now,

Henry. I'm actually going to verify it's. Jack off of this. No, according to this. No, I'm just going to verify because you're like remembering scenes of the movie? Oh yeah. No, I can tell you every scene. I just can't think of what the dad's name is. Oh God. And doesn't Ralphie. Hey, my dad was. Does he say his name? Okay, so it is verified. Okay, I have it right here. Just making sure. Does she say it when he goes to. No. What does Ralphie call him? What does Ralphie call him? What do you mean he calls him dad? No, he calls him something else. Pop. No, the old man. That's. That is the only way that he is referred to in the movie. He technically has. Hey, you got him. This is such a you question where there's no fucking right answer. Technically it does not have a name. Okay, you can't ask a trivia question and then say technically there's not a fucking answer. That's not how this thing works. At one point in time, people were saying that his name was Hal because whenever he got the leg lamp in, everybody seems to think that he says, oh my God, that the neighbor says, damn, Hal. You say you want it, Adam's going down a rabbit hole of queuing on. But for Christmas Story, some people have suggested just ask real trivia questions. Dude. I mean, it stumps you because technically there is no answer. Him not having a name is technically an answer. Oh my God. Have you ever gone to Trivia? You've gone to trivia night with me. You know better. Actually, I also did trivia night with the guys from Marvel. Like Captain America and the Hulk. No, not the actors, the crew members. Our team name was PJ, Harvey Danger Weinstein. Did you know who Elf was written about or written for? I mean, oh, my God. There was this real elf that came to New York City. Written for who was originally supposed to play the part. Written for who was supposed to get the part down, but it was originally written for him to play. Didn't John Favreau write it or. No, he directed it. He didn't write it. Jim Carrey. Yes, 100%. And that's called an actual question with the real answer. Did you know that Gremlins was intended to be much darker? Yes. Like in the earlier scenes, the Gremlins were supposed to eat Billy's dog and then decapitate his mom and throw her head down the stairs. I think it was supposed to be more like Kujo type. Right where it's just over the top. I know. She said she's a hellian. Is my work here? Done. My knowledge. Yes. Used up. Yes, I've got one. It's true or false, though, for me or Adam, but either one, because true or false, you guys have to decide what the answer is. Ready? True or false? Jingle Bells was always intended to be a Christmas song. False. Why? Oh, there's a backup reason why. I was just going 50 50. No, there's some good teammate you got there. Okay. No, I think you were competitors. It was like a warning sign. There's some weird story about Jingle Bell where it was like a cautionary tale or a warning of something. I think it evolved into a Christmas thing, but it didn't originate that way. It was originally written. It says it was originally written for Thanksgiving. So I'm assuming it was supposed to be a Thanksgiving song and then it turned into a Christmas song. Well, back then, Christmas didn't start in October. This is also. Yeah, I'm going to go deal with the dogs. Okay. All right. Merry Christmas. Rundown, listener. Happy holidays. Let's go. Thank you. Okay. Did you also know that Gizmo and Stripe were supposed to be the same creature? At one point? They're supposed to be Gizmo's alter ego, Gizmo. Whenever he ate after midnight, he was supposed to eat after midnight and turn into Stripe. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. It was supposed to be like, his evil side, but Steven Spielberg knew that everybody was going to love Gizmo and want to see more of Gizmo. Right. So they made it two separate entities. I'm glad they did, though. Oh, same dude. Okay, so I got miscellaneous Christmas trivia, though. One more. Go ahead. Rudolph has a son named Robbie. That's from a story that nobody cared about for it to be can. It was from BBC. Yeah. They developed three cartoons based on Rudolph's offspring, but they didn't get the rights to the name of it, I guess because the main villain was Blitzen. And in the plot line, he was like he couldn't stand to hear Rudolph's name. Like, he couldn't stand to hear Robbie's dad's name. So they never said it, but he was supposed to be Rudy's son. So that's how they got around. Yeah, I get it. So I thought that was pretty cool, but yeah, dude, it just blew my mind. I'm actually kind of shocked that you didn't get my little trivia