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June 17, 2022

Are Sci-fi shows missing furniture and our gross childhood game? - Ep. 92

Adam was super exhausted in this episode, so in some cases he may be hard to hear. We apologize, and will next time use a cattle prod when he starts to doze off.

In this episode we...

...pick a point in our childhood to return to.

...discuss the game of Orange Wars, that was played as children.

...come up with an idea for social media and pets!

...discuss Gun shows, and get Bob's real thoughts. (Patreon Exclusive)

...debate whether to see Jurassic Park after hearing reviews. Halo the TV Series.

...listen to Adam question Sci-Fi show set aesthetics.

...laugh at Morbius internet situation. Filthy Trivia about Medieval medical practices.

...decide to attend next years Medieval Fair dressed as ______? you what a Golden Retriever / German Shepherd mix looks like. (see video)

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