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Feb. 25, 2022

Creeped out at the Daytona 500 and the lost laundry hamper? - Ep. 76

Season 4 - Episode 76


In this Episode...

...we go over the sports that seem more fun to watch.

...Adam admits to love for Nascar!

...the creepy story of working at The Daytona 500.

...learn about the complete FAIL of the Meta-Verse concert.

...a discussion of "retro" movies coming back. 90's music is coming back too. 

...Adam proposes a taste test challenge Wendy's VS Five Guys?

...Super Secret Question: How did you imagine adulthood as a child and how does it compare to reality?

...we play Filthy Trivia about how much CEO's earn in comparison to the average worker. (get ready to be pissed)

...we pull a Shame of Life card about taxidermy that was held specifically for our YouTube episode. 

...the loss of a laundry hamper and a letter to its "New" owner. 


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