question. That one I didn't know because I was looking for a name. He was only referred to as the Old Man. I thought that was awesome. The fact that there's like a main character in a movie that never had a name. I want to know what the script said. It would have said the old man. The old man. It would have said old man. Yeah. I guarantee that. I have different categories you have to pick from, though, for this. Ready? Yeah. So it's either going to be we did Christmas movie trivia, so it's either Christmas Carol. They may not have many of them, but Christmas Carol, trivia, religious Christmas trivia. Christmas trivia about Santa Claus, Christmas tradition trivia or miscellaneous. I'm just going to go miscellaneous because I feel like that's going to be kind of like a mix of all of it. What country first invented eggnog? Your favorite. Oh, my God, it's at the fucking store today. And you were like, I need eggnog. And I'm like, Why? It's fucking gross. It's so good. It's not gross. I mean, it is gross. It's not good. It's not gross. I agree. It's not delicious. Why is it delicious? Dude? It's just so fucking good. I don't know. It's like milk, but, like, flavored. It's not like chocolate milk because chocolate, like strawberry milk is like basic. Like, why don't you go drink your chocolate milk with your Uggs and your pumpkin? I can't do egg pie. I can't do eggnog, dude. I fucking love eggnog, man. It's really good with white chocolate la core as well. Let me tell you this part. No, I don't know, man. I don't know. I love eggnog. But why do you like pizza? Because pizzas love by all, not eggnog. Eggnog is gross. One, two, three. Dude, I actually have friends that just had eggnog for the first time in their lives, and last week they loved it, but they're not friends with you anymore. Both like 31 and they had never had eggnog before. That's weird. So, yeah, they know they love it. They're like, man, this is really good. You didn't answer the question, what country first invented eggnog? I feel like that's a Dutch thing. No, Dutch are like, no, that's gross. That's what the Dutch said. I looked it up. The Dutch were like, gross. No, it's not Sweden. I would think it was like something like Sweden has some really good food and, like, treats and stuff. But no, it was Britain. Oh, it's Britain. Yeah. Okay, I can see that. Here's something that you may or may not know. You have plenty to pick from. What US state was the first to declare Christmas an official holiday. Which state? Yeah, I'll let you narrow it down by giving you a clue. You ready? Okay. It begins with the letter A. Okay, so you got Arkansas, you got Alabama. Drawn a blank here on the rest of them. To start with the letter, you got Arizona, you've got Alaska. I want to say it's going to be Alaska. For some reason, Alaska popped in my head before you even gave me the letter. So I'm going to go with that. US State was the first to declare Christmas an official holiday. I'm going with Alaska. Already busted in the room right away and come in here. Answer the question. I found more. Come here, come here. Okay. Come here. Because I don't know this one anyway. And he's not giving me multiple choice. Which US State was the first to declare Christmas an official holiday? It starts with the letter A. My only clue I got gave them. It starts with letter A. Sweet. Alaska didn't become a state until, like, the mid 1900. See, I didn't know that. Now you do, the more you know. All right, so then that leaves Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama. That leaves you three. Yeah, Alabama. There's a part of me that wants to say Arizona, even though logically I feel like it's Arizona. I don't know why. There's something in my head that I feel like I bred somewhere many years ago. That it's Arizona. I'm going to go Alabama. She's going to say Arizona. And the answer is going to be Arkansas. The answer is Alabama. Oh, look at that, buddy. I originally said Alaska, so I was assuming that anything out west couldn't be it because they were all ratified into the Union, like later. Yeah. Again, there's something about Arizona and Christmas. I don't know. Here's another one here. Go. What Christmas decoration was originally made from strands of silver. Now, a side note, Adam. We never had this in our house. Tinsel. And there you go. Well, how do you not? I mean, we didn't have tinsel because we already had fake trees. And dad was like, I'm not picking tensile off the fucking fake tree. We had tensile and we had lots of it. Oh, when we had the real trees, we would throw that. I would throw, like handfuls. Balls of like, handfuls. I wish we had a real tree