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Dec. 17, 2021

Banned Wedding Photos, Popular Plastic Surgery, and Christmas Facts! - Ep. 71

Banned Wedding Photos, Popular Plastic Surgery, and Christmas Facts! - Ep. 71

In this episode we... Christmas Gift wishes.

...debate if its better to ski or snowboard.

...reminisce about our sister skiing for the first time!

...hear what NASA just discovered!

...learn what the Switzerland just approved?!

...shamelessly plug a Mexican restaurant we want to visit! what the NEW Wedding Photo trend is! (You won't believe it!)

...go over some fun facts about Christmas! Filthy Trivia about Plastic Surgery.

...push the limits on offending people playing Worst Case Scenario.

...see how much Christmas Trivia Adam knows!

...pull a card from The Shame of Life Deck and alter it for Christmas!

...go five Below?

...find out about the latest victims of Whamageddon!

Special Holiday Track from Jaslyn Edgar!

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No, it was a shit gift. Like I'm a guy that doesn't wear the douche bracelets. She doesn't know, but like, right, she didn't know. But like the year before that she gave me the necklace and then way next year. Yeah, they got the earrings.

Hey everybody, welcome to the Rayhart Rundown. Hey, what's good, Bob? So I had someone come up to me and say, that me on the podcast saying like, oh, if you didn't give me a list, you're not getting the present. You've been getting lists, haven't you? No, I would like to think. I would like to say, yeah, that would make my life easier. But no, the person came up to me and said like, you know, it makes you sound like a Dick. So let me clarify. Let me just clarify for those. Maybe they don't know. This is a comedy podcast. Yeah. You don't have to take everything we say to heart and I don't care. In other words, yes, you're a Dick. What do you want for Christmas? Fool me. Yeah, tell everybody. Tell everybody what you want for Christmas. Maybe they'll show up. Maybe a crazy fan will buy it for you for Christmas. I buy everything I want. Now who's the Dick? I'm just saying like if I want something, typically I buy it. I'm waiting till after the holidays to make any big purchases, right? Of course. But the things that I plan on buying is a city scooter, an Xbox Series X get. Fair enough. The Quest two. Yeah. Twelve gauge Mossberg shotgun I don't find necessary, but for me, I think I agree with you. The Xbox Series X. And I was just talking to John about this the other day. The city scooter thing is more ideal for price, but it's not what I want. I want a one wheel. Have you seen these yet? Oh yeah, no, they're like two grand from what I looked up online. 1500 for them right now on special deals. Looking crazy. I need a handle. I want to throw in the back of the car and cow and I want to be able to just cow. I thought so. Do you use a skateboard though? Yeah, I was a skater. I used to do inline skating. Right. And you did the razor scooter thing for a while, did you? When I was a little, little kid. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Yeah, well you think it was like yesterday but you raised yesterday. No, but when I was a teenager I used to do like the aggressive inline skating. Okay, times out, I did see someone on a razor scooter like literally a week ago. Oh really? Grown ass man on a razor scooter. I was like, I didn't even think those razor scooters were even around anymore. But apparently they are. So it's just, I don't know. Even though when I go up north to do like a ski trip, I'm still going to snowboard because I would rather do that, learn how to do that than ski, even though I feel like I'd be better at skiing. I thought the same thing. I thought the same thing. I'm like, oh, well, skiing should be easier because I've got the sticks. I got the ski sticks. Whatever they called, I don't even fucking whatever sticks, ski sticks, whatever spikes were they called? I don't know. Doesn't matter. Ski sticks got the sticks. And I was like, oh, it's easier. No, no. Well, for me, I'm the same for me. No, I was falling down a lot, like way too much. And I felt like I was kept doing the splits a lot. Like a lot of splits. Like, get out your bananas. Here comes another split. Then I switched about halfway through because you saw it when I was doing those Snapchat adventures and Instagram adventures a couple of years ago. So I did the ski adventure and it was fine to be oh, yeah, I can do a ski thing. It was fine to take cool pictures. Like I'm doing it, but I was not doing it. I was falling on my ass a lot. Our sister Grace was doing it. Jen was doing it. Didn't know how to slow down. She didn't know how to slow down. Grace was doing it like Mach two speed for the first time ever, like a bullet coming down the mountain. But for me, I switched to snowboarding, which is a little bit more restrictive when it comes to movement because you can't take your feet off. Right. You just take 1ft off and you kind of have to like, weird. Yeah. Walk like a Penguin. Right. I saw this one guy that had a snowboard that it would just clip on and off super easily. He just threw it down almost like he threw it down like a skateboard and then just jumped on it. Click, click, click. And he was gone. I was like, why can't I have a snowboard like that? And the instructors are like, because you can't even stand on normal. Yes. My butt hurt a lot from the snowboard thing because in order to break on a snowboard, you have to turn your whole body from the skateboard position to like if you were doing a front side slide on a skateboard, do you know what that is? Yeah. Okay. So it's like you have to kind of do that and lean back the edge of a snowboard. The actual edge when it's right, when it's ready to be actually ski or snowboarded with when it's like mounted or geared or whatever they call it, the actual edge is sharpened because it digs into the snow as a break. So it's not the back tail, like a skateboard would be a back tail. You slow down in the snowboard sense. You actually have to spin and kind of lean back into it. Right. And so the edge catches where you kind of like, come forward. The downside is that I don't own a snowboard or snowboard shoes, so I had to rent them. I wear size 14. They don't come standard. They have to give me size 14 shoe size 13 snowboard, which means my foot hung off the back. So when I went to slow down every time my heels would catch and it would not only cause the board to jump up, but cause me to fall down on my ass a lot. I own a snowboard. Yeah, I know you do. It's not decked out. It's literally just the board. Yeah, just the board. You haven't put a no gear on it yet, but the dogs are going nuts, you hear? The dogs. Fucking dog is a psycho. But yeah. So as far as I know, the whole snowboarding thing, I was like, would I try it again? Yeah. And a heartbeat. Would I do the ski thing in? Probably not. Why not? And people are like, oh, no, skiing is so much easier because you can control it. No, I couldn't. I would try to do the pizza to slow down, French fries to go faster. Pizza slow down. We put the skis closer together, try to do pizza. That's all I remember. The story is ice cream pizza, pizza. She's just bulleting down the fucking mountain. Yeah, that's our sister Grace decides to take the ski lift up the mountain. Smart. No, but it's fine. She goes up with Jen to the mountain. They're going to ski down like little snow bunnies. Yeah, sure. Jen from Colorado. She probably ski a black diamond for all I know. Whatever she gets on it. Click, click. Old school gone. Grace never ski before in a life. Besides, she's going to do it, too. Hey, Grace, you don't ski Bonnie, okay? She gets up to the I think she listens to the podcast and I don't care. Hi, Grace. Listen. So you get up to the top, she starts coming down the mountain like a normal ski person, back and forth, swoosh, swoosh. Okay. Then she's going too fast. So she's like, I got to put my skis together like pizza, like a piece of pizza to try to slow down. And then her thought process is or. I don't know why your thought process goes to or Grace, if you're listening, I don't know. But your thought process goes to Ore. If I Crouch down, lower to the ground and tuck the sticks under my arm and tuck the sticks under, I should slow down because why? I'm closer to the ground when you fall, that's your plan. So she turns into a ski bullet coming down the mountains because she didn't realize that she just perfectly formed into a speed skier. And Grace maybe weighs a buck five. She's a little skinny thing. So her tucking and squatting on two skis, hauling ass down the mountain, screaming, pizza. I was inside getting my snowboard mounted or whatever. So I didn't see it happen, but she didn't fall. She got to the end of the slope, stood up and turned like she skied every day. And she stopped. And as soon as she stopped, Jen was behind her. Jen's laughing the entire time. As soon as she stops, she raises both of her hands up with her ski sticks. She's like, what's up? Got it. Jen laughing falls down. The actual skier falls down. Other people start laughing. I come out, what the Hell's going on? But apparently this is what I picture when they tell me the story in my head. Do you remember the scene of the sled in Christmas vacation? Yes. When he puts that stuff on his list. Yes. And he goes right down the mountain super fast. That's what I picture. Grace. Grace is just like, okay, I'll see you guys at the bottom gone like a lightning flash. Dude, I just thought of the Goofy. It's like flying through the air and shoot watched that the other day again, just because of the story. I pulled it up and I watched it. And at the very end of that thing is when Goofy comes off of that jump. It's so funny because he flies through the air, you know, whatever. He ends up landing in his bed and goes right back to sleep. We should go. Totally. I mean, we totally got to do again, going forward. It's about the right time of year. Right? Going forward. Because we're moving our we're adding I should say we're not moving. We're adding our podcast to YouTube. Yeah. We're going to be adding the podcast to YouTube. So you're going to be able to find us on YouTube. We have a Heart Rundown podcast. It has a YouTube channel you can subscribe now so that when it does launch, there is a trailer there's a trailer running right now for the launch and it's coming. But you can subscribe to that. There's a clips channel right now that we run a lot of the trivia and the audio clips from. Also the Rate Heart Run Down Clips channel, you can check that out. So make sure you're subscribed and make sure you, of course, hit the notification, all that YouTube stuff like it, I guess, just go down and hit that subscribe button. Hit that subscribe button. Smash that like button. Whatever. Slap your tick on the Bell. I don't know the words. Anyways, my point. So there's a couple of things that are not Christmas related I want to get to. Okay. So I'm going to move fairly fast on some of this stuff because I have a whole bunch of Christmas stuff to get to. Well, then can I just say one song? You've got Christmas related. Yeah, because we're going to move into that right now. Go ahead. Okay. Not Christmas words are hard. That's what she said. So not Christmas related. Yeah. I just saw an article this morning, a scientist at NASA has accidentally discovered Warp speed. What? Yeah. Do I need to Bing this right now? Yes, Bing. It NASA Warp speed. Is that what I'm binging? Yes. Here we go. With the Bing. They have accidentally they were looking into fucking. Oh, my God. I can't remember exactly what they were looking at, but yeah, they accidentally stumbled upon the formula for Warp speed. Thing is so fast. Okay. And how it would work is that anything within the object traveling at Warp speed time would be normal. It's everything outside of it. It's wavelength technology. Yeah. Accidentally created a microscopic experiment while researching how energy distributes around wavelengths. Theory developed by a Dutch physicist. The experiments resulted in enough theoretical energy to achieve Warp speed. Concept theorized by a mathematician and an ad pop up. Love this. There we go. Okay, now they can give me all the history of it. Give crap.

