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Oct. 8, 2021

Creepy Dreams, Childhood Nightmares, and Angry Anuses! - Ep. 60

Creepy Dreams, Childhood Nightmares, and Angry Anuses! - Ep. 60

In this episode we...

...ask for help on Adam's Country song.

...Play The Shame of Life : Boo spooky Pack
Questions include: Angry Anuses and Zombie Apocalypse

...discuss how everyone has a nightmare they remember from childhood. about weird ass dreams. more of the New segment: This or That!
Peaches or Oranges / 1st Class or Restaurants

...also play the New segment: Questions all about me!
How was your day? / Look at your parents

Patreon Extended Time:

Halloween costumes that cross the line!

We play 3 more This or That segments!
about: Corn or Soybean / Bottle or Sippy cup / Chase by Lion or Bear

We play 3 more Questions all about me!
about: Scariest creature encounter / the color red / Personal Maintenance

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Special Thanks to: The Shame of Life Card Game, and

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