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July 16, 2021

Are STD Ads Worth $25,000? - Ep. 48

Are STD Ads Worth $25,000? - Ep. 48

In this episode we...

...discuss apartment wall thickness and living downtown.

...learn how libraries are for lonely people.

...see who is screwed in an apocalypse.

...debate doing an STD Ad campaign for $25,000?

...wish to get fired from a celebrity!

...discuss being buried alive and porn audio from your pocket?

...find foods that actually exist!

Patreon Extended Time:

... ask Shame of Life Questions:
                    1.) If you could have any animal part grafted onto your body, what?
                     2.) Piss your pants in class or shit the bed at a sleepover?

...ask about Lost and found clothing?

...almost sleep with a school teacher?

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