Okay. There's even a larger article of the writer of the staff. The staff writer that wrote the article. Her bio is larger than the article she wrote. What the concept? There's already even a concept illustration. Holy crap. Like with a slinky and shit. No how it would work. No, that was the one that I saw. There's already a ship that they ideally would design to make this happen. It literally looks like some shit off Star Trek. Hey, if you're on our Patreon, go to Check it out, get on our Patreon subscribe and you'll be able to see this picture because I'm going to post it. Darpa and NASA scientists accidentally create Warp bubble for interstellar travel. Hey, that was a few days ago. Yeah, you're right. So we are inching closer and closer to Star Wars and Star Trek. Right? I watched the other day or the Orville if you like. It kind of brought a small tear to my eye. When I watched the other day was I saw Michael Strahan go up in Blue Origin. Where Michael Strahan, the host for, I think, GMA in the morning. He went up in the blue Origin rocket and went up for ten minutes in space. It's like a ten minute trip, like eight minutes of air in space. So he's weightless for eight minutes. And when you get up certain when you get up a certain amount of feet, you're deemed an astronaut. So he earned his wings. No shit. Yeah. What about William Shatner? Did he earn his wings? I don't know if he went. I don't think he went yet. No, he did. Then he would have I would assume he went up with that blue Origin. That's the Amazon. Yes. That's Bezos penis rocket. That's right. Yeah. There's only been a few trips. There's only been like three or four free trips with people in it. I know William Shatner went. Yeah, but here's the cool part. Literally watch the whole thing because the whole trip is ten minutes long. So I watched the whole thing live and the reason why I say it brings a tear to my eye is because it's one of those things where as a kid, when you see Sci-Fi stuff, when you see Star Trek stuff, you know it's fake, right? You know what I'm saying? And now it's starting to become a reality. And now it's starting to become that reality. So it's like, oh, all that shit you dreamed about as a kid of the Star Trek might actually be possible in our life. Yeah. Being real now with possibility of Warp drive speed capabilities. These type of things are all coming out of nowhere now because more people are pushing towards that, towards space travel and towards space. We fucked up the Earth. We got to get the hell out of here. We got to go. Here's the thing again, as a kid, it's like, oh, crap, that actually could happen. And what they talked about is because now with the ability for Blue Origin and these other companies to just shoot a rocket up into space and actual people actually go up there. Now, the students in College and in high school now are more prone to geared towards being able to space exploration and put shit out in space. Yes, it wouldn't be too far off, and I dare say this, but it wouldn't be too far off for us to be able to put some form of the Rayhart rundown in space. Did you know that? I've been already looking into it. Oh, really? Dope you know how kids could shoot Rockets up in the air before? Yeah. Now it's gotten to a point where there's actual possibilities for people to actually put things into space using weather balloons and all kinds of stuff. So essentially we could send up a digital, if you would, copy of all of our episodes, of all the episodes of the rundown into space. That's cool. I'm a little boring to it. Elon Musk was talking about putting a hard drive full of Dogecoin on the moon. I know. So anyways, but that's crazy. So moving on, something I saw and there's a couple of things. None of these things that I'm about to tell you about have anything to do with anything. They don't have anything to do with each other or have anything to do with Christmas. So again, I'm going to move fast through them. Okay. First thing is recently came out. Hey, Switzerland. Hey, Switzerland. What's up, guys? What are you doing? What? What are you doing? Switzerland. Switzerland just passed legal suicide. What? Hold up. So there's a company in Switzerland that just got through the review process for a Sarco machine, which is the ability of a machine that looks like a pod. Again, go to Patreon You want to get pictures? It looks like a circle pod that you sit in if you want to kill yourself. Yeah. This is not a lie. I have photos. It's creepy as shit. And you don't push any controls. You literally blink a certain amount of times, it activates that way. Yeah. And it just what, fried you? No. And I looked up how it works, too, because I'm sadistic. So in Switzerland, they've had 1300 legal suicides. So this isn't for, like, oh, my girlfriend left me. I'm going to kill myself, right? I'm jumping in a circle pot. It's not that. Okay, so let me clarify that real quick. Suicide is a serious matter. If you feeling suicidal at all, please call and get help. We are big components of mental health here on the rate run down. Big components. Let me clarify there with that. What I'm saying here is that legal suicide. Okay. These legal suicide pods done by this company called Exit International out of Switzerland is doing it for people that are terminally ill. Terminally ill. Right. So they're going to die anyway. They're already going to go. And it's either they could go fairly painfully and fairly sickly, or this is completely painless. Right? So it's more like euthanasia. Not even because it takes 50 seconds, less than a minute. And what it does is it drops. It reduces the oxygen inside the thing so you don't necessarily suffocate, you fall asleep. It reduces. It has to do with lowering your blood oxygen level. So it not only lowers the oxygen, it even lowers the CO2. So you basically pass out, you faint and then don't wake up. Right. That's how this works. Completely painless, completely. God, can you imagine having to work at that place? No. Like cleaning out the pods? No, I don't want to be a pod cleaner. This is the only pod I want to work on. Okay. Yeah, that would be a depressing fucking job. Yeah. So I did that one first, because the next couple of things I'm going to talk about are funnier. So we got that one out of the way. I thought that was crazy, though, but literally, I mean, this is a big thing, though, for them to legally be able to get the okay for these pods in Switzerland, it's a first for a country and be like, yeah, it's fine. Moving on. Let's move all the way to Seattle. Hey, Seattle. Yeah. You guys legalized all drugs? Yeah, you did. And the cool part about that, I'm not even going to go about a drug thing with Seattle. I'm going to narrow it down to a restaurant in Seattle. Gorditos, Gorditos. Mexican restaurant in Seattle. Okay. If we ever go to Seattle, we ever go to Gorditos take a photos. I'm going to take a photo. Okay. Okay. Because this Mexican restaurant opened in 1994 in Seattle with a healthy flair. So they use no trans fat in any of their foods. So the original oil or any of that bullshit in their Mexican food, it's all super healthy Mexican food. Okay? That's not why they're famous, the reason why they're popular, or at least definitely became more and more popular online is the size of their burritos. The size of their burritos. Okay. The portions at this place were literally meant for you to take leftovers home. They have a, quote, unquote light menu for people that don't eat that much. But a standard issued menu of the burritos are so big that someone took their newborn baby and put it next to it and took a photo. And it's the same size. No shit. Yeah. And so they call it the baby burrito. You can look it up. But again, if you want to go to our Patreon, we had the photos there. People then started taking pictures of their newborns next to these burritos. It's all over the Internet, or at least most of it's on the Internet. But they have this thing called a baby burrito. The burrito is literally the size of a newborn baby. It's so wild. You got to eat it with a fork and knife. You can't eat that so wild. Check it out. Gorditos If you guys want to see the website, the food looks delicious. It looks amazing. But we have to go to Seattle. So shout out to anybody who listens to the podcast of Seattle. Go check out Gorditos Mexican Food. This is not a plug, but I think that's a cool concept. Do you know what we need to do? Probably over the summer. You're talking about the Rayhart road trip. Yes, I know the Rayhart Road down RV and we just travel America. I was already looking into RVs. You can actually rent them already. Yeah, but I feel like the price of a rental RV could be the price of a RV that we could buy just for the trip and then turn around and sell like a used RV on Craigslist. I don't know. Somebody's old meth veteran Breaking Bad type RV that we can just do. No, I don't want to. Breaking down RV. Breaking Bad. They used to Cook mess in it. Now they're going to sell it for two grand. I want a meth RV. Okay, moving on. Let's talk about weddings before we get into Christmas stuff. We're only 20 minutes into the podcast here. We got to talk about weddings. And the reason why I bring up weddings is not because either of us are getting into a wedding or being married or any of our friends getting married anytime soon. It's because this new trend of photos that started a couple of years ago, wedding photos.