right now. I would go get tinsel right now. We have tensile. What? We have tensile in this house? Yes. We don't have a real tree, though. Shit, it's hard. This is my first fake tree, and it's weird. I keep walking. This is your first fake tree ever in life. My dad had a fake tree for a few years when I was an adult. But my mom, we never, ever my dad either. For all of the 80s and 90s, we never had a fake tree. It was not a fake tree. We did the real tree, I think all the way up until we moved to Spain and then we moved to Spain. It was like, let's do the fake tree because we couldn't find a tree lot at the time. And it was like, oh, we needed a tree in the house I grew up in. The front living room was two story because it was just open above so my mom would get like big. The biggest tree you could find. Big tree to fill the entire space. No, I mean it would go up to the bottom of the upstairs Banister. But it was a big real tree. Rachel was allergic to the SAP on the trees Rachel was allergic to. Rachel was allergic to everything. So she's allergic to it and she's like, I want a cat. We're like, you're allergic. And then she got one. Anyhow don't know how that worked out. Yeah, that's weird. And then dad was allergic and it became Dad's best fucking friend. Then we got rid of it because it was gross and Pete on everything. Yeah, what is. Here we go. Next one. You guys off topic here with cat pee. Ready? Here we go. What is the most not me popular tree topper? A star or. No, an angel, probably. I need a final answer because like every single show that you see, they're always putting the star at the top of the tree. Right. But we always had the angel at the top of the tree, right. My guess would be star. Yeah, that's when we go with star, it was angel. Oh wow. Angel is the most popular tree topper. Per what year? Per sales, apparently. But was this survey taken in trivia from just a random website here? Ours is a hat. We have a star and a hat. Here's an easy one. What Christmas greenery do you kiss underneath? Mistletoe. Yeah, but it's actually Holly. What? Like most mistletoe? We don't actually like any mistletoe. You see typically is not mistletoe because it's not pretty, it's not cute. Real. Yeah. Holly has red. Oh, alright. Just ruined my whole world up. Yeah, that just fucked me all up. Well, when you make out. Yeah, I can't hold it above me. I'll go, Holly. She'd be like, that's not my name. I'm guessing the girl you're making out with isn't going to know the difference.

Sorry. Out of my love. You know I love you. No, you're 100%. There are two States that have a town called Santa Claus, Indiana and Alaska. Say it again. I would say there was two States. Oh, it might not be Alaska. Two States. Was I right though? Indiana is correct. I'll give you that one. Indiana is correct. But there's another state that has a town called Santa Claus. It was North Pole. Alaska. That's what I was thinking. Yeah, that was the one. Stop Googling over there. I'm not Googling. There was something else that I wanted to bring up because we were talking about fake trees and stuff. It was a Charlie Brown thing. Like when the Charlie Brown Christmas tree came out, it actually killed the aluminum tree business because after that, everyone went out to get real trees and it just like. Yeah. Anyway, what was the question again? There are two States that have a town named Santa Claus. One is Indiana and the other is what States? Not countries. Yes. Oh, my God. I was going to say Canada. The other one dead. Air Florida for something is telling me. Texas. Nope, there is a town. Isn't there a town called Christmas in Florida? Yeah. Okay. The other state I want to go with Ohio, it's actually Georgia. Santa Claus. Georgia. Santa Claus. Georgia. Well, that's probably warm. I was almost on the side with Alaska because there's a North Pole Alaska, per Hallmark Movie Channel. All right, I've got two more here. Let's see here. How the name of Nom, Alaska. Originally, whenever they were drawing out the maps of it and everything and they were like discovering, like, Alaska, they just wrote name on Alaska. Like this is going to be the name of a town here. But the A look like an O, so they thought they named it Gnome Alaska. Nice. And that's how it ended up getting its name. You already knew that, though. No, it's Adam. So it's like, oh, listen, but I'm going to look it up. No, look it up. Swear to God. Okay. So how long does it take for Christmas tree to go? This actually takes quite a long time. I'll actually give you multiple choice on this one. Here we go. Ready? A, seven years, B, ten years, C, 13 years, or D, over 16 years.