It originally started with as a Dutch couple that did it as a joke, and they put it out and it caught on. And what it is is it's a picture of the photographer takes a picture of the couple, but the couple's kind of hidden away. Like, I don't want to say away from the camera. Like it looks like the camera couldn't see them. The dude has his back to the camera and his pants down. You could see his butt. Okay. The bride is kneeled down in front of them. It's called the blowjob photo. Okay. And it's a wedding photo that is trending now. Wow. Again, photos on our Patreon. But my point. I'm not kidding. I have all the photos on the patron, including the initial one that started at all. Yeah. So they called the blowjob the BJ wedding photos. So then everyone started doing it. And was she really giving a blowjob? No, it's for the photo, right? I mean, some of them maybe. Who knows? You couldn't tell from a photo. A British couple thought it would be a great idea. They did it. Unfortunately, they did it literally outside of the Church. The Church got pissed. This was a Church in Greece. Since a couple came from the UK to Greece to get married, they did in front of the Church. The Church got pissed and was like, don't do that. We're not going to be part of that. Blah, blah, blah. And the couple's like, we're not advertising this photo. This photo is not for like, hey, go to this Church because you could blow people in the front of it. It's not like that. They're just doing like, this is for us, for our own laughter, our family or not our family, but just for me and my husband to laugh. It's not the kind of photo that you frame and put in your house. That's what she said. It's not the photo you have on the mantle. It's not one you put on the coffee table book. It's none of those. But now, because of this, because this Church made us think about it. Now it's all over the Internet now everybody's seen it. Now everybody's getting bored off Church. So keep your mouth shut next time if you don't want you to happen. So they did it. But the Church came back. This Church in Greece came back and said, now, no foreigners are allowed to get married at this Church at all. Oh, no shit. Yeah. So brides were, like, calling the Church that were planned to get married that year in tears and crying. It became a huge thing. All because of this. And, of course, did people stop? No. Did more people do blowjobs in front of the Church? Yes. Do I have the photos? Yes. And where are they? On our Patreon. There you go. That's funny. Yeah. So blowjob photos for the wedding. You know how hard it is to look that up and not find porn? Do you know how difficult it is to look up that and not just find oodles of bing porn everywhere? This reminds me of a story that I was told by a tattoo artist when I was getting tattooed. Go ahead. So it wasn't my artist that was telling the story. I was like, I was hanging out with the tattoo shop. I was like, on break getting my tattoo. It was an a tattooed artist yeah, it was another artist who was there, and we were telling the story, and there was this girl that was getting tattooed, and it was like, I guess her first tattoo or something or whatever. And she's on the chair, and she's turned over onto her side or onto her stomach type of thing. And there was what he assumed was her boyfriend or whatever, standing with her and everything like that. And she's in a lot of pain, and he's trying to just tell her, like, calm down. It's all right. We'll be done soon. That type of thing, because she did hurt her or whatever. And next thing, and then she stopped making noise, and he said to him, and he looks up and she's blowing the dude because it makes her, like, calm down and not feel the pain to blow this guy. What? So he finishes the tattoo, and then she pays him and leaves, and the dude stays. It's all like, hey, man, she's going to go. He goes, I just met that chick. I literally just met that chick before we came here. He goes, she went home. I don't know. It's like, okay, I think I'm going to hang out here all the time. Can I watch you tattoo people? Can I apprentice under you? Should we shout out the tattoo shop? This is like 45 dudes just hanging around. Now start a company. These guys will help you ease the pain. Ease the pain. Just put this in your mouth. It won't hurt. Your tattoo won't hurt either. If someone is in pain, I don't think I'm going to put my Dick in their mouth because it's like, you know, you can see the movies when dude's got to, like, bite down on the fucking. Bite down on a fucking piece of wood, snap his arm back into place. No, you're not putting my Dick in your mouth when you're in pain. Fuck you. Fuck out of you with that. No, I'm not trusting that. There's a lot of trust. I do put in that check for Josh Hatinger. Yeah. I don't even know her last name. Oh, man. Okay, so I got Christmas. Yeah, let's talk about family orders and Christmas stuff. We got Christmas stuff. So here's some facts. I'm going to start off with just the random facts because I got a bunch of fun, random trivia, too. But I've got just some facts here. Here we go. Over half of American pet owners will buy gifts for their furry friends this Christmas. Yes, I've already bought Freya, like, ten fucking toys. Fun fact. Half American pet owners buy gifts and will spend an average of $46 on their pets. I've spent more than that. Okay, well, then you have bought my share. Yes, I bought Freya, actually, for Christmas. It's dog chew toys or whatever, like squeaker toys, right? Stuff, but it looks like a white claw, but it says white paws and stuff and, like, mutt mango flavors and stuff like that. That was cool. Okay. Another fun fact here. There's a town in India called Santa Claus. Hey, we know India we have a lot of listeners a lot of listeners out in India that listen to the right rundown. We appreciate you. Thank you guys, for listening so much. If you live in the town of Santa Claus, welcome. Do you celebrate Christmas? If you live in Santa Claus? I don't know Santa Claus is coming to town. Does that's effect that town? Because Santa Claus never left then? No, he's there forever. Yeah. Or you don't know if he's coming or going.

Based on St. Nick. Santa was once a pale, thin figure. Yeah, he's a red head and the red robed white beard Santa of today was developed by the Coca Cola Company for an ad campaign. Wow. Regional St. That's like probably the biggest part of Coca Cola history. I would say that they literally created a worldwide trend of that bond. Yeah, that's crazy. No, because like, Santa Claus was like a thin red headed guy. Right? Didn't even have a beard as far as I remember. I don't know the red hair thing, but I think so because he was very pale and very thin. He was a nice dude. Apparently was the story or whatever. Actually it's a Dutch story center class, but yeah, Coca Cola made them all like, let's make them a fat dude and a red robe with a white beard and Yay to make less threatening looking or whatever, I guess. Or something. Don't make them look like a pale red headed vampire. Let's make them fat and Jolly. Jolly. Because that's not intimidating as fuck. Let's see another fun fact here. Despite the tale of the three wise men, how everybody's like, oh, there's always three wise men. But actually the Bible never says a number. It just says there was wise men. It never says how many. So wise men could have been two dudes. It could have been the right run down there. You don't even know. Oh, photo op. Wait for it. We got lots of Photo Ops. We're going to go to hell for that one. We show up with fucking Rayhart rundown merch for the baby. The image of Santa sleigh was created and ended up like Christmas revival in America. It helped Santa originally. Apparently never in the stories never had a sleigh. How fuck did he get around? He just walked. It was just like chilling. Just like 1ft in front of the other. Like, I don't know. He just walked. Let's see here. The Parton pilgrims renounced Christmas from 1659 to 1682. It was actually a crime to celebrate that should be on a shirt. Christmas is a crime. Rudolph the Red Nose Ranger was actually created in 1939 for an Advertisement for a Department store. Later on in the episode, I'll have the trivia to figure out what Department store it was. Not another fun fact though, to visit every child on Christmas Eve. Okay, first of all, parents, if you have young children listening to the Red Heart rundown during the holiday episodes, this is your own damn fault. Now to visit every child on Christmas Eve, Santa would actually have to travel at 3000 times the speed of sound and visit over 800 homes a second guess the fat guy's not doing that. So there's some fun facts for you for the holidays. I hope you learn something. Do you remember when you convinced? I'm sure we talked about this last year when you convinced the boys that it was possible because of time zones. Yeah. And then you started thinking about it after you dropped off the boys and you were like, oh, my God, this is actually fucking possible. Maybe. Is it possible? Yeah. And that's the thing is that. And I'll touch base as a leading into that. That you said that I did an interview for another podcast that should be out when this podcast has already come out for pods like us, and they're based out of England, the UK. So they're ahead of us by, like, a lot of hours. Yes. So to try to sync up when I was available, when they were available is become like, I want to say it was next to impossible, but I feel bad because I know they had to stay up really late in order to record the episode. But, yeah, you could check it out. I'll be doing a little episode with Paddy's on episode twelve there. Okay. You want to do? I have. I have Filthy Trivia. Now we got filthy Trivia is not Christmas based. Okay. It's really not. Really. And those two are. And these are not this one is the shame of Life. Actually is our shame of Life card. Is this time around. Okay, we'll save that one. And this one here is sort of Christmas based. So let's start with not Christmas. This is not Christmas based. Okay. What do you want to do? I still have Christmas Trivia. Actual Christmas trivia to do the one that's not start with that. Okay. So here we go. Filthy Trivia. Here we go for episode 71. You ready? This type of plastic surgery saw a 217.3% increase judging on last week's trivia with the average size of a male genitalia. I'm going to go with penis enlargement. Final answer? Unfortunately not. Oh, okay. Well, I mean, I guess then it wouldn't be the average of 5.1% or whatever the fuck that would change the average. Yeah. I thought when I first saw this, I thought it was going to be breast implant removal. It's not. It's blasphemous. It's not. Thank God. It's vagina lifts. That's very sweet of you ladies to get your back. We appreciate that. I speak for all men everywhere when I say we appreciate that. And Adam's douchebag. Thank you. Thank you for the vagina lift. Yeah, great. See, you say that. And it's funny. I say, Bring me a list for your Christmas presents. And I'm a douchebag. I don't get it. I don't get this world. Okay, moving on. All right. Moving on. Let's see how much time we got left in this episode. Yeah, 25 minutes. What do you want to do? This one will lead into a conversation for sure. I got to go with worst case scenario on this one, though. You want to do worst case scenario? I want to do a worst case scenario. Yeah. Okay. I'm feeling wrong. Okay. This is the worst case scenario for sure. All right. Pick which one of these three you would love to see. Would you love to see an Anaconda swallowing a midget or a little person? I love little people. Elves raping, Santa Claus. What the fuck? Or handicapped people racing each other. Oh, my God. Handicapped people racing each other hands down. Can we Bing this? Is this a thing? I don't think it is. Oh, my God. I can't believe it. Oh, I'm so going to hell. I don't give a fuck. I'm fucking going to YouTube right now as you Bing it. Wow. Yeah. Special Olympics wheelchair racing. That's what comes up, dude. Yes, that's what I'm talking about. Oh, my God. It's guys with no legs racing. Yeah. And they're on wheels. They're fast. They're on little spring things. Cheating, man. That's like a Bionic, man. He doesn't even get tired. He doesn't hurt his calves. I know, right? Just fast. He can probably outrun your ass. Yeah, dude, by the slowest. Fuck, I don't even give a shit. Oh, my God. Look, I'm jealous of those guys. Let me see. Hold on. Dude's got no arms and he's a swimmer. Does he just like dolphin it? Maybe. Oh, my God. Dude, I'm so going to hell, but I don't. Fuck. That was a weird case. What would you pick? Yeah, probably. Yeah, they had a kept breaking thing. Yeah. I mean, elves raping Santa. I would be disturbed. I would be disturbed. But at the same time, it's a little bit of sweet revenge. Those elves worked their ass off making toys. Every kid in the world, every ungrateful fucking brat in the world all year long. And this fat ass works one day a year. Well, I mean, with the time zones, probably two days, but still 48 hours. 