Let's see, it's going to say 13. Okay. I'm going to say ten because we started having a more difficult time finding real trees that we liked in 2018. And it was because the recession of 2008, tree farmers weren't planting their tree fields. And so it led to a shortage. And that would have been ten years. Yeah, she's right. Read news articles, remember them for the rest of your life. And the last one I have here is how many sides? And this is true. How many sides does a Snowflake have? Sides. Yeah. And I'll tell you right now, the answer is not two. Yeah. It's not two because it's three. It's a Crystal. Yeah. So how many sides? But no two snowflakes are alike. So what if one has four sides and one has six? How do you know what this website says? I don't know what you want me to say. 32. No, eight. No, six. Damn it. I said six. Why do you stick with that? I was using it as a rhetorical example. All right. Yeah. I think the rest of these we did on the last episode that I have. All right. I'm going to leave. That's what Fred seems to think. Doing more trivia. We're not. We're done with trivia. Trivia is over.

Yeah. So there's that word we just got learned. He just got learned a lot about Christmas. Yeah, I did. Geography is not my best subject. No, clearly not. So let's go back to what we talked about. We talked about real trees and fake trees, though. Let's talk about that for a minute, though. Preferences. When I was a kid, I was always like, oh, the real trees, because it's different every year and you get that smell of Christmas and you get to throw fucking tinsel all over it. But fake trees, because it's consistent, especially nowadays, easier to set up a tree in like less than five minutes. Yeah, mine too, this year, because we got the fake one or whatever. So I was like, plug, plug, plug, turn it on with remote control and sober it's so lazy. Yes. But what's your preference, though? Fake tree or real tree? Like, if you have to be the one to set it up real? You think so? Yes. The smell, dude. Yeah, but you could fake I always think you could fake the smell. You can. But it's still going to be a fake smell, you know what I mean? Yeah, because my little Glade little air thing, the automatic dispenser, right. It works. But you mainly smell it as soon as it goes off. And you're like, oh, it smells good in here, right? You know what I mean? But like, you bring a real Christmas tree in and it's just the aroma is just going to come off of it constantly. You know what I mean? You can't really fake that smell of like a real tree. You can try, but it's not going to be the same. I don't know. Yeah. I would probably say if I didn't have to set it up Real.  See, I still go with the fake one. Really? Yeah. Well, the pine needles afterwards, that fall off, too, and the watering it and all that. So my biggest thing is that the fake one, I think, is not because of the simplicity of it, because again, if somebody else set it up, I'm not stressed about that. Right. But I think it's the consistency. I think it's the imagery. I think it's the consistency. I think there's not going to be a dead spot in the tree. This branch is fucking sagging. Well, also, like, I have heavy ass Hallmark style ornaments that'll have, like, lights and music and all kinds of bullshit. So I always have a difficult time finding real trees that can have branches that hold it. Do you know what I'm saying? Right. Because living in here in Florida, the strongest trees, trees are weak as shit. So. Yeah. So that's my struggle. So having the fake tree. Yeah, it was like, oh, consistency. Easy being able to put the ornaments on without having to worry about them crashing down or anything. One of my favorite things to do when I was younger, when I was like 19 or whatever, because it was always like, I wasn't old enough to go to the bars. It was always like, bonfire parties and stuff, right? And so after Christmas, me and my friends would drive around and grab all of the real dead soon dying Christmas trees and load them into the back of a friend's truck or mom and dad's van, right, whatever. Right, whatever. So we would load everything up, and then we would take it and just either cut it in half or we would even just, like, stick the entire fucking tree standing up into the bonfire or whatever, and light a fucking match and watch that thing fucking explode because, dude, and not, like, actually explode, but, dude, those Christmas go up so fast. So fast, bro. Like, dead Christmas trees go up so fast. Crazy fast. That is a fire hazard. They go up crazy fast food, and the flames become huge. And I remember at one bonfire party, they had wrapped 18 Christmas trees together, like, tied 18 Christmas trees together and stacked it and in this giant sand field and fucking lit bitch. Dude, it was intense. That's wild for about five minutes because they go up so fast that they also die down just so quickly. It was insane, though, man. So