48 hours. These elves work their fucking hands to the bone, right? And they just get laughed at. And Santa is the one that's left. Santa gets left cookies and milk while the elves have to freeze a little tiny fucking balls off up in the North Pole. No, it's sweet revenge. Why does Santa live in north? I kind of hope it happens, but I don't want to see it. But why does Santa live in the North Pole? Like, hey, it's super cold up here. Let's stay. What? Maybe he really likes ice fishing or cold beer. I don't know. Maybe it's to preserve them forever. Maybe. I don't know. Maybe he's frozen in a block of ice. Except for those two days. They thaw him out every year. They thaw him out every year? Yeah. Liquid GUI phase starting initiating or whatever from awesome powers. Yeah, maybe. All right, I got a couple of fun trivia here, but it's movie trivia. Okay, I'll win this. I got this. I'm going to do that. There's different sections of this one. There's different sections like 63 freaking Questions of Trivia Christmas time. But we're literally going to run out of time here. So I'm just going to do the movie section of it. I think you're going to know some of these. I know some of our patrons are definitely some of our listed as well here. But here we go. How many lights were on the Griswold's house in Christmas vacation? God damnit. 15,000. Oh, no. Unfortunately, 25,000. Dammit. Now you wish they were all multiple choice. Here we go. It's finished. This line from how the Green Stole Christmas. It came without packages, boxes or Tags. No, it's bags. Bags. Wow. Again, wrong. I was off by one letter. Here we go. In a Christmas Story, what gift does Ralphie received from his aunt? Isn't it the Bunny costume? Correct. Yeah. Finish this iconic line from It's a Wonderful Life. Oh, God. Every time a Bell rings, an angel gets his wings. Correct, buddy. The elf sticks to the four main food groups. Candy, candy Canes, candy corns. And I don't know what. I've seen elf once. Motherfucker, you had the poster on your wall. Are you joking right now? Once I saw it over here last year. Right now, hundreds of fans of y'all got the answer. Hundreds of fans have yelled out the answer. Cotton candy are questioning your Christmas knowledge. Cotton candy. Syrup. Syrup. Candy, corn syrup. He was obsessed with syrup. That's right. I remember going to Walmart right now. You can get the elf cereal. It literally tastes like syrup. It's gross. So who was the bad guy? Rudolph tried to avoid the bully. Rudolph tried to avoid. Not Randy or not Ralphie Rudolph. So we moved to Rudolph Red Nose Reindeer. Yeah. Who was the bad guy in Rudolph the Claymation? Yes. Are we talking about the one that bullied him or are we talking about the Abominable snowman? There we go. That's the answer. The bottle of snowman. Okay. Yeah. So the whole thing. We don't know. Here's the thing. Side note. Stop the game. Hold on, hold on. So Santa Claus knows if you've been good or bad. Okay. Yeah. And he doesn't even know that his bucket reindeer has been bullied. Yeah, exactly. That's exactly what I was going to say. It's a bullshit. Bullshit or that. Or Santa's. Like, I don't get fuck. You know what? Here's the other thing. It's fine. Island and missed fits. Toys. It's fine. Come on, Santa. I thought you were like, God, I thought you knew everything. What does the Dolly do? A what? On the island of Misfit toys. What was wrong with the Dolly? I don't know. Maybe a flat tire or something. The doll. I don't know. You said Dolly and I'm like, I don't remember being a fucking Dolly. I'm a Dolly. I thought you meant a Dolly. Like fucking wheel shit out with a Dodge. Shit. I don't remember there being a Dolly in it. What are you watching? A home? I don't know. Christmas shit. The Afghanimation version. Exactly. Some bullshit version. Here we go. All right, back to Christmas stuff. Here we go. What's the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time. Highest grossing Christmas movie. Christmas movie of all time. I'll give you a clue. It came out in the 90s. Snagging it all the way. Highest grossing Christmas movie of all time. In the 90s? No, because the Santa Claus came out in 2000. Was it the Grinch? No. Home Alone. Oh, fuck, yeah, that's right. That makes sense. But moving on to the Grinch. Describe the Grinch was described in the show. Both shows in three words. Do you remember in the song you're a mean one, Mr. Grinch, if I could describe you in three words, it would be, oh my God. Hold on. I got to look at the song in my head. So like I said, what's so funny right now is that I know for a fact that there are people listening and screaming out these words in their car right now. I'm mixing up the song stunk. I feel like you didn't know that one. Here we go. How many ghosts are in a Christmas Carol? Think about it. How many ghosts are there in a Christmas Carol? The basic answer is like three, because you got the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future. Right. But I feel like this is a trick question. I wish it was a trick question. You're close with the three, but there's actually four. That's what I was going to say because Marley shows up the beginning to tell him three more ghosts are coming. Oh, yeah. What did the other reindeer not let Rudolph do because of a shiny nose? Because of a shiny nose playing reindeer games. What was the real name of the character Tim Allen plays in the Santa Claus? When he was not Santa Claus. Before he was Santa Claus, he was Chris Kringle. Okay. Before he's Santa Claus. When he's a regular dude, his name was. You've seen the Santa Claus. I know this is your generation. I know it was something close to like Chris King or Santa Claus. I remember that. The initials SC. We're on his robe. Yeah. Scott Calvin. Scott Calvin in Home Alone? Yes. In the interview. Yeah. Say your name is Scott Calvin. Citrus Clubs. Yeah, whatever. Anyway, in Home Alone two. What city does Kevin mistakenly get lost in in the second one? Yeah. New York. All right. Where does the Polar Express take the children? Never seen it to the North Pole. Where else should have guessed? In the story of a Christmas Carol, what is Scrooge's first name? Mcduck. First of all, that's his last name. And no, it's McDuck. Scrooge. No. Ebenezer. Correct. What Christmas Carol does the Peanuts gang sing at the end of Charlie Brown Christmas? What? What Christmas Carol does the Peanuts. You know the Peanuts? Yes. Charlie Brown and then gang sing at the end of a Christmas. That's what I was like. I have to go back and watch it. But I'll give you this one. It was called Hark the Herald Angel Scene. Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah, I'm going to say this. You may or may not know because you've only seen the movie once, but a quote from the movie Elf, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is no, you don't have it. So I will tell you the answer. Singing loud for all to hear. She gets up at the end and sings. Okay, I just remember cotton headed ninny muggins or whatever. What is it? Yes, I'm a cotton headed ninny Muggin. It's weird. Okay, so there you go. We'll do more. I'll save this real quick and we will do more next week because like I said, there are 63. So there's a bunch. But there we go. There's a quick 16 for you. You knew quite a bit though. Yeah, you knew quite a bit. I was waiting for like a bad Santa question. Yeah. This is going to be like more mainstream type stuff. I turned that on last night as I was cleaning up the house and stuff like that and I just caught like little clips of it as I was going through. The little kid walks up to or whatever the mom and the little kid walks up to him when he's sitting in the food court. So like, look, it's Santa. And he's like I'm on my fucking lunch break. Sorry. Are you insane? Because I'm going to report you. He goes, you think you can make my life any worse, lady? You go right the fuck ahead. It's like he's playing checkers with the kid. Fucking just throws it. Are you fucking with me anyway? I mean it is considered classic. They didn't make a sequel. I only watched half of the sequel and I turned it off. There was a third one in the works, but because of people like yourself didn't go see the second one. They stopped. Yeah. Okay. So but like I said, I'm going to save that one for the rest of it for next week. We're slowly coming towards the end of the podcast though. Is it a Shame of Lifetime? It's going to have to be The Shame of Lifetime. We got to do The Shame of Life like we always do, every single episode. And this is a holiday version of The Shame of Life. The Shame of Life. Put it on a holiday set. No. Did I alter this card to fit the holiday? Yes. Okay, so this is an exclusive rundown Shame of Life. Rundown Shame of Life question, exclusive for holidays. But let me go ahead and plug them real quick. The Shame of Life go to The Shame check them out. They are typing rundown 20 correct to get yourself 20% off of the works. So you go to It is the card game of weird conversations. We play one card at least on every single episode here at the rehearsal rundown so you can ask your family some off the wall, off topic, off color. In some cases, questions see what they have to say. But it's just a conversation started. It's meant to be fun. It's meant to be playful. Nothing too serious. But check it out at The And again, use code. Run down 20 to get yourself 20% off of the works, which is all of the cards they have. And it's amazing. You can get yourself a good deal right before the holidays. Do it. All right, here we go. Are you ready? Yeah. It's a debate card. And it was originally pulled from the Return of the Shame deck that was available, again, part of that whole collection. This one was presented to The Return of the Shame, as done by fans around The Shame of life around the world. This one is from Jeff in Raleigh, North Carolina. Thanks, Jeff. Thanks, man. Thanks for giving us this one. And thanks to me for altering it. Here we go. What's the worst Christmas gift you've ever received? I feel like we've done this one. No, that was memorable. We've done memorable. And we've done birthday when we did when all birthdays suck episode. But this one is the worst Christmas gift you've ever received. I remember the worst Christmas gift I've ever given for sure. Okay. And it was like one of those like, it's a joke gift, but it's kind of not a joke. Like you want it to be a joke if it comes across wrong. Okay. And this was back in the day again, way back. I was in high school, and my best friend at the time was the type of guy that I hung out with. I hung up with a whole bunch of different people, but this was the type of guy that I hung out with where the one thing that was kind of noticeable was I was like, Dude, you got to shower more. It wasn't that. He, like, stink, stink stunk or anything like that. Okay. It wasn't like, that bad. It wasn't like, oh, my God, this guy smells like wet garbage every single day, right? But it was just a matter of all like, I'm like, Dude, do you use deodorant? And he was like, no, I wash. I take shower and I wash, but I don't use deodorant. I'm like, Dude, you're a hairy bitch. You got to use deodorant. So it was like a deodorant thing. Let me say that it wasn't like he didn't wash his balls type thing. It was like a deodorant thing. And so for Christmas, I was like, well, I'm going to get them the complete gift set of Old Spice. I got on some other things, too, but I remember that one was like one of the main things I was getting them because I was like, Maybe he'll try the deodorant thing. I could handle that. I have to ask. Go ahead. You can bleep it out. Was this. No. Okay. All right. I was just wondering. I'll bleep it out. Let me tell you who it was. Yeah, okay, makes sense. Yeah, totally makes sense. Your dog is going ape shit out there. My dog is a fucking psycho, bro. I'm going to have to literally put soundproofing on the door now. So, yes, I had to do something. I had to do something because I was his best friend. And I was like, Dude, you got to have to put something on your pit's brow. Cause you smell Gross. So I got him that. Here's the thing. I dare say that I remember he got me. And this is going to show my age whatever I don't get. Fuck. A CD. A music CD. It was Aerosmith's Eat the Rich. Do you remember Aerosmith? Yeah, eat the Rich CD with the cow, with the utter pierced or whatever. Yes, you got me that. And I opened it up and I was like, oh, cool, it's Harry Smith. It's cool, it's cool. It's like, yeah. And then I'm like, Wait a minute, this CD has opened immediately. I was like, oh, is he fucking with me? Is he pranking with me? Like, if you just got me the case, like that type of bullshit. And I opened up with the CDs in there. I was like, what the he gave me his old used CD. He's all like, well, I took it out and made a copy of it for myself. He's like, this, we both have it. I'm like, alright, that's fair enough. Yeah, I get it fine, it's fine. But then I was like thinking to myself later, like, maybe this motherfucker stole it. But yeah, no, he literally opened up the package. He opened up. This is the thing. He opened up the gift of Old Spice. And I was looking at him with like, that happy. Like, you know the face I'm talking about later, buddy. You put your head like at an angle. And like, he literally looks at me, stands up, walks over and literally throws it right in the trash. Wow. And we all died laughing. So I literally bought something for him to open and throw away. That's cool. I remember I met up with some friends. I've been friends that I've been friends with my whole life. And I meet him at the bar. This is when I was in my mid 20s. I meet him at the bar and everything. He goes, oh, Adam, I have a Christmas present for you. I was like, Dude, you know the rule. We don't buy each other shit. We don't do that. I was like, we shake hands, we say, Merry Christmas. We go about your day. And he goes, no, it's fine. It's just something. Don't worry about it. I spent $0 on it, okay? I was all like, okay, cool. He comes over and he hands me a present. It's wrapped and everything. So I open it up right there in the middle of the bar, right? And it was my copy of Gladiator that he had borrowed three years ago that I completely forgot about. And I was like, oh, man. So you finally watch it? And he goes, no, still has never seen. But it was like three years later, he's all like, I'm going to wrap this motherfucker up. I'm going to give it to him for Christmas. I just thought that was a fucking genius. I'm going to do that. I am going to start doing that with my friends. I'm going to go to their house