I brought it up. I told you reminded me about earlier. I just remembered it. So I have to bring it up now. Yeah, I'm out. You're what? You're out? I'm out. Are you leaving for Christmas? I got whammed. Oh, you got whammed? You got double whammed? I got whammed bad. Yeah, whammed on both ends. So I was, like, leaving my day job, and I had to grab dog food, and I'm in line and to buy the dog food, and I'm just like, all right, I'm about to leave and I'm about to wait. This isn't that song. And I don't know the song. I don't know. It's an entirety. So it was always, like, mid song midway through the song already, right? So I was like, is this the song? This sounds like a female singing it. This sounds like a female. Like, I was trying to like, this is a song, but this is Brian Carrie Carrie drag number six. So I pulled my phone out, and I'm like, what song is this playing? I have my phone. Listen to it real quick, and it comes up, and it's all like, Wham last Christmas. And I'm like, thanks, phone. You just officially fucked me. So, yeah, I got hit with the way I'm getting today. And then you're like, fucking me. Listen to Christmas music in the car now. And as soon as I got in the car and turn on Christmas music because I figured I'm already out of the game. Can't hide from it. As soon as I turn on the Christmas. As soon as I turn on the car, boom, last Christmas, it's like it started over. I had to hear the whole song the entire song turned it off. I would have been double whammed, but I would have done. So there's that. So I was out. Officially, I'm out of the game. I don't know anybody who's still playing in the game at this point, but yeah, officially I am done. That sucks, man. You were so close. Four days off. Yeah, it would be four more days and I would have been fine. I would have made it,

unfortunately. Mark the time. 130, December 20. So, yeah, I'm out. The way I'm getting hit me. I'm done. I'm out. Sad. Sadly, that sucks, man. So done. I died like a week ago. We had people die. First day. Yeah, first day. Yup. Sad. But hey, first, our listeners listen to this on Christmas Eve. So Merry Christmas, everybody. Merry Christmas, guys. We do have to again. So even though I'm out, I know one thing is we are not going to play Wham and make everybody out. Even though it's Christmas Eve. Even though you listen to this, probably on Christmas Eve, we're not going to play Wham. We're not going to do that a number one. I didn't buy the rights to play Wham. B. We've got another artist here to do the Christmas song for you for this week. Again, we were doing an artist one artist every week. That's not Wham to give them. Last week was Jasmine Egger. The week before that was NBHD Nick with St. Nick. And this week we're going to go with rebel day and the stone keepers. Yeah, I like this song, man. It's a good Christmas song. A it's good chill song. It's a good relaxed song. It's a good like it's a smooth R amp B song. Yeah. So without further Ado, then, ladies and gentlemen, revel day and the stone keepers.

Well, there you go. So now you're all chill and relax. Yeah. Merry Christmas day. Is that all the time? Honestly, we went through a lot of trivia today, and we went through a lot of stuff, and we talked about a lot of our past childhood stuff. So that's been lots of fun. I'm not going to do filthy trivia for the holiday. I think I'm going to skip so much regular trivia. I think that's better than doing this being a little more than dirty on the holiday Christmas trivia episode. And we don't have any holiday shame of life because we did that last week. Yeah. So you can if you haven't, though, I have to plug this. If you haven't done the shame of life, the card game of weird conversations.

By all means, please go there. Use code. Run down 20 to get yourself 20% off of the work. The works get you all the cards for the shame of life game. They are one of our sponsors. We really appreciate them. We can't wait to see what new decks they've got coming out next year but check it out get yourself that card game if you haven't got it already for Christmas then you can possibly order it now and get it for your sweetheart for Valentine's day.

So there you go again. It's a holiday episode, man. Now that we heard that song I'm all chill. I don't want to play any of these twisty games that we usually play because now I'm just chill. Yeah, it's time to relax. Sit back, drink some eggnog. I'm not drinking no damn eggnog. I got Apple cider in there. I'm going to drink some eggnog. You're going to be gross. Let's put the Yule log on the TV because we don't have a fireplace. Because we live in Florida. Because we live in Florida. It's already fucking hot here. 85 degrees on Christmas morning. But of course, if you guys are listening to this on Christmas Eve we appreciate you. Merry Christmas from the Rayhart Rundown from everybody here. Yes, from our family to yours. Merry Christmas.