and I'm going to steal, steal something and I'm going to wrap it up and give it to them for Christmas. Hey, I already knew you liked it. I think it's a fucking genius because you know they like it. Yeah. And you know that they don't have one now. And you look awesome because you thought of it. I thought I saw your house the other day, but I got you another one because I didn't know how to yours. These slippers have my name literally embroidered on me. Embroidered spot with a dog toot on it. Spot the genius. Do it to all my friends. Okay. But watch out. But let's clarify the clarify the Shame of Life card, though, that says that the question was the worst gift you've ever received for Christmas. I want to say, here's the thing, who the fuck wants socks for Christmas? True. But it was the best and worst gift I ever received was from my old screenwriting partner back in the day. And that was the Star Wars holiday special. He gave me that for Christmas. He's like, Here you go, buddy. And I was like, this is the best, worst gift you could ever give me. He's like, It is. It's absolutely trash. You should even watch it. But now you own it. So that was probably the best, worst gift ever. I don't know. I got a pretty bitching gift last night for my roommate. Yeah. What do you give me? Actually, it looks like giant 50 cow fucking bullets inside of a six shooter case. They're whiskey stones. Cool. So you put them in the freezer and then you've got like bullets in your class that you're drinking your whiskey out of and stuff. And I don't really drink that often. Like, if I drink at home, when I set up the Christmas tree and stuff, I had like a glass of just like Deserrono, something that's low in alcohol content. So I'm not going to get trashed, I'm not going to get hungover. But it's a delicious dessert drink for after I got done eating dinner. Yeah. I played Christmas music and drank my dear IO and stuff. And when he saw, he even told me he's like, as Susie saw it online, he didn't even add the cart. He just hit Buy now Adams, that's what we're doing. Sure. It's funny because like two days ago, two days before he had given me the gift. I was Christmas shopping online, and I saw it, and I almost bought it for myself. You almost bought it? Just keep it yourself. It was kind of fucking perfect, but no worst Christmas gift. Like I said, I want to say it was Mamma. The gift from Mammal. She gave me. Like, I couldn't even remember a gift from her. So go on. Like a silver bracelet. Like, one of those silver bracelets was like a chain. You know what I mean? Like those Douchebags fucking wear. But it wasn't a necklace. It wasn't the Douchebag necklace. It was the Douchebag bracelet. I have my eyes closed right now. I have my eyes closed right now because you could picture it. It's not as much I can picture it. I know exactly what you're talking about. But here's the scene that's playing in my head. Ready? Here's the scene that is playing in my head. Sometimes Rusty, she finds things around her house and she wraps them up against Princess vacation. That's playing in my head right now. I loved Ma'am. All I did great. Can't wait to see what I got. Still do past the grave and everything. Like, love you, Grandma. Now you're listening for wherever you are. But no, it was a shit gift. I'm a guy that doesn't wear the Douche bracelets. She doesn't know, right? She didn't know. But, like, the year before that, she gave me the necklace. And then way next year. Yeah, they got the earrings. The next year, she gave me the matching bracelet. So I had a Douche necklace and the Douche bracelet. So I'm just like Adam, 13 year old Super Douche. You wore them because at the time, you didn't know any better. I didn't know any better. And you were like, I'm doing Douchey stuff. So I would say that was probably, you know, exactly what type of necklace I'm talking about. You know what? I'll find a picture of it, we'll post it on our Patreon. We all already know bracelet. Eventually, after so long in the shower, it just peels off and it turns pink. You know what I mean? You got to go out and get another Douche bracelet. It's not even real. Yeah, she got it at the dollar store. Yeah. Oh, speaking of the dollar store, side note. Oh. Dollar Tree is now no longer a dollar $25.25 stores. So missed opportunity. There could have been the one two three store, because it could have been a Dollar 23. Do you know what my new favorite store is? Not the Dollar Tree. Not the Dollar 25 tree. I have a little bit more class than Dollar Tree. Okay. Yeah, I go to five below now. Oh, shit. Five below brow. You know they sell Xbox One games. Yeah, for $5. Some of the ones in the game room. Oh, shit. Right now happening. I did not know that. I almost bought all of them. They're not good games. Some of them look bad ass. Dude. Are you talking about, like Battle Town or Battle? No, it was like NBA two K 21. Yeah, dude, some of them are good. Five Below be rocking some games. I know it's crazy, but no. And then their candy section is amazing. That's for all of the game room candy, everything in the game room is almost from Five Below, right? The pillows, all that bullshit, the comfy chairs, all that shit. It's five blow shit. That whole room spot on a shower, Bluetooth Speaker. Yes. And I have a dartboard. Yeah, I just went in there. I went in there with my roommate. I was all like, Bro, fucking load up. We spent like $200 at Five Below. Wow. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, that's crazy. Nuts, dude. You know what else they have there, though? I almost bought it. I did not. It was watermelon and Hibiscus Popcorn saw that. And then I didn't because I don't do watermelon. Do you know they have lemonade? I saw they had Sour Patch Kids popcorn and thought, what the fuck crazy? I would try it. Sounded crazy. I would try it. Yeah, you would. But I almost bought me and my roommate Sniper Nerf Guns saw those two. Yes. Five Below is one of those stores where you walk into and you're like, you didn't know you needed it. Here's the thing. It's one of those things where you're like, you'd never buy it if it wasn't $5. Yeah, exactly. That's just $10. Fuck that. No way. $5. I have a Bluetooth Speaker for my shower or below or the below part, like $3 fine. Yeah. I spent more on lunch for the price of a cup of coffee. Right? A dollar tree. Figure out your life. Yes. For real, though. But no, just Five Below. Man, the place is fucking bitch. And I got soccer balls basketballs there for $5. Do you want to start working there? Because I'm feeling like you're doing a whole sales pitch form right now. No, because I ran into somebody I don't particularly like. That works if I go. I thought so. Because she walked in, had like a lanyard around her neck and like, all that slapped the hug on me. And I'm just like, don't touch me. But she walked in, she goes, yeah, I just saw you guys come and say hello. And then every time I walk around the store, I mean, the store is not very big, but every time I walk around the store, there she was. And I was just like, finally I was like, Are you fucking following us? Go to a different store. She's like, I get my groceries here. Like, Whoa. Actually, I think she did. I'll tell you the truth, let's hope she doesn't listen to this podcast. I don't. Fuck if she does. She knows I don't like her, but she did it to make it awkward. But you know what? I did buy there. That is my new favorite fucking breakfast. Not a clue. Fruit Loop flavored Pop Tarts, bro. I'm telling you, dude, you show me that at your house. They're so good. No, dude, they're so fucking good. Do you like Fruit Loops? I do like Fruit Loops, but I'm not going to go buy it. I'm just going to fucking bring you a pack. There it is. You're going to have to bring me. You're going to bring a pack? Just try one, dude. That's where we're at. Well, I was frozen. That's fine. But I'm just saying I will try one. Here's the thing. Anytime, like a new soda or a new whatever comes out. I don't buy a case of it. Like to try it. I'll go buy the bottle. I'll just buy a case. I'll just buy the bottle because I'm like, what if I don't like it? What if it's garbage? What if it's gross little drinking? Yeah. No, it's not. I will not settle. I'm a bartender, though. Well, hopefully not for long. But if it does, if I don't like it, I will mix it with something that will make it taste better. Fair enough. Fair enough. You know what I mean? I do so, like, how you like your hot tamales? Yeah, for sure. So for some reason, I had a case of, like, hot Tamale flavored Coca Cola or something. Why do I feel like that was a thing or something? It was a cinnamon. Cinnamon tasted like fucking fireball. Yeah, it was amazing. Gross. No, it was amazing. So amazing. I would probably mix it with, like, Apple cider or Apple juice or something and try to make something, and I would just drink straight. So there's that. Yeah. All right, we have to move on. We have to end the episode like we always do. Well, like I said, what we do for the holiday here. But before we go, we need to talk about Whamageddon. Yeah. Adam, do you want to talk about Whamageddon? I cried in the middle of the road. Cry last Christmas. Tears, Adam. I mean, this Christmas. Adam, where were you when it happened? I was at Costco. It makes perfect sense. I was at Costco. I got whammed at Costco. You got whammed so hard at Costco. I got so hard right around all the wine in bulk. Bulk in the middle of the wine section. What Costco were you at, Adam? The one closest to you? Yeah. Nice. I was there picking up some party platters. Well, not really party platters because they don't do that anymore. But I was there, like, picking up some food. Yeah. For those of you that I tried to run, I thought it may be I was all like, Wait, is that. No, don't acknowledge. Yes, I know you can't. And then I tried to run and I ran right into a speaker. Yeah, suck at it. So, no, here's the thing is that so many people have already been hit. It's been crazy, dude. I got you people all the time. I was halfway there, bro. Let me clarify for those who just either just listened to this episode for the first time or just hearing this for the first time when I'm getting this was something we were playing from December 1 to December 24 to Christmas Eve. The idea is that we tried to avoid the song last Christmas by Wham. And because it's played so often in rotation on radios and stores and all over the place, there's not going to be a chance where you don't get hit by it or Whammed. And once you get Whammed, you're out. We have posted the rules on our Instagram at the Rayhart Rundown on Instagram. You can go there if you get Whammed and in the comments, leave the date and time you got Whammed because that will track us to say, hey, who's out of the game and who's still in it. So if you want to play, you're still time. And you haven't heard this song last Christmas. Welcome aboard. We're going to Christmas Eve. I think everybody I've listened to so far has gotten Whammed. I haven't yet because I have been avoiding all Christmas music. I don't even play it at my desk. I'm like, I don't care. I'll just be a Grinch about it. Yeah, there's that. But with that being said, we have to move on to since people are avoiding, like, myself, avoiding Christmas music and not going to the studio door because fuck stores with the Christmas. No, just Instacart it. Of course, like my luck. I would do that all month long. And right before Christmas, the fucking Instacart driver would be walking up like, doesn't count. Singing it doesn't count. It has to be done by Wham. You can hear another way. If Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber decided to sing it together didn't count. But it has to be sung by Wham for it to count. Really? That changes things. Well, see, now, I don't know if I got whammed, I got whammed. I got whammed so hard, I didn't even get to pick out my favorite wine before I got whammed. No, you just didn't even just straighten your face. So because of that, at the end of every single episode we play from an artist, an upcoming artist, musical artist. We play Christmas song. Last week we did NBHD Nick with Saint Nick. It was a rap. That was a rap song. This time around, we're not doing a rap song because we're not going to do that every single episode. We're going to change it up with the genre. This one we're hearing from Jaslyn Edger. Yeah, she was on America's Got Talent, right? Yeah. Season eleven, America's Got Talent. She was one of the semifinalists way back when she was 16, she was singing with her family. She was doing country music at the time. So she's going to be also she was on Mac Miller's good a. M. Song. I think it was either song or album or whatever. So she's an up and Comer she's out in la she's trying to make things happen so Jasmine edger will be singing Christmas memories without further Ado. Ladies and gentlemen, Jasmine Egger. Yes, it's a chance to start over new cause I miss you so I'm letting go of everything but you These are the good times with you, baby this year it just got me making our Christmas memory you and me hang by the fire all right. So that'll wrap it up for us here at the rate heart rundown nice calm Christmas soft ending to the day where you're not going to get whammed at the end of it by mistake. So we appreciate everyone listening. We appreciate you guys tuning in. Patreon is like always. Stick around. There's going to be more for you for everyone else. You all will see you next week right before the holiday. Yes, there will be a Christmas episode coming out on Christmas Eve. Yes. So while you're doing your last minute Christmas shopping, let us shop with you. Yeah, okay. Take the rehearsal run down with you on your last minute Christmas shopping. You know what here's the greatest thing about listening to the right hair rundown on the go with headphones in the middle of the grocery store. You start laughing hysterically on Christmas Eve. People just get out of your fucking way because they think you're psychic. Because they think you're psychotic as fuck. It works out. You get a good laugh, people get the fuck out of your way and you get the last shit on your Christmas list that you need. Problem solved. Look at us making holiday dreams come true. That's right. It all right. We got to go. The song's about to be all right. Thank you so